Where it all Started

Hi there! Welcome to my site. What follows is my journey with conscious creation and how these teachings allowed me to manifest my most desired reality–self-employed world traveler who can go wherever I want for as long as I want, being a coach sharing my passion for personal growth and spiritual teachings. I explain why I do what I do and my approach to working with this most life-changing teaching.

Like anyone else, I was drawn to the personal growth journey by a sense of wanting to be more, a sense of dissatisfaction in my life, a sense there was more to this world ,and more to living, than meets the eye. 

A concept like the law of attraction really wasn’t on my radar until I met my husband. His ex-girlfriend’s father was very interested in personal growth and gifted him a set of CD’s by Bob Proctor, which we would listen to in his car; and even though this link between our inner world ,and our outer experience, was not something I had consciously contemplated, I felt like I was hearing something I already knew. This idea I had been oblivious to previously seemed so unbelievably obvious! 

And this is because there is a part of us that already knows the true nature of reality and the true nature of ourselves, all these spiritual laws, all these enlightened perspectives on how to view the world and the challenges it brings. 

I started following other teachers, reading all sorts of books and blogs. And as my perspective changed, as I really started to think differently, my life started to change. I was amassing that all-powerful evidence that is our own life experience. There was clearly something to this and I just wanted to go deeper and deeper. 

Coaching was always something I thought about way before I actually started doing it, and I finally started my blog in 2014. I didn’t initially intend to make it LOA-specific, but I found that was the subject I was most passionate about, what I enjoyed talking about most.

If our belief system ,and predominant emotional state,was the primary influence on our physical reality, I couldn’t think of a better focus, a better way to help people.

The Power of Intention

The most interesting part of this journey is my most ‘successful’ manifestation happened before I was even consciously trying to create anything, before concepts like the law of attraction, vibration and energy were even in my awareness. The experience that really drove home manifesting is about what we are being, and not about what we are doing. 

And what was this manifestation? My husband! I experienced a very profound internal shift shortly before I met him ,in regards to relationships. I was done with the bullshit I was dealing with from guys that clearly weren’t a good match–like really done not just saying I was done as we are wont to do.

I truly felt ready for a real partnership (prior to this I really wasn’t which perfectly explained my track record and the type of people to which I was typically attracted.) 

And less than a month later I met him through a very interesting series of circumstances that led to us being at the same place at the same time.

There was no conscious intention to attract anyone; I wasn’t employing any tools and techniques to ‘raise’ my vibration. I wasn’t sketching out my dream person, there was no vision board. I wasn’t thinking about it at all really. 

From the moment I met him, I knew I was going to marry him. Of course I kept that to myself! 

Once I actually was consciously aware of these teachings, I started really thinking about what I wanted in my life in a way I never had. I saw possibilities I never considered before. Maybe all these things that seemed unlikely to happen were anything but. 

A few years prior to my ‘discovery’ I randomly quit my job to go teach English in Japan for a year. That experience awoke something deep within me that I was always aware of but was really ‘activated’ by spending a prolonged amount of time in a culture so different from my own.

I had this deep curiosity about how other people lived, how people’s cultures shaped their belief systems and how they behaved. All the ‘differences’ and ‘newness’ was so exciting. I loved how traveling challenged me and helped me develop so many qualities that serve us so well in all areas of life. I knew this was something that needed to be a regular part of my life. 

When I came back to the US, I really had no plan, and I just ended up getting a ‘regular’ job again to get some money coming in.  I met Ryan a few months after I had been home, and that put my life on a whole new trajectory.

He had such a wonderful energy and we talked about all these exciting things we wanted to do in our life, the mysteries of the Universe, all the possibilities. While I had no idea what lay ahead, or even what I wanted, I was excited. I could tell things were going to change, I could tell I was changing. 

The desire to travel was strong, but at this point, the idea of living the life I live now wasn’t even a thought in my mind. It wasn’t a possibility I consciously rejected, it literally didn’t even occur to me.

I left that job after just a few months to travel around Europe. This wasn’t some long trip mind you…a mere six weeks. The idea of quitting my job to take a longish vacation didn’t really sit well with my family but that’s what I wanted to do! I would figure it out when I got back. 

When I came back from Europe I found out my father had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and he died 8 months later. There was some rough road there…financial problems, feeling very adrift and not knowing what to do with myself, the grieving.

It was an especially strong blow because I felt like that trip to Europe was the start of my new wonderful life, and here I was faced with one of the worst things we have to deal with. I went from being so happy to scared, anxious, depressed and devastated. 

That experience was a turning point for me. I made a lot of realizations about how I wanted to live my life.

I wanted to have something flexible to take my dad to appointments and just spend time with him. I wanted to keep space in my life to deal with my feelings–if I was having a particularly hard day I could get away with not doing anything and not have to answer to anyone. 

I ended up taking a commission only sales job–I did not enjoy it and I was not good at it. But it made me realize how important it was to me to have more freedom and flexibility, how highly I valued these elements. 

Being totally self-employed was really not on the radar yet, and my first foray into more freedom and flexibility with my working life  was an online job teaching English to students in China. The pay wasn’t great but I could make my own schedule. 

I found writing therapeutic during this time and I would publish articles on those ezine-type sites that used to be popular. I wrote about my travels, and a lot about personal growth and the law of attraction. I started thinking to myself that this would be a cool job, writing for a living. I was always good at it and it came easily to me. 

Then one day I had an urge to visit a website I never visited called Backpage…it is kind of like Craigslist. I was looking at job postings and saw a company posting for freelance writers to produce content for a variety of web properties they owned.

Seemed cool and I submitted the writing sample and application. Because this wasn’t some long-held dream I had been diligently trying to realize, I didn’t have any attachment. 

A couple of days later I received an email they accepted me and I was put into the system. Because they had so many different websites, and so many different topics they covered on them, the work was plentiful.

They employed a number of writers, and I could claim as many or as few articles as I liked. If you didn’t want to work for a few days or even a few weeks, no problem. 

Seeing I could do this work anywhere, the idea of being able to travel anytime I wanted, whenever I wanted, wasn’t seeming so far-fetched anymore. A few months in I took a couple of solo trips around Central and South America. 

Ryan and I discussed going abroad long-term and at that point, I didn’t feel confident going without a ‘reason’ to so I applied for an English teaching job in Bali in May of 2011. When I got there, it was not at all like they represented it, and I quit.

I knew I didn’t need that money and I just took the leap of being a full on ‘digital nomad’ as they call it. I wasn’t meant to be working another job and I believe it all turned out as it should, that I was drawn to that job for this very reason. 

And ever since then, we have spent much of our time traveling the world. If we can get a decent internet connection we can call it home for awhile. 

Life Was Awesome But I Still Wasn't Happy

Like most of us, I had fallen into the trap of thinking if we just get everything we want on the outside, we will be happy. When we make more money, when we finally get married, when we lose the weight, when we get the better job…we are set. 

This idea is what usually gets us so amped up about , and invested in, a concept like the law of attraction. There is this promise we can get all things we feel so unhappy without now, and then we get to be happy. No wonder we feel so attached to everything! 

And it often isn’t until we get at least some of these things we start to realize this isn’t the case. On one hand it can be incredibly freeing, but on the other, incredibly disconcerting.

I had issues with depression and anxiety and while I certainly made a lot of headway dealing with them, I was still struggling a lot at some points. Even in more recent times, they sometimes surface.

I had so many awesome things going on, I was living my life in accordance with my deepest held values. I was living my dream of traveling the world and working for myself. 

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciated my life very much and was overall happy. But that deeper sense of happiness, peace, well-being  we crave–that was certainly missing. No outside circumstance, no matter how amazing, will actually provide that to us in any real, consistent, lasting way. 

One of the experiences that really drove home the point our outside circumstances have nothing to do with our feelings, how they can’t ‘fix’ all that stuff inside, is when my freelance writing job I had become so dependent on virtually disappeared overnight.

The company underwent some major changes and I had no back up plan. I had no other clients. Ryan had just started his online ventures and he wasn’t really making any money. 

We were in Thailand at the time and were pretty broke. Living off credit cards literally. Our minimal savings were used to keep current on the payments so they wouldn’t get cut off. I was using cash advances to pay rent. Luckily the cost of living was low.

It was a huge manifestation that triggered lots of deep stuff.

It gave me an opportunity to work on some really deep money issues, embrace some really deep fears. And a few months later, I manifested three lucrative writing jobs in the same week–working part time I was making more money than I ever had.

But guess what? While I certainly had some surface level relief that came from not having to worry about paying bills and being able to pay off the credit card debt , I didn’t really feel any better about money.

still worried about it and thought about it constantly. In a way the manifestation made me feel worse since I now worried about losing all this money I was making.

The manifestation did nothing to create that deeper sense of safety and security we crave, that we think money especially, will give us. 

This was a profound realization for me and while I didn’t act on it immediately, while its emotional impact didn’t hit me on the deepest levels right away, it always stuck with me, it was always in my mind somewhere. 

Over time, I started realizing more and more the manifestations weren’t the answer. I wanted to get out of that trap of doing all this inner work strictly to get something on the outside. I was sick of always feeling like I could never just enjoy the moment, enjoy what I already received. 

I was bored of just focusing on those surface level changes in my energy that could surely change my circumstances, but not actually make any real difference in how I felt. Trying to put all this focus on simply getting stuff when I now knew–like really knew–it wasn’t the answer didn’t seem like a very good use of my time. 

I got sick of trying to just manifest ‘stuff’ and wanted to manifest what I really wanted–emotional healing, well-being, peace, a stronger connection with source. And wouldn’t you know it? All the stuff came anyway. It had no choice to show up because I was changing my energy in profound ways and my outside circumstances naturally mirrored that energy back to me. 

And realizing the stuff came anyway was significant because I saw there was this part of me that still cared about all of that, that probably wasn’t going to become 100 percent detached, that was still invested in this world and would always believe these things mattered for our happiness.

I am here having this physical experience and with that naturally comes a variety of desires, a compulsion to channel our energy out into the world in different ways. 

So I realized I wanted to find a way to make sure I was focusing on what truly mattered and what I truly wanted, while still contending with that reality, a reality that is true for pretty much everyone except those who totally withdraw from worldly living, who are doing this work for the pure sake of the growth and not to get a boyfriend, a better job or more money. 

I wanted to make that journey, all that we ‘do’ to achieve certain goals more joyful and less painful.

And while dealing with our emotional shit isn’t fun, it’s worth it. When you clean up that energy, you manifest things more easily. You get more satisfaction from what you receive.

And the truth is, for many of us, this deeper work is necessary for the process–there is just too much stuff there, and the surface level changes will be insufficient. 

My focus on emotional exploration and healing was also informed by certain manifestations that were a reflection of some very deep negative energies, that if not dealt with, would not allow me to rectify these situations.

I had more money problems show up after that first experience. I manifested a very scary health problem. I had a period where I gained a lot of weight. These problems could not be solved with some ‘positive’ thinking. I had to deal with my shit.

And the impact that had on my overall energy was profound. When we don’t have that static, that interference of these deeper negative energies, we can see truth more clearly, we can more easily see things, and ourselves, as they truly are. In this space, conscious creation truly becomes effortless. In this space our energy is clean, clear and wide open. 

This is the space I hope to help people move into through my content and my coaching. I essentially want to help you manifest what you want most–peace, well-being and a stronger connection with source–knowing the human wants are taken care of and no need to obsess about it the way we tend to.

If you have any questions about coaching, post suggestions or just want to reach out and tell me how much you love my work 😉 you can reach me at kellicooper1102@gmail.com

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