Unleash the Powerful Creator Within

So, you’re here because you were curious about my coaching services,and are wondering if I can help you.

The most ideal clients feel a very strong resonance with my work and have an inner knowing I’m the coach for them. It is totally an intuitive decision. If you feel this way, then yes, I can definitely help you, and we are likely a very good match.

While I believe my coaching can be of benefit to anybody, regardless of belief system, or any other individual factor, it is not for everybody.

It will be if…

You are ready to do things the easy way; you are ready to go deep; you are ready to co-create with the Universe; you are ready, and willing, to step out of the energy perpetuating the unwanted, and into the energy that will effortlessly attract to you all that you do want; you are ready to embrace a whole new paradigm for how the world works.

You are ready to get radical–in a good way–with your beliefs, self-image, inner transformation, healing, self-love and conscious creation. You are ready to change who you are at the deepest levels, deal with your shit and tap into the miraculous.

It is important to realize even the smallest shifts in our energy and perception invite in all sorts of possibilities; a whole new world can open up to you rather quickly.

Those shifts will come much more quickly with coaching.

So the most important question you must ask yourself when considering coming on this journey with me is: Are truly ready for your life to change? Because it will, it has no choice once you start changing your energy.

Working with me
will help you…

  • Truly understand how the law of attraction really works. There’s a lot of crap information out there screwing with people, leaving them frustrated and hopeless.
  • Learn to feel your way through life rather than think. This is a game-changer my friends!
  • Shift the negative beliefs that keep you from being the best version of yourself, keep you stuck in  pain and the life you no longer want to be living.
  • End the self-sabotage and re-write the faulty programming
  • Rediscover who you really are, a being that is full of joy and a phenomenal power to consciously create its reality.
  • Realize you already are everything you could ever want and to create for the sake of creating. Things come together a lot faster that way
  • Clarify what you really want, and how to align with that. Hint…it’s not what your conscious mind is telling you. Bless its heart but it ain’t got a clue what’s going on.
  • Overcome issues of worthiness and deserving (we all have them and we often greatly underestimate the degree!).

When You Work At The
Level of Energy…

  • Your outside experience immediately begins to transform without you having to ‘force’ any of it.
  • Your whole life changes. Harnessing the power of the law of attraction is about so much more than just getting ‘stuff.’
  • You will benefit from the enormous leverage of inspired action.
  • You will find it much easier to make the decisions that support alignment.
  • You become more attuned to intuitive nudges, and more comfortable following them.
  • You become a match to all sorts of ideas, inspirations, encounters and opportunities that move you closer to what you want in a way that is easy and joyful.
  • You get more while doing a lot less and develop a whole new relationship with action.
  • With a greater understanding of  the power you have to create your reality, you will move forward towards your desires with a confidence you have probably never experienced before.

Why Work With Me

There is no one tool that is absolutely necessary in our personal growth process, and I won’t scare you into thinking you’ll be forever screwed unless you get a coach…that’s not really my marketing style.

But it can’t be denied coaching, with its one-on-one attention, will be the most powerful tool for someone who is struggling or just wants to maximize their potential as quickly as possible. I can’t think of a better investment personal-growth-wise.

The theory and the ‘reality’ of manifesting are often worlds apart, and we humans are bringing a lot of ‘stuff’ to the table that muck things up for us. Helping you work through said ‘stuff’ so your life can actually start changing is my specialty.

The reluctance to face, and deal with, your issues is the biggest manifesting ‘cockblocker’ of them all, and if you have someone there to help you through it,  to make sense of it, you’ll be much more likely to engage.

Receiving  validation from someone right to your face that you are not crazy for believing in conscious creation, wanting the things you want or thinking you can get them by way of managing your energy, and with such ease, is extremely powerful because the energies of doubt and questioning are very heavy, and can really get in the way.


Coaching Services

Power Hour

Great if you want to get some powerful insights on your situation from a law of attraction/energy perspective, whether in the department of love, money, business, health, family, improving a relationship, navigating a transition, making a decision or whatever else this human experience throws at us.

We can cover a lot of ground in an hour, and this time together can often be a huge breakthrough for people–nothing beats talking one-on-one and getting that personalized insight and advice.

Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for the link to schedule and purchase a single session.

If you think you would benefit from multiple sessions, but the eight week program below is not the right fit, click here for more information.

250.00 USD

8 Week ‘Manifesting-Intensive’

If you want to work more intensively, fast-track your progress and like the idea of having daily, unlimited access to me for a whole two months, this is the option for you.

We will have eight 60-minute phone sessions that take place weekly.

I also offer unlimited email support between calls, as well as a week after your last session, to answer questions, provide motivation and inspiration, and help you ‘decode’ manifestations. This support can really take things up a notch and I highly recommend taking full advantage of this offering!

This is a very personalized program tailored to your unique issues that will help you explore your own energy more deeply, and build on the momentum of energies activated on the call, in the form of a variety of tools, techniques and suggested actions. Each week, you will be getting a totally customized energetic ‘plan of attack’ if you will.

The key to faster transformation is consciously engaging with your energy with real consistency. Working closely with me for this extended period will bring that consistency.

Booking link is at the bottom of the page. You would just schedule your first session at this time, and then subsequent calls will either take place at this appointment slot or another available session time. We will discuss this and decide on a set weekly appointment.

2500.00 USD


Sessions are recorded so you are able to listen to the calls again whenever you want. These are not meant to be some one-off interaction, but a resource you can go back to over and over again to activate vibrations, hear things you may not have been able to or ready to hear the first time around, and assist you in reconditioning your mind.

All bookings are non-refundable. The most ideal clients are making this decision from the gut–they know they want to work with me without a doubt–and they aren’t going to change their minds, so this will be a non-issue.

I feel this policy aids my intention of attracting the absolute best matches. Of course, if you speak with me, you think I suck, and giving me your money was the biggest mistake you ever made, then we’ll talk refunds 😉

Coaching calls are conducted through an online conferencing software (audio only). There are two ways to connect to the call.

1. Online with a link I provide

2. Residents of the United States may also call in by phone and are provided a list of local call-in numbers for each state. Clients of other countries may also use these numbers if they so choose and would pay their service provider’s charges for calls to the US.

Appointments are paid for through the booking system with either Paypal or credit/debit. The site should automatically pick up your time zone but be sure to check it is correct. After I receive the booking, I will send you the coaching questionnaire and the information to connect to your call.



Book Here

Looking forward to working with you and helping you create a life made to order!

All coaching inquiries are handled through email and can be sent to kellicooper1102@gmail.com.