Podcast #197:Law of Attraction: How Can I Build More Positive Energetic Momentum?

Making lasting consistent changes in your energy is what we need to see lasting, consistent change in our circumstances.

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Podcast #197:Law of Attraction: How Can I Build More Positive Energetic Momentum?
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2 thoughts on “Podcast #197:Law of Attraction: How Can I Build More Positive Energetic Momentum?

  1. Hi Kelli! I listen to your podcasts on my phone and I’m always glad to see a new one pop up. I also love your Facebook posts and the one I shared yesterday was very popular with my friends.

    When I first checked in several months ago I had just suffered an injury and I was devastated. I could hardly walk. Around this time last year I was in what I believed to be the most magnificent physical condition of my life. I was extremely active, working out at the gym daily, engaiging in intense HIIT training, dancing you name it.

    What a journey this has been. It was so obvious that I was running away from my grief. In the beginning I spent so much time hyper focusing on the problem trying to make it go away. Whether it was exercises, therapies, scripting, mind games, or pleading and bargaining with God, whatever.

    I finally got worn out and just appreciated whatever more I could do each day. I let it go, for the most part. I’m still not 100% but let me tell you just being able to walk several blocks now is sheer bliss.

    Taking to heart my studies with A Course in Miracles, learning how to trust more, following yours and the advice of others has helped immensely.

    I’ve been re-evaluating my relationship to movement and exercise. I had viewed it as an energy management tool and a way to feel good but don’t you think there comes a point where we become dependent on something and we have to dig deeper to find that energy?

    It has taken me all this time to finally see what happened as a stepping stone and for my good rather than a minor tragedy.

    the main thing I deal with lately is loneliness. Watching the news helps me feel connected and I am able to maintain a sense of detachment. But instead of focusing on how alone I am I remind myself that I can walk virtually pain-free again so what what the hell am I complaining about.

    Thanks again Kelli and all the best to you…

    1. Hi there
      Thank you so much for your comment and I am so glad you find my various forms of content so helpful. I am a big fan of a Course in Miracles myself. I have been feeling the pull lately to get back to reading it daily and doing the exercises. That is so great you can see the value of this experience and how it played a positive role. It can certainly be hard to do that in the moment even for people most willing to look for that ‘silver lining.’ I understand the gratitude you feel for basic movement-I had a serious health issue a few years back that severely impacted my mobility for an extended period of time and it was very very hard for me to deal with. As for your question about becoming dependent on something and not getting the same energetic ‘boost’ from it, that is something that is certainly possible. Just like any other tool, technique,etc…we don’t want to rely on the outside ‘thing’ to make any energetic change for us. If we have feelings coming up that we may be suppressing for example, we would probably have to deal with that eventually–the exercise or anything else probably wouldn’t make it ‘go away.’ That is great you can watch the news with that sense of detachment. Something is only a problem if it’s a problem so it is always how the individual feels about a particular habit, behavior,etc… Thanks again for sharing your insights and experience…I am sure many people who read your comment will find it valuable.

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