Thanks for stopping by. I hope you will find what you need here to understand the law of attraction better, and more successfully apply this life-changing information!

So, you came to this page because you wanted to learn a little bit more about me so here is some stuff that may be of interest as it relates to my perspective and the information I provide here.

I was first introduced to this teaching through my boyfriend, now husband Ryan. Something resonated deeply, like it was information I had always known but just didn’t ‘know, know.’ I wasn’t consciously applying it in my life. But once I did, the evidence our inner world creates the outer was undeniable.

If this conscious effort to direct my attention and beliefs in ways that served me resulted in these outer changes, it stood to reason I had ALWAYS been creating my reality, including the stuff I didn’t want or like. Connecting these energetic dots was profound, and I just kept at it.

Applying this knowledge helped me address many of the big issues that typically lead the average person to this teaching. My understanding of this Universal Law helped me to heal a scary health issue, repair a very rocky relationship with money and manifest a relationship with a wonderful person who couldn’t be a better match for me.

It also helped me craft my most ideal life–having a location-independent business that I can run from anywhere in the world. Starting in 2011, my husband and I have spent much of our time abroad, usually settling in one spot for at least a month or two to really soak it in. Some of the cool places we have called home include Fiji, Thailand, Bali, Costa Rica, Oman, Qatar, New Zealand, Cyprus and India.

And probably the most important thing this teaching did for me was help me work through emotional ‘ick’ like depression and anxiety, much of which is triggered by our belief system and how we view ourselves. These more empowering perspectives can chip away at that energy quite nicely because the foundation on which it is built begins to crumble as we see none of these really badly feeling beliefs about ourselves and how the world works are true.

When I think back to what my life looked like many years ago, I never would have guessed in a million years I would be where I am now. But as I started paying more attention to the ‘energetic signature’ I was putting out into the world, things just started coming together, often times in ways that I never would have been able to figure out with my mind.

I have learned a thing or two and I enjoy sharing my perspectives based on my experience; and for the people that resonate with what I am saying, and how I approach the teaching, I think you will find value in what I have to say here. And if you don’t resonate, that’s cool too and just keep looking for the people and information to which you feel a connection.

While I am all about getting the ‘stuff’ I really try to focus on true energetic transformation, knowing the stuff comes anyway. I recognize certain elements of our ‘humanness’ that can pose a problem energetically and I hope to shed some light on that so you can actually make the changes you need to make.

I hope you enjoy the blog.

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