Unleash the Powerful Creator Within

If our inner world–thoughts, beliefs, feelings, focus and self-image–determine the contents of our external experience, can you think of a more primary focus for a growth-oriented person who wants to become their best self and create their best life? I sure can’t.

My job as a coach is to help you navigate that world in a way that will actually get some real-world results. Energetic transformation is actually not all that difficult…in theory. But in reality, we have some roadblocks and having someone to help you through them is invaluable. My main focus is this ‘human factor’ that isn’t accounted for.

Dealing with your shit is a non-negotiable for the really awesome miraculous stuff to come, for the process to truly become effortless. This part of the process is really not that bad, and our avoidance of it is the number one manifesting-cockblocker. And you will be sooooooo much happier so much more quickly…why would we ever avoid the most direct route to feeling better when that is all we freaking want??!!

Because it can be scary, and if you have someone helping you through this, you’ll be much more likely to engage.

This doesn’t have to be this heavy, serious thing…in fact, the more serious you are about taking this whole journey less seriously, the better match you are for me.

I go deep and the clients who will get the most benefit from working with me want to go deep too. I can get a bit radical,in a good way, and if you’re down for that, you’ll find our time together very beneficial.

I’m beyond doing this work just for the ‘stuff.’ I no longer have an interest in engaging tools and techniques to make small, surface changes in my life or try to manifest something very specific my ego wants, when there may be something even better.

But make no mistake… you can certainly still want stuff, you’ll see it come ANYWAY, and if you have something specific you want to work on energetically–money, health, love–we certainly can. All my clients do.

I want stuff too…I just found a different way to let it in that made me much less anxious and controlling about the process. I can help you ‘want’ without ‘needing.’ There is no sweeter feeling for the conscious creator.

But I can’t tell you ‘how’ to manifest it. I’m not going to load you down with a bunch of arbitrary tools and techniques (don’t worry though…I do give you some!) that will just make you focus more on what you don’t have, and distract you from the real ‘work’ that needs to be done. This work being dealing with your ‘stuff’, prioritizing overall energy management and finding a way to feel okay in the present no matter what’s going on.

In fact, I can do you one better than just feeling ‘okay.’ I can actually help you feel full-on good, even if God forbid, you still don’t have what you want yet. True fucking story…

What I can tell you though is why you don’t have it now, and how to change the energy that has been keeping it from you.

The energies of questioning, skepticism, doubt can be heavy and having someone to reassure you this is a real ‘thing’ and you’re not crazy for approaching life this way is invaluable. 

Any shift in energy will open up a host of new possibilities and trajectories for you so things can start moving quickly.

So the most important question you must ask yourself when considering coming on this journey with me is: Are truly ready for your life to change? Because it will, it has no choice once you start changing your energy.

Coaching Services

Single Session

One hour call. Great if you want to get some powerful insights on your situation from a law of attraction/energy perspective, whether in the department of love, money, business, health, family, improving a relationship, navigating a transition, making a decision or whatever else this human experience throws at us.

Booking and payment link is at the bottom of the page.

300.00 USD

4 or 8 Week ‘Manifesting-Intensive’

Consistent engagement with your energy is key to faster transformation and working with me for an extended period will give you that consistency.  You receive unlimited email support between sessions (just as helpful as the calls so take advantage! ), completely personalized assignments, and unlimited email support for two weeks after your last session.

This is a very personalized program tailored to your unique issues that will help you explore your own energy more deeply, and build on the momentum of energies activated on the call, in the form of a variety of tools, techniques and suggested actions. Each week, you will be getting a totally customized energetic ‘plan of attack’ if you will.

Booking and payment link is at the bottom of the page.

4 Weeks 1500.00 USD
8 Weeks 3000.00 USD

Sessions are recorded (unless you don’t want them to be) so you are able to listen to the calls again whenever you want.

All bookings are non-refundable. The most ideal clients are making this decision from the gut–they know they want to work with me without a doubt–and they aren’t going to change their minds, so this will be a non-issue.

If you talk with me and think I suck, that’s a different story and we’ll discuss.

Coaching calls are conducted through an online conferencing site (audio only). There are two ways to connect to the call.

1. Online with a link I provide

2. Calling in by phone. Currently, only US numbers are available, but clients of other countries may also use these numbers if they so choose and would pay their service provider’s charges for calls to the US.

Sessions are paid for in full through the booking system with either Paypal or credit/debit. The site should automatically pick up your time zone but be sure to check it is correct. After I receive the booking, I will send you the coaching questionnaire and the information to connect to your call.

Coaching Hours

I have set coaching hours in place. You can convert those hours to your time zone here:

Other times may be possible for people whose time zones make available slots truly unfeasible. This would depend on factors such as my current location, and cannot be guaranteed. The closer the alternative time falls to my regular hours, the better the likelihood. 


Sunday: 8AM to 12:30PM EST

Monday: 8AM to 12:30PM; 5PM to 8:20PM EST

For package clients, if you have flexibility within these time frames, feel free to proceed with scheduling your first session and we will settle on a time for the remainder of the calls, based on what is currently available, once I see your appointment come through.

If you require, or have a preference for specific times, please reach out and check availability before booking. 

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Looking forward to working with you and helping you create a life made to order!

Coaching inquiries are handled through email and can be sent to kellicooper1102@gmail.com