You Vs Brain: 4 Tips for Defeating Calamitous Racing Thoughts Syndrome

Today I am happy to bring you an awesome guest post by my husband Ryan Biddulph. He is one of the wisest people I know, and highly committed to this whole ‘being the best person you can be’ thing.

I don’t know anyone who has a better grip on all the ‘stuff’ that can derail us, and I’m not just saying that because he’s my man. I learn from him everyday, and am so appreciative of the fact I have access to someone like him anytime I want. Enjoy!


I want to write this blog post for my wife.

But I also need to finish proofreading my next eBook in the Blogging from Paradise series. (Available on Amazon, wink-wink)

But wait, I need to stop by the visa company later to pick up our passports. When should I do that?

Don’t forget your blog post, RB. BFP goes live tonight. Or early this morning. Wednesday, EST.

Oh shit, I totally forget about the cats; they need to be fed.

I have articles to write for clients.

Damn, gotta network too.

Plus, if the weather clears up, I need to head to Pandawa Beach, here in Bali. Haven’t been there in a few weeks. Why live in paradise if you can’t fully enjoy paradise, right?

You just stepped into another dimension…..the dimension/disease know as…..

Racing Thoughts Syndrome

To everybody who feels Kelli and I are lucky, blessed, talented, fortunate, “naturals” (whatever the hell that means)….you are right. To everybody who feels Kelli and I worked our tails off, mentally, and physically, to blog from paradise… are right… everybody who feels we’ve allowed this life into being, trusting in the Universe, and acting inspired… are right.

We are imperfect. In moments, we are perfect. Really. But those imperfect moments, even if we’re enjoying the ride, are prone to being infected by Racing Thoughts Syndrome.

Think about the prior two paragraphs. We think and feel we’re lucky, then blessed, then talented, then hard working. On and on. A roaring rapids, a purge of thoughts and feelings, a vomitorium of energies all spewing forth at 1,002 miles per second.

Yeah, stop laughing there buddy. I know you suffer from Racing Thoughts Syndrome too. On waking. Or when someone screams at you. Or when things are awesome, and you totally lose control in a moment of sheer excitement.

Hey, we’ve all been there. I am no Balinese high priest, thinking, feeling and acting from a higher consciousness. I am flawed. Impatient. Then, patient. I want my drinkable oatmeal now! (yes, we have that here in Bali….don’t ask) No, I can wait for my drinkable oatmeal.

Up. Down. Right. Left. Madness.

I know you’ve been there. Like, when you wake up, and feel like your day has taken off without you. Perhaps you’re struggling through some pressing problem. During these Racing Thoughts Sessions you may feel totally out of control, of your life. I know I have. My secret recipe for attacking this mental malady is below. Stay tuned.

The Benefits of Reading this Post

Number 1, if you read this post, Kelli will cook me a delicious tempeh dinner. Just in case you were wondering if I was fully altruistic…..hehehehe.

You’ll establish a sense of calm, of peace of mind, of happiness and you’ll see greater success and prosperity in all that you do.

Case in point; instead of running around like a chicken with its head lopped off for the past 35 minutes I wrote this post. I’ll meet new readers. I’ll earn brownie points from Kelli. Most importantly, I’ll help you free yourself from this wicked disease.

Hey, I could be suffering from analysis paralysis right now, a chief, calamitous effect of Racing Thoughts Syndrome. But I’ll network in a few, posting blog comments to authority blogs. I have this post about wrapped up. I’ll publish my post later. Will write an article for a client.

I’ll do another blog interview.

Effective folks clear out their inner world, honing their mental tools, and slowing down their minds, to create tangible, helpful, freeing results that benefit them in all they do.

Being Free

My intent is to be free, and to take you with me. I am liberating myself by the day, and I am taking more folks with me, who want to blog from paradise and who want to find a freer way of living, by following these 4 practical tips, to combat Racing Thoughts Syndrome. (Note; when the thoughts and feelings slow down, you’ll magnetize yourself to peace, joy, calm, and happiness….and abundance….)

1: 30 Minutes Meditation

On waking, I thank the lucky stars that I live in the tropics. 5 seconds later I begin meditating. Meditating helps to expand your awareness. So you can observe, so you can see what’s really happening.

Most people seem unhappy because they are 100% out of control, mentally. Meditating helps you face, embrace and release racing thoughts. Once the thoughts slow down, you’ll act from a place of inspiration, you’ll trust in the Universe and no one person or thing will get your goat. At least, until you speak to your parents, or siblings.

I sit for 30 minutes on waking. I follow my breathing, and move my focus back to my breathing, after my focus moves from my breathing to some thought or feeling.

Awesome Guidebook for Meditators here, by my main man Ram Dass. It is called Journey of Awakening, and has been super-helpful in my meditation practice, and understanding the mind better, which is a worthwhile use of our time for sure! 

2: Subliminal Hypnotherapy

After chilling out from my meditation session I dive into subliminal hypnotherapy. I listen to an Unlimited Wealth audio file from Steve G. Jones. He has a soothing, calming voice. Don’t listen to his files if you’re driving, because you’ll conk out. (unless you’re listening while driving a motorbike here in Bali, then you’ll fit in, just fine, as you fall asleep, because you’ll be driving, “normally”)

Subliminal programming changes your thoughts and feelings on a deeper level. Mental hurry, or Racing Thoughts Syndrome, is rooted deep, deep below the conscious mind, in the all powerful subconscious mind.

If you accept the idea of unlimited wealth your money worries will steadily fade away, and I reckon much of your mental hurry roots itself in money problems/shitty money programming.

This is just one example, but the process works the same for whatever  you are facing, whether it is a lack of confidence, anxiety or a phobia. 

Here’s the audio file. Buy it for a mere 99 cents…tons more available from him as well on a range of issues.


I work out from 1-2 hours on most days. Some days, it’s a weak, feeble 35 minute effort. Pathetic, right? I am joking – I think – because even walking for 30 minutes daily rocks.

Racing Thoughts Syndrome seems to grow if you’re not active. Like, the nervous, worried, anxious energies reach a fever pitch if you sit on your duff every day, for days on end, let alone weeks.

Exercise stops these energies dead cold. It’s like the energy, the worry, the panic and the anxiety find an outlet through your intense cardio sessions. Or though your walking sessions.

I do 15 minutes swimming in the pool here at the villa – how Magnum PI am I, on this house sit?? – and I also jog for about 10 to 15 minutes after.

On waking I do 50 slow sit ups and 15 SLOW push ups. I also stretch for 5 minutes. If Kelli and I do the beach we swim for about 30 minutes and jog or walk for 30 minutes. I also sneak in a few smaller cardio sessions here and there. Hence 1 hour or more daily.

Get moving guys. Give your Racing Thoughts Syndrome an exit strategy to dissipate those low, panicked energies.

Even if you can’t pack in a full on exercise session, get moving anytime you feel your mind accosting you….walk around the office for a few minutes, or a quick jaunt around the block. It can be a lifesaver. 

4.Defining Your Why

Each of the prior tips is garbage, totally useless, if you aren’t hungry to be free and live the life you want to live. Know why you’ve built your life as you have and if the reason is not freeing, start NOW to change your life. Or to redesign your life.

I suffer from Racing Thoughts Syndrome at times but the moment I created and launched the Blogging from Paradise blog and eBook series I felt a sense of peace, calm and happiness flow through my being.

I set this intent: to free myself, and to free my readers, so they can retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging, as I have.

What is your why? Why do you want what you want? How can you start moving towards it today? When you are clear on your intentions and do your best to fulfill them each day, much of the mental junk just falls to the wayside. Your ‘why’ pulls you out of the fog, and helps you get back to business. 

The people who spend 1-2 hours daily – or more – working on their minds, and bodies, are the ones who have an intense desire to be free, more than they fear doing uncomfortable stuff. They are able to rein in their runaway minds more successfully–you’ll have your moments, we all do. But, they are succeeding more than struggling in this department. 

Those are the lucky folks, the blessed folks, the talented folks, and all those other labels folks add, to the small percentage of people who earth who are ready and willing to eat shit sandwiches sometimes, to be free, in the form of uncomfortable feelings, thoughts and decisions. 

Your Turn

Do you suffer from Racing Thoughts Syndrome?

If you do, how are you combating the problem?

What tips can you share with the Life Made to Order community, to add to this list?

Call to Action

I’ve published a highly acclaimed eBook (given the thumbs up by million dollar business builder and brilliant Possibility Partners Show founder Ande Lyons) for developing a success consciousness, directed towards bloggers but hey, the principles apply to all areas of your life, and to any type of business so give it a whirl.

Blogging from Paradise: Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger

Pick up your copy here…..on Amazon.



You Vs Brain: 4 Tips for Defeating Calamitous Racing Thoughts Syndrome
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21 thoughts on “You Vs Brain: 4 Tips for Defeating Calamitous Racing Thoughts Syndrome

  1. Love this article thank you. Sometimes I just need to hear someone else saying the same things I already know but don’t yet fully trust.

    1. Tess, wow have I been there! And am still there 😉 Really, what you just said is the reason why I started this journey. I heard other folks saying these things, and sharing these concepts, and I gradually built my trust in them. Appreciate you commenting, and reading 🙂

    2. Hey Tess
      I think everyone feels that way from time to time. We know certain things to be true, but our mind gets in the way and makes us doubt. That validation that it is true is helpful.

  2. Hi Kelli,

    Thank you for sharing this post of your husband. Awesome tips, Ryan.

    When I start to get so many thoughts in my head and get anxious, I consciously get myself to just relax stop thinking about the future and what could or could not happen, this gets me some type of relaxed again and do what needs to be done with a clear mind.

    Thanks you Kelli and Ryan

    1. Angelo that’s a powerful practice. Being mindful of now, and manually slowing things down is a tonic for this mental ailment. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    2. Hi Angelo
      Thanks for your comment. That is great that you are more aware of when your mind is taking on a life of its own and just pull things back. Simply cultivating that awareness can make a huge difference.

  3. Ok you lost me at “drinkable oatmeal.” Just kidding! 😀
    I love this post because Racing Thoughts Syndrome seems to be a universal issue. I call it “Ray Liotta at the climax of ‘Goodfellas’ syndrome”–you know, the part near the end where he’s all coked up and running all over town, talking a mile a minute about his errands, paranoid about the helicopters that are following him, and out of his mind!

    I wonder if Racing Thoughts Syndrome comes from a place of worry, resistance, and the need to control what we perceive to be the unknown and therefore scary. Sometimes it helps me to just remind myself that everything is going to be OK. I don’t have to worry about the how–the Universe has got that. I’ve already asked. Now I just need to chill and receive all the wonderful gifts. My life is awesome already and it’s going to be even more awesome. A little harder to do when things in your current reality suck, but just thinking it or smiling can help change my mindset. In yoga class, where ironically my mind likes to wander off its leash whether it’s adding items to my grocery list or ruminating over a relationship issue, I’ll silently repeat a simple mantra such as “I live in abundance” or just “thank you.”

    1. Melanie that is brilliant. Goodfellas is one of my fave movies. Maybe I have that scene, too memorized? lol….that sums it up perfectly though. You’ve a fab life with your girls and fam so enjoy it, become more rooted in the present and things will slow down. Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

    2. Hi Melanie
      I totally remember that scene and it is what it can feel like. I agree that part of it probably does stem from that lack of trust/ fearing the future. If we fully trusted and knew everything was all good, there would be very little that would trigger worry and all that other gunk. Repeating a mantra is a great way to bring our focus back to what we want, or at the very least a neutral space…it is all about cultivating more awareness of what is happening in our mind and deliberately shifting focus rather than getting lost in it and not even realizing.

  4. [ Smiles ] Wow, you actually got your famous husband to do a guest post.

    For the record, you should let him do guest posts on a regular basis.

    And, Ryan Biddulph handed it rather well.

    I will remember to use cardio the next time my mind decides to race.

    1. Hi Renard
      Yes, I am lucky he found the time to do it for me! I will definitely bring him back more often. He has posted a couple of other times but that as awhile ago. Exercise really is a great cure for a restless and anxious mind..even just a few minutes of activity can help a great deal.

  5. Hey Kelli & Ryan,

    I’ve definitely suffered from this, but had no idea there was actually a term for it.

    Oh wow, you’ve just reminded me. I used to play subliminal audio while I slept and now that I think about it I don’t think I suffered from these racing thoughts then. I’ve been meaning to get back to doing it for other reasons but this is another motivator.

    Recently the racing thoughts that I have are mostly things that I have to do or should try, so I find that writing them down as they come up also helps. No more worrying about trying to remember them.


    1. Writing them down makes perfect sense Lea. I figure that makes them tangible. They are literally off or out of your mind. Brilliant advice and so simple too! Thanks for sharing with us.

    2. Hey Lea
      Thanks for your comment and sharing your experience. I think the writing down is a great strategy for dealing with those types of thoughts. We won’t worry about forgetting, and we can stay more in the moment. The hypotherapy/ audio stuff is something we started over the last couple of months and I definitely find it helpful.

  6. Thanks for your guest blog, Ryan. You and Kelli are both so lucky to have each other to turn to LOA wise. I would say 99% of the population don’t have SOs who understand LOA. If that.
    I definitely do all of these things to help get me back on track. Meditation is great, I find that being surrounded by white light that washes away any negativity is great.
    I also read Kelli’s blog or any other book or blog on LOA, to remind me of the truth when I am distracted by the illusion around me. It works every time.
    As well this morning I had a nice little mental fantasy tape going before I got out of bed which put me in a really high vibe for the day!

    1. Aha Bunny, I do enjoy those techniques. Super smart 🙂 Visualizing your mental fantasy early on sets a wonderful tone for the day. I love doing that Power Hour; prepares me for vibing high, for the day ahead. Thanks for sharing!

    2. Hey Bunny
      You are right..having a partner who understands and gets the whole LOA thing is definitely a bonus and can make things easier. I like that idea about the white light. I am going to have to try that one. I am a big fan of going back to materials that help us shift our focus and reinforce the ideas we want to adopt more into our own helps recondition the mind.

    1. Hi Julian
      Thanks for your comment. Mindfulness really is the key isn’t it? Being able to stay in the moment makes all the difference in the world.

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