Podcast #200: Law of Attraction: The Constant Reminder You Need for Real Energetic Transformation

We have a lot of deeply ingrained ways of thinking that can seriously interfere with our efforts to change our belief system, to change the dominant energy we are putting out into the world.

Our mind’s interpretation of our life experience is wrong in a hundred different ways, and this podcast discusses one of its most egregious ‘transgressions.’

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Podcast #200: Law of Attraction: The Constant Reminder You Need for Real Energetic Transformation
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7 thoughts on “Podcast #200: Law of Attraction: The Constant Reminder You Need for Real Energetic Transformation

  1. Hi dear Kelli, πŸ™‚
    Sandy here.
    I have a short question.
    Is there any way we can distinguish between the stories our MIND is telling us , which obviously are wrong and the real, deep reasons for our energy to be a certain negative way.

    1. Hi Sandy

      The negative feelings you have are very linked to the stories and really aren’t ever completely separate. This is something that may be hard to verbalize and grasp with the mind but we understand on an intuitive level. Our feelings are always coming from somewhere. We usually have certain experiences and based on those experiences, the mind starts telling a story about that, it assigns a meaning to the experience, it makes some sort of decision or draws some sort of conclusion about how a certain area of life is, how the world works,etc…If you were to ask yourself why you feel a certain way, you would almost certainly start thinking of experiences that made you feel that way. You feel not good enough for example. You would ask yourself why? And you would probably start thinking about how your parents always compared you to a sibling or how you never seemed to excel at anything you tried when you were a kid, how you didn’t get picked for that promotion,etc… There had to be something that made you feel that way about yourself. And then it is our job to decide whether these experiences actually speak to that truth. Hope that makes sense

  2. 200 episodes, congratulations Kelli CooperπŸ’–

    What I’m hearing is that if there is some desire that has been eluding me for ages, possibly the truth could be that I don’t really want it deep down? And my first question to that is how do I get myself to want what I consciously want? By changing myself into the kind of person who actually wants it? Or the person who actually has it?

    It helps me to try to figure this out verbally, voice to text. For the most part I am pretty good at spotting the narratives but it’s those insidious deep-rooted beliefs that freak me out because sometimes I think maybe I don’t want anything?! The narrative that trips me up here is that I may have so many unhelpful beliefs that are beyond recognizing or fixing.. Very neurotic ..

    1. Hi

      That is certainly one possibility but not always the case in every situation. But if that is what is resonating and standing out to you, it is probably relevant to your situation and is worth thinking about. You are kind of right in that you may not really want anything—all we want are feelings and that desire tends to get channeled into specific wants like money or a relationship for example. When we realize that, we may still have the desire to experience certain things but we won’t feel as attached to getting them since we know that isn’t necessary to be happy. This mode of desire is much more pleasant and makes it easier to let stuff in! You likely have uncovered your primary issues–they tend to be the same for most of us. So don’t go too deep down the rabbit hole looking for things–you’ll find plenty but much of it might not be relevant to your problem.

  3. Thank your your insight Kelli. I appreciate the way you dive beyond simple LOA into deeper aspects of practical spirituality. I study both the Bible and A Course in Miracles and to me it’s a matter of coming to the point where I desire the will of God manifest in my life and God’s will becomes my own because it always is the best anyway.

    1. You are very welcome. I am also studying a Course in Miracles at the moment. I first discovered it a few years ago but was never really consistent with the readings and the workbook exercises. For over a month now I have been doing it daily save a couple of days I missed. It is a particularly valuable teaching in the moment I think because the current ‘illusion’ feels very powerful and real.

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