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In a nutshell, my coaching is all about helping you ‘attract’ what you ultimately want most, which is a true sense of well-being and emotional healing.  In my humble opinion, this is the only manifestation worth a damn. And contrary to what your mind tells you, this can start happening anytime, without anything in your life having to change first. Pretty great right? 

As a fellow human I understand that the vast majority of us will remain invested in this time/space reality to varying degrees, that we will want certain things, so long as we are here having this experience. So energetic/emotional ‘work’ as it relates to ‘manifestation’ specifically is something my content addresses plenty. 

But the private work I do with clients is designed for people who have reached a point where they can genuinely say their primary focus is internal, and their primary goal is to simply feel better.

They no longer want to travel the path where their inner work is solely in service of simply trying to attract things they don’t have, to change their outside world in ways their ego mind believes it must be. The clients best suited for me understand the emotional transformation is what they truly seek, and this has no choice but to affect their outside experience, so no need to put so much attention there constantly.

We’ll surely talk plenty about the money, the relationships and the like. But that a major part of our work together entails not figuring out how to get all these things, but rather exploring why they want them so badly is something with which they are very comfortable. This is the only way to stop operating from ‘pain-minimizing’ mode, and achieve that all important state of ‘detachment’ you hear so much about in these teachings.

Terms like ‘energy’ and ‘vibration’ are simply fancy words for ‘feelings,’ and tending to our emotional well-being is actually the only thing required of us to ‘manifest’ the things most humans typically want (and in a much easier way). You don’t need all this specific focus on whatever it is you seek. You don’t need to hold these ‘wants’ so dear and precious.

These sorts of realizations change the consciousness from which you operate. And this shift creates a much more harmonious, enjoyable and effective relationship with action, which proves to be a great source of tension for many people.

I guide you in creating meaningful, genuine shifts in your beliefs, emotional state and self-image that attune you to the glorious ‘vibe’ that already exists within. 

This journey within your mind uncovers the true roots of your negative feelings, which frees you from the delusion what you have ,or don’t have, has anything to do with it. The resulting energetic shift transforms pain-fueled ‘needs’ into mere preferences, which are energetically ‘cleaner’ and easier to receive.

Your mind’s gross misunderstanding of how this all works makes you believe in a false choice between the pursuit of well-being, OR of your ‘stuff.’  Nothing could be further from the truth. Focusing within has no choice but to affect your external world. And you’ll enjoy what shows up a lot more when you are no longer expecting these things to fix all your internal issues. 

The direct validation you receive from a coach of your path, desires, and beliefs, chips away at the hugely problematic energy of doubt. This in fact may be coaching’s most powerful benefit of all, especially coaching of this nature.

My M.O.

My coaching is probably most closely related to spiritual counseling. It’s not for those wanting a structured program loaded with tools, and the like, to guide your inner work or external goals. There is no prescribed ‘formula,’  ‘process’ or specific set of actions I give to people.

I personally got really sick of all the ‘doing.’ I hated the pressure that came from believing if I wasn’t currently utilizing some program, technique or new approach, I wouldn’t get anywhere; I realized we make personal growth way too action-oriented, thinking simply doing all these things guarantees some change within ourselves or lives–it doesn’t.  When I realized it wasn’t necessary, I was relieved.

When I started genuinely focusing within, managing my ‘vibe’ in general (and not in the context of ‘manifesting’ specifically all the time) and facing my feelings, I experienced an awesome truth: All our ‘ego wants’ are natural byproducts of this emotional work. The deeper I went, the more seamlessly and effortlessly my outside world changed, with very little participation on my part. I liked that. 

I made a powerful realization that while the word ‘manifesting’ is a verb, it’s not an action. I came to see the term ‘conscious creation’ is kind of a misnomer–it’s really about receiving.

My aim is to support those who are ready to go more deeply within their minds, by creating a safe space to talk about anything and everything they are thinking and feeling. This lightens their load emotionally and creates space to more deeply internalize teachings that bring about radical shifts in their belief system and feeling state. I help them see themselves for who they really are and of what they are truly capable.

An Important Consideration

I think this page does a pretty good job of capturing my ‘essence.’ I have created loads of free content over the years, which gives people a very good sense of my perspectives and how I operate. So most who reach out to me for coaching do so knowing a lot about me and my work already. They know I can help them because I already have been. 

For those of you who may have just read ,or listened, to a few things so far, or are not familiar with my work, but have landed here because you are searching for coaching in this sort of niche specifically, please dive a bit deeper into my site before making an inquiry. 

See if you feel that emotional/intuitive resonance with my work and my personality–that is the most important thing to take into account when choosing a coach.

My approach to ‘manifestation’ is very different than people may be accustomed to, so it is important to me I only work with those feel a very strong connection to my work . The teachings that had the most profound effects on my ‘manifesting,’ were ones that had nothing to do with the ‘law of attraction’ specifically, with A Course in Miracles  playing a particularly prominent role. They were so helpful in terms of ‘energy work’ because they paved the way for very deep transformations in my beliefs, emotional state, and how I viewed the world and myself. And these shifts naturally had a significant impact on my life experience in every area, from finances to health to relationships.

 I personally find most manifesting-specific teachings very limiting in several respects, namely that there isn’t all that much to them. Most of them perpetuate the hugely problematic misconception that WE are the ones in charge…we’re really not and that’s a good thing. 

In some ways, I found them the least helpful for ‘manifesting.’ Go figure. 

Typical teachings are very clear about how you are supposed to think, feel and believe, but don’t provide much guidance on what needs to happen to accomplish this. They don’t account for the ‘reality’ of this process, which looks very different than ‘theory,’ due to our very faulty programming. This leaves a lot to be desired in terms of helping people actually understand, and make, the internal changes necessary to impact their life in any meaningful way. The goal of my teaching is to help fill in those gaps. 

Typical LOA teachings tend to keep us very externally focused, lead only to surface emotional changes, which only translate to surface changes in our life and don’t help us manifest what we ultimately want most. 

In my experience, the less I  focused on ‘manifesting’ the easier it seemed to be!

Energetic Transformation Journey

Six or 12 weekly 60 minute sessions through Zoom ( recorded,choice of audio or video)

Unlimited email support, and regular check-ins from me between sessions, and 2 weeks email support after last session. 

Personalized assignments between calls containing suggestions for practical application and action steps, and exercises to explore your energy more deeply, facilitate emotional transformation and build positive energetic momentum

Consistent engagement with your energy is key to faster, smoother transformation and our time together will give you that consistency. 

Investment In You


2499 USD (in full)


3999 USD (in full)

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