Law of Attraction and Resistance: Lessons from My Two Hellish Weeks of One Trigger after Another

So, I’ve got a confession to make. The last two weeks have been really, really shitty for me. Triggers coming at me from all sides; being bitch-slapped by resistance in a way I haven’t experienced in a really long time.

If this gives you a sense of relief that even someone who seems to understand this whole attraction thing on a deep level still has her stuff, fabulous. I hope it really does make you feel better because you don’t have to be perfect to manifest all manner of awesomeness.

We all have resistance, and as we move up the vibrational ladder, stuff will probably have to come up to facilitate the transition. That I experience all of this is what makes me really good at helping others deal with their own unique blend of crap that is holding them back.

If you happen to be someone who may harbor a bit of jealousy about my globe-trotting lifestyle, and it makes you feel a bit better to know my days don’t solely consist of me being in a state of blissful happiness while I sip tropical drinks, bask in the schadenfreude. It’s okay, we are all guilty of getting a bit of an emotional boost courtesy of the misfortune of others at one time or another.

But, back to the topic at hand…

As some of you may know from reading my emails or in a recent post about feeling frustrated with LOA, I got into a pretty nasty motorbike accident right outside my house two weeks ago. Still not quite healed yet, though I am much better ,and the bruises and cuts are slowly but surely fading away.

I relayed how that accident was a big time trigger, and at the time, I thought that was the end of it, but as time went on, oh how wrong I was. The Universe was not quite done with me yet.

I won’t go into the details of the various triggers because honestly, none of them were really anything earth-shattering. But, the Universe is always on point in bringing us the perfect manifestations that have the perfect message just for us in that very moment.

There were just oh so many, and they really hit me where it hurt resistance wise. Each time something happened that didn’t go my way or wasn’t to my liking, I wasn’t even surprised.

I was frustrated as hell. I had several instances of depths -of -your- soul crying—I had a particularly satisfying session in the shower. Very dramatic and cathartic…I highly recommend it.

There were things coming out I didn’t even know I felt, like a deep fear that in the future,something really bad was going to happen to me to drastically alter my life. What…I don’t know. Just something.

Clearly one of my roles in this life is to develop myself and then share the insights I gain with others. Sometimes I find myself worrying about the possibility ‘big’ me may have set me up for some crazy shit that ‘little’ me will not like one bit in an effort to expand my wisdom.

Then there were the things I know I felt but always pushed down because even thinking these things filled me with all sorts of terrible feelings. One night I was crying to Ryan that I sometimes felt this deep fear of something happening to him, and how terrifying it felt, and how I am convinced I would never find anyone who would be as good for me, and I would end up all alone.

There were things I thought I had overcome, but clearly hadn’t, like feeling sad that my efforts at maintaining relationships with certain people seems to be very one-sided, and if I didn’t reach out, we would probably never speak.

As you can see, that is quite the mix of stuff, and that is only a few examples. So much of what I was feeling and thinking would even be hard to verbalize.

While I haven’t been loving it, the clearing I have done, and the realizations I have made have been powerful. I felt like crap a lot, but I saw the purpose of everything that was happening to me, and I didn’t resist it as much. I didn’t cry ‘why me,’ or chalk it up to bad luck.

When we are being triggered excessively, it can feel like a bit much to handle at times. After all, we got into this whole attraction thing to feel better, make our life easier, and reduce ‘unwanted’ manifestations and icky emotions.

But, it’s all par for the course, and what is happening now will actually help move things along even faster, if you are game.

Here are some of my insights gleaned from my own trigger fest over these last couple of weeks…

Don’t Shut Anything Down

When you are being poked at constantly, a lot of shit is going to come up. There will be a temptation to shut it down, for one of a million reasons, depending on what is rising to the surface.

It might be because you are afraid to admit you hold a certain fear, don’t want to feel the full depths of a particular feeling, don’t want to relive a certain memory, think the belief is stupid, feel you are not entitled to feel a certain way..the list could go on and on.

I can’t stress this enough..don’t shut anything down. Let it all out. Stop denying, lying, suppressing and all that other stuff. There is a reason you are in this situation.

All of this is happening to help you let go of these very things that are dragging you down energetically. You can’t really move past something until you acknowledge it, and the Universe is kind of forcing your hand here.

I know it can feel a bit overwhelming…I had like at least a dozen different things surface all at the same time, and there were many points where I felt like I wanted to jump out of my skin I was so uncomfortable.

But, I let it ride. You have to as well.

So, if you are feeling a deep fear about money even though you have a really great job, and 20 grand in savings, you have to admit it. Don’t shut it down because you have no ‘logical’ reason to feel worried about your finances.

If you are feeling resentful towards your mother for smothering you ,and being overprotective, when you were a child, let yourself go there. Don’t shut it down out of a sense of guilt for all the people who grew up with parents who completely neglected them, and it could have been so much worse for you.

If you are feeling a deep sense of dissatisfaction with your life, even though it looks great on paper—loving husband, cute kids, nice house, and all the other trappings, it is what it is. Don’t shut it down because you think you ‘should’ be happy as you are now, and what about all the starving children in Africa?

Whatever you feel is valid simply because you are feeling it. Remember the part of our mind that is calling the shots is not logical. Lots of the things coming up now may not make ‘sense’ to you..they don’t have to. You just have to let them come up, and take it from there.

You’re Being Presented with an Opportunity to Take Things to the Next Level

When we encounter these types of scenarios, where everything appears to be going wrong, and we feel awful, all of this turmoil is actually a sign that we are really moving rather quickly towards something even better.

But, as we all know, we can’t get all that gooey goodness until we become a match to it, and in order to do that, we usually have to clean house vibrationally.

These moments are very trying, but as they say, it is always darkest before the dawn. These strong feelings of frustration are usually a precursor to major breakthroughs.

You may not have some major manifestation the first day you start feeling better, but there will be a very perceptible shift in how you feel.

The limiting beliefs, and feelings that were standing in the way will become vastly clearer, and you will have profound insights on how to more easily shift them.

Your realizations will have you moving through the world differently.

You will start going about your manifesting in a much more effective way.

With certain energies being cleared significantly, or sometimes completely, you will have a whole different perspective.

Changes will be made-sometimes seemingly small ones, but they will make all the difference in the world.

You will stop doing things you know you shouldn’t be doing, or at least, do them much less.

You will start setting the boundaries that should have been set long ago.

You will start being who you really want to be, and not giving a shit what anyone else thinks about that.

You will be more deliberate in your actions, and find it easier to withdraw from ones you know are coming from a place of fear, force, and lack of trust.

You will just feel better, and as we all know, that is where the magic happens.

It is easy to think these moments mean you have been doing this whole manifesting thing ‘wrong.’ You think you ‘should’ be past all of this crap by now, and at a level where you have no resistance of any kind, and you just are in a total state of surrender and allowing.

And with these types of expectations, naturally a period where you are experiencing an avalanche of triggers, is going to feel like some sort of ‘failure.’

Nothing could be further from the truth. You haven’t done anything wrong. This is all part of the experience. The resistance is there, and it has to come up–that is all that is happening.

Do as Little as Possible

When you are feeling like the Universe is out to get you (which we know it isn’t riiight?), one of the best things you can do is a whole lot of nothing. I’m super-serious about this. I implore you to do as little as possible.

This is particularly true of anything related to whatever specific manifestations you are working on. Because in this space, I guarantee anything you do will just get in the way big-time.

When we are feeling like this, our actions are coming from a place of trying to control things, and that never works out well. Sure, our sheer force may get us some sort of tangible result.

But is that really how you want to go about getting your stuff? No, no it isn’t my loveys—that is why you are doing this whole LOA thing in the first get things from a place of ease and joy.

One of the realizations I made over these last couple of weeks is that I spend too much time on the computer, and it makes me feel anxious.

I don’t even know what I’m doing on it half the time, but there I am, staring at the screen. I don’t know why it gives me anxiety, but it does.

And, over the last few days especially, I have barely touched it. That is why I didn’t publish a post on Friday. And that brought up some stuff..I really don’t stray from my three times a week posting schedule very often, and since I had recently missed a Friday post, it bothered me to miss another one so soon.

But, publishing that post was not necessary. No one was going to die if I didn’t, though if someone told me they felt that way, I would probably be a bit flattered.

So, I held fast to my internet fast, and I survived.

Spending less time online feels a lot better. If I don’t get to someone’s email until the next day, that’s totally reasonable. Were someone decide they didn’t want me to coach them, or whatever it is they contacted me about, because I didn’t get back to them within a couple of hours, they are not a match for me anyway.

I probably read about four or five books in the last week. Lots of time spent just playing with the pets or talking with Ryan and the other couple who is staying on the property. They are really into all this LOA, and personal development stuff, and we have amazing conversations.

In this space, you are going to probably feel like you are dropping the ball with your manifesting efforts, and you have to dive into exercises and ‘fix’ this problem with more work on yourself.

Here’s the thing..if reading a book or doing some technique feels really good, and it lifts your spirits, go for it. But, if it doesn’t, don’t force it…just pull back.

Since our mind is always poking its head in, we have a tendency to make manifesting a mental thing, and that is why we can get obsessed with exercises, programs and the like.

But, it is an emotional endeavor, and if you are feeling like crap, and doing all this ‘work’ while feeling like crap, it isn’t going to give you any sort of benefit.

You are better off watching a funny movie than making a vision board, sleeping than saying affirmations, petting your cat for 45 minutes than visualizing…trust me.

Again, I can’t stress the importance of pulling back enough. Getting what we want is all about being in alignment, and when we are feeling really out of it, the less we do, the more quickly we’ll be able to get back to that sweet spot. 

Attraction is never about what we are doing, it is about who we are being. 

In Closing…

Do I feel completely better? Honestly, no. There is still some residual energy that is lingering. But, there has been a major shift. I have definitely moved to a new level, and I am excited to see what happens as a result.

I have manifested so many great things, and as time goes on, my vision expands, and what I believe is possible for me does as well. There is going to be stuff that needs to be cleared out when we are really going for it. 

When we have these periods where we are just being triggered again and again in a short period of time, it is simply a matter of moving things along more quickly, of getting things out of the way that maybe we have been pushing aside, or that were hampering us more than we realized. 

It’s a really good thing because we get the chance to make some really big leaps. May not feel great at the time, but it is worth it. We just have to be willing to see the lessons, and roll with it as best we can.

We are always moving towards what we want, and if there is anything getting in the way, it needs to be brought to our attention, or we’ll have a really hard time getting it. 

To get the happiness, peace and all those other warm fuzzies we so desire, we have to root out whatever is getting in the way–sometimes it can be a gentle process and sometimes not so much. 

When it is the latter, just go with the sucky flow as much as possible..fighting it will only make it worse. It is actually a really awesome thing. 

As crappy as I may have felt over these last couple of weeks, there was honestly a part of me that was kind of excited to be going through this because I know that I will come out on the other side with a higher vibe, greater clarity and less gunk holding me back. 

Have fun with it..with all of it. 

Your Turn…

What did you think of this post? Have you ever experienced an avalanche of triggers? How did you handle it? How did it end up serving you? Are you still in the midst of one, and how are you doing? Do you have any tips for handling these rough patches where it seems to be coming at you from all sides? 

Law of Attraction and Resistance: Lessons from My Two Hellish Weeks of One Trigger after Another
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43 thoughts on “Law of Attraction and Resistance: Lessons from My Two Hellish Weeks of One Trigger after Another

  1. Hi LV,

    I don’t know; just getting annoyed about leaving the ignition key ON, on the motorbike, draining the battery, wanting to go to the beach and being annoyed that your battery mistake means you won’t go to the beach, trying to fix the mistake for a few hours, does this quality as being a trigger/annoying situation? Perfect post. My this afternoon experience was child’s play because it was nothing dramatic; you’ve handled your stuff with grace and poise, and honestly, even though I read the entire post I didn’t need to, because I saw what went down, and how you gracefully let go, and let stuff happen. Allowing is terrifying at first, and easier with practice. Your internet fast was tremendous practice and I look forward to your rapid growth and increased happiness as you move forward.

    A Plus post!

    Tweeting through Triberr.


    1. Hi Ryan
      Yes, you were there front and center…lucky guy you are! In all seriousness though, I appreciate your unending support and the ability to put up with me in those types of states 🙂 Love ya! And I was super calm about the motorbike..I’m getting better!

  2. Such coincidence its kind of uncanny!. Going through said triggers last couple of weeks too and am glad for your reminder that “we are always moving towards what we want”. I will not give the triggers more “airtime” by rehashing them here but lets just say there have been times I have wondered what this my life is all about. Your tips above on how to deal are great…easier said than done though. I agree I too have felt excited to be going through this because I know that I will come out on the other side with a higher vibe etc however, and this is what I would want to master, I would like to move through resistance at a faster speed rather than wallow in it for 2 whole weeks and counting. Hmmm. Now thats a trick I would love to manage.
    Thanks a lot for the post.

    1. Hi Carolyn
      So glad you enjoyed the post, and sorry to hear you are currently in the midst of some upheaval. Though lots of good can come of it, so it is actually something to welcome…as best we can anyway!

      It would be great if we could just get over the resistance theory we can, but then anyone who could do that probably wouldn’t have much resistance in the first place. I always like to remind people..myself included..not to beat ourselves up too much about not being able to master all of this at rapid speed. We are dealing with beliefs and feelings that have been around for a long time, and just totally dropping it all would be awesome, but it is just too big a shift. Just do it incrementally and allow whatever comes up to come up. I’m feeling a lot better these last couple of days, and you’ll start to feel lighter and lighter.

  3. Hi Kelli,

    This was a wonderful post. Get better soon from your accident.

    I also have experienced resistance – feeling like I’m in one now also. However, just like you said that we grow each time to new levels, it seems like I am going through this one with ease! I believe this, because ultimately I have created this situation – and the results of it tell me what I have been vibrating. Now I know what I don’t want, so I’m focusing on what I want now.
    Since what we give power to expands/grows I continually redirect my focus to the positive even though the old habits are trying to pull me back.
    My tip to anyone looking for help would be to develop the kind of “knowing-ness” that all things shall come to pass, even this one! Reassure yourself, focus on the positive things you do and have in life.

    “Remember pay gratitude, because it gives you back change” I think I just made a quote 🙂

    Stay safe.

    Angelo Limon

    1. “My tip to anyone looking for help would be to develop the kind of “knowing-ness” that all things shall come to pass, even this one! ”

      Angelo…very nice tip there. Thanks:)

    2. Hi Angelo
      Thanks so much. So glad you enjoyed the post and I am recovering well from the accident. Not quite 100 percent but my ankle seems to be improving steadily. You are so right that these types of manifestations help us get clear on what we don’t want, which just solidifies what we do. Even if we don’t like what is happening, it is always serving us somehow, and when we can remember that, we are golden. We all deal with the old habits…they can die hard, but with that deliberate focus, we can cultivate new programming much more quickly than we anticipate. I LOVE that quote!

    3. I love what you wrote but what if my situation has been going on for 5 years and 2 months and it’s constantly in my face constantly triggering my resistance? (it’s a neighbour issue). I feel I’ve learned my lessons (and some amazing ones at that. I’ve overcome and received some amazing gifts because of this situation). I’ve asked the Big U that I learn any further necessary lessons/ experiences through another means as this one is like sandpaper that’s been rubbing against my sensitive skin for way too long.

      I’m being grateful but the feeling of what’s happening is hard to put to bed. I would love any further words of wisdom if you’ve got any more.

      1. Hey there
        I am glad you enjoyed the post. Without knowing the specifics of the situation it would be a bit more difficult to give more concrete suggestions but I realize how difficult it must be to deal with a problematic neighbor. Applying LOA and shifting our energy can be particularly challenging when it comes to conflicts with other people because to our brain it makes perfect sense that the other person obviously needs to change and we can’t control that so we are kind of screwed. But when our energy changes we do line up with different versions of people. If the resistance is still there strongly, it suggests that there is still something that is not really shifting within. You have to really think about what is bothering you. Sit with it for a bit and see how the incidents make you feel..what beliefs are coming up? Are any memories surfacing…doens’t matter how unrelated they may be…if they are popping into your head now, there is some connection and relevance belief and feeling wise to what is happening now.

  4. I think this is one of your juiciest posts yet Kelli and I am really vibing with it. I think that when you are in the middle of an avalanche of triggers, that it can be quite hard to see the value in it, so you need to step back as you say and just chill. Then the answer comes to you when you start to feel better. I have had a LOT of triggers in the last few years and now I can see the great spiritual growth that was in it.
    I have had a few wow experiences with LOA this last year. Last year I started visualising more financial abundance, and things got worse! But then all sorts of other great things started coming in, raising my overall vibration and leading me to stuff like this blog. Things are still bad financially, I am out of my comfort zone x 1000. But I am still coping somehow, I am coming up with resources I didn’t know I had in me. So maybe this is all clearing resistance for me to let in financial abundance.
    Also an LOA update with my work situation – I have been looking for work, but work has found me in the area I least expected. I had advertised online for tutoring work and out of the blue I got one hour a week, then two, and now maybe three. I have been celebrating each bit of work I get and then I get more.
    I am really excited about where the future is headed, it’s like Christmas every day with conscious creating!

    1. Hey Bunny
      So glad you liked it. You are right that it can be hard to see how it is serving us in the thick of it because you are just not feeling great at all. It’s funny because as much as I was feeling crappy at point during this period, there was this other part of me that was detached from it all and just observing it. I knew it was serving me, and I didn’t resist what was happening, and that made a huge difference. Finances can be tricky…we want money but we know it can’t make us happy…we don’t want to care about it, but we obviously do…the vibration around it can get quite complicated.

      For me, one of the most helpful things has been remembering it’s not the actual money I want, but what I think it represents. Working on cultivating a sense of security even in the absence of a large amount tucked away is also helpful for people because I think security is one of the biggest reasons we want it, and we obviously can’t attract security when we are not feeling it now.

      That is so great about your work situation..I am not surprised at all. I could tell you had a really good attitude about it, and seemed detached and positive. You are so is like Christmas everyday when we can create our own reality.

  5. Hi Kelli,

    Oh my gf, you sure did get kicked with a whammy, however, it’s perfectly normal. We all have these “fears” of something happening at one point or more in our life. I dread of similar things like that. Something awful will happen at my house when my hubs and I are working. Will my beloved furson be able to escape? When the hubs and I are out traveling, at times I fear something will happen to one or both of us and it’s scary. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with these fears and as you know, it can wear on a person so much that we find we are losing ourselves.

    I believe you did the best thing in working out your feelings, playing with pets, and talking to others. Sometimes life just throws us these lemons in order to test our strength.

    I know you’ll get much better soon. Sending love from the states!


    1. Hi Brenda
      You are right.we all have fears, some of them might seem weird or silly or whatever, but they are there. I guess our ability to imagine possibilities can cut both ways..we can think of all these great things we want and that can happen, but then we can also think of stuff we don’t want to happen. Thank you for being so honest about some of yours. It is helpful when we share this stuff because it makes people feel less alone or gives a sense of relief that they are not the only ones who experience this type of thing. Your tips are great..especially about playing with pets. Animals bring me such joy and help me be in the moment.

  6. Hey Kelli,
    Great post!
    Very honest and very inspiring to say the least. I can relate to what you are saying. I completely agree that triggers are messages that are pushing us to develop and perhaps make little changes in awareness and in our lives. One of my beloved teachers, Pema Chodron says that she considers difficulties to be Rinpoches in disguise. They materialize in our lives because there are messages and ideas that can take our lives to the next dimension. She says that it is quite difficult sometimes to make sense of these difficult moments and sometimes they even linger for a while. Welcoming the Rinpoches in disguise and asking them to instruct us as Ani Pema would do and as you mention to not shyt off anything is great advise. Very difficult but there is a glimmer of hope and peace.

    Sometimes I feel…
    like a failure…
    Like I do not matter…

    Doing very little to process our feelings and sort things out is a wonderful suggestion from you. Another idea comes from Buddhist mindfulness practices and helps me immensely is the fierce practice of loving kindness and compassion. The idea is to wrap the self and all the seeming faults and our difficult moments and wrap them up with a cloak of love and kindness. The idea is not to avoid the difficulty but to love the self regardless of the difficulty. I consider this “keeping it real” by not shutting anything off but still remembering my radiant inner self at the same time and allow the light to shine through. Both light and darkness are wonderful teachers and are like the ancient yin and yang symbols. We run into problems because we avoid the darkness in an attempt to embrace the light. But they are inseparable…without day there can be no night and vice versa.

    I like what shame and guilt researcher Brené Brown says about vulnerability: ““Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy—the experiences that make us the most vulnerable. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.” I think difficult situations shine light on our vulnerabilities but as she says vulnerability is the birth place of creativity and meaning.

    Scientifically according to brain research, emotions cannot be controlled and are triggered by situations and the common “fight or flight” type responses. These are hardwired into the brain circuitry and through a complex amigdala and adrenal type response and happen even before conscious thought can be processed. But “feelings” or the responses to the emotion come through a slower circuit and are the points of possible management. Even considering difficult resistance as neural networks can bring a sigh of relief because we can choose to alter them or choose something different. This is similar to what you mention about the opportunity to taking things to the next level. Brain science shows that we cannot completely erase the resistance through a trigger but we have the power to strengthen a different neural network and weaken the one that does not serve our purpose. When I have an unfavorable feeling in response to an ancient trigger and emotion, If I am mindful at the moment, I ask what thought and behavior can I choose that will strengthen a different neural pathway. A pathway that can give me some love and relief and I can take actions that support those new thoughts and feelings.

    Your posts are insightful as always. So thank you!

    1. Hi Harish
      Wow..amazing comment on so many fronts. I like what you said about wrapping ourselves in a cloak of compassion. We really are way too hard on ourselves, and that can make all aspects of our life difficult, but particularly working with law of attraction and trying to more consciously create our reality.Because we aren’t perfect, we conclude we’ll never get what we want and we are just messing it up.

      That is a great point about exploring the darkness to discover the really is true. The fact is, we all have our ‘stuff’ and we usually have to do a bit of work to get to a better place. It doesn’t have to be super-painful or take a long time, but we’ll have to make some sort of effort as these things tend to not just ‘go away’ after being part of us for so long.

      That last part about feelings was fascinating, and your scientific knowledge adds a whole new dimension to personal development work, and I find it so fascinating. That is why your blog is so great.

  7. Great post, and I think you handled your avalance of triggers in a mature, LOA-inspired way. Like you said, we may be tempted to shut it down immediately, but these triggers are our opportunity to learn and grow. It’s the Universe grabbing us by the shoulders, shaking us and shouting, “Hey, I’m trying to give you stuff but I can’t with all this resistance! In case you don’t know what is your ‘resistance’ right now let me spell it out for you so you know what you need to address!”
    Having knowledge of LOA and practicing it regularly does not mean we’ll be free of resistance. I wonder if it makes us less tolerable of it and therefore we experience it more sharply than those who don’t practice LOA and are just living in a state of resistance constantly. I like fast food, but I don’t eat it often. When I do I enjoy it in the moment but my body rebels with bloating, stomach discomfort, lethargy, etc., so I quickly re-align myself with healthy eating to feel better.
    It sounded like you needed an opportunity to realign and address some resistance. I hope you continue to progress through it and have a speedy recovery from your accident.

    1. Hi Melanie
      Thanks so glad you liked it. I did handle it in a very LOA-way. As much as I felt badly and a bit overwhelmed, I was fully aware of what purpose it was all serving, and that made it much easier to deal with You are so right..that is the exact message the good old U is trying to give us. So, it’s always all good. You bring up an interesting point, and I agree that this greater awareness can lead to things feeling more intense. The fast food analogy is a great one. Usually being higher energy, these two weeks were such a departure and that definitely made it seem more intense because I had not experienced that in so long. I already see huge shifts and everything that happened was exactly what needed to..the Universe is perfect that way, and I just trusted it was all for the better. I am recovering nicely but still cant quite walk normally. I have a new appreciation for full mobility!

  8. Hi Kelli,

    First off I didn’t know that you were in motorbike accident. Ouch I had one on my brother’s motorcycle some 20 years ago and if I think of it it still hurt, so I feel for you.

    I think that everything that happens to us, needs to happen, and if we’ve attracted it, then we can clearly see the ‘shit’ in the face LOL!

    Last year for me was the year from hell. Learned that my 4 legged child of 14 years had cancer, then learn of my mother’s death, then lost my furry child to death as well, and some other very bad things that I’ve never talked about to anyone in the blogging sphere yet (keep if for my book).

    But all of sudden that deep, deep fog started to lift up at the beginning of October, and this year so far has been a year of revelations, achievements, and dreams about to be achieved.

    My coach told me that it’s not uncommon that a great shift happens in the mist of great grieving and pain, and that’s exactly what has happened to me.

    I’m sure that all those things happened to let you know what needed to be clearing away still. I’m sure that it really helped you big times for the days to come.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Sylviane
      That sounds like you were pelted with quite a bit in a short period of time and I am sorry for your losses. I know how hard it is to deal with the death of a parent, and it changes you forever. That is great that things are getting better. It is a cliche for sure, but adversity really does make us stronger and helps set the stage for things we probably never would have thought possible before. It also gives us a lot of clarity about who we are and what we want. My experience revealed a lot to me, and I already see the shifts happening and manifestations to let me know I am on the right path. Thanks so much for your wisdom and I am excited to see all the good things that are brewing for you right now.

  9. Wow! I appreciate this post so much. When we have resistance we can get a bit out of control. I Love how you shared Hoe you are moving through it and what it means for us.

    1. Hi Tara
      Thanks for your comment and so glad you enjoyed the post. I always like to inject my personal experience when relevant because I think that not only makes what I write unique, it allows people to see that making these big changes doesn’t require being perfect, that stuff will come up as we keep moving along the path, and it’s normal and okay.

  10. Hello Kelly and Readers,
    Since I’ve found this blog, I’ve really been enjoying its content. The posts are often aligned with a question I have. I love how things are written in a relatable way, not from a space of feeling perfectly happy and satisfied all the time like some other blogs.

    I know that responses to this comment will probably be about how I’m perpetuating the problems by writing them, but the past 6 months and years even, have been like hell for me and I cannot take it anymore. I won’t go into too much detail, but time and time again I’ve felt as if my heart and solar plexus are being ripped from my chest. I just hope things get better, because I’ve been working with LOA deliberately for a long time now, yet movement and improvement in my circumstances does not seem to happen. Positive change in circumstances and overall being has not lasted no matter how good I feel or what action steps I take in the right direction. I’ve “given up” numerous times and still things didn’t improve. I’m just so tired of everything taking such a long time and not getting better no matter how I feel or what I do. I just want to be living my dreams and feel good. I can’t even figure out all of this resistance anymore, it’s too tiring and the thought that there is still so much if it makes me feel even more of a failure. Why do some people succeed with LOA while knowledge of it just intensifies pain for others? How do you stop needing or wanting something that is so important to you? What do you do when nothing is working not gotten better for a long time?

    1. Hi, I noticed how you said at the end, “How do you stop needing something that is so important to you”, and it could explain why you’re having difficulty with the process. When we perceive something as really big and important, we tend to trigger a few beliefs (ingrained, mass beliefs), such as: We have to try really hard to get what we want, which results in going into total ‘overkill’ mode with the LOA. The LOA is an innately simple process of asking / wanting and allowing. The former is automatic, the latter can take some time to achieve when you have more resistance. I’ll note that allowing simply means ‘to not resist’, and so that’s why when you release resistance, allowing comes naturally. It’s not something you have to force, and why feeling good isn’t the only way to be allowing. You can just as well feel relaxed, content, etc, so as long as you aren’t contradicting the energy of what you want, you are allowing. That’s why some people have manifested things after ‘giving up’; they have truly stopped resisting and they finally allowed what they wanted into their experience, although I suspect that the person was already aligned for the most part prior to giving up, I’m not sure. I’m still figuring this stuff out too! Next, what tends to come up when we’re dealing with something we’ve defined as a big deal is the belief that we are powerless. The intention seems like it’s has higher stakes and you feel there’s a risk that you may not get what you want. But to the Universe, that desire is entirely neutral, and it’s us who defines things as “bigger” or “smaller”. These “bigger” or “smaller” labels can be better used to define the amount of resistance around something actually. I know the example that “a penny is the same as a house” or something of the like is commonly used to explain this concept, but I like to explain it this way: everything is neutral. The penny is just as easy to allow in as the house (when you get past the resistance), and the process is the same for all things. A penny is just as likely to come as a house, and your power doesn’t stop at some things and works for others– you either create your reality or you don’t (is anything “too big” for a powerful creator?). Alright, another thing that happens here is that when we need something, we think we need it first, THEN we can feel happy, secure, at ease, etc. That’s backwards because the Universe can only mirror your ‘now’ vibration back to you, which means you have to reach for those feelings (sometimes you’ll need to do this gradually and that’s fine) so the Universe could mirror them back to you by sending you manifestations that match those emotions. A lot of people say, “I’ll feel better when life changes”, but if you’re into this LOA stuff, you’ve gotta feel better so life can change.

      My point is: because you’re trying to manifest things of such importance to you, you could be trying way too hard. You may be holding yourself in vibrations and moods that feel crappy on a constant basis, you may be focusing on what you don’t want, etc. You probably haven’t been letting yourself off the hook. Struggle and pain is never necessary to manifest what we want, although it is a common belief, all it does is hinder the process of manifestation.

      If you’re frustrated with resistance, chances are you’ve been either fighting with it or trying to analyze it when you aren’t ready. Resistance is only an indicator of where you stand vibrationally. It is not a threat to the process, in fact it emerges to help, not hinder you on your way. But how you respond to that resistance can really help or hurt you. Sometimes, all you have to do is let yourself feel how you’re feeling and let it be okay WITHOUT fighting it. Other times all you have to do is declare how you’d rather feel instead and focus on that. Then maybe you’d want to analyze how you really feel, and get to the bottom of why you feel that way so you could start shifting beliefs by changing your perspective on them.

      You’re not a failure, but if you feel that way, then you may not be compassionate and supportive of yourself and your path here. Sometimes LOA isn’t easy to practice and integrate into our lives because it’s a very emotional thing, but I’ll note again that the process itself is not innately difficult. When I see people struggle with LOA, most often they are meshing societal (mass) belief with the process. Societal beliefs are the beliefs we’ve all grown up on, the belief that we’re powerless, that life is predominantly bad, blabla. As I said, these beliefs can be triggered when you’re trying to manifest something important to you. But resistance is not a reflection of truth, and meshing mass belief with the process of LOA is like trying to mix oil and water. They are two totally opposite concepts.

      Finally, to answer your question, you can stop needing or wanting something by realizing that you CAN feel good and better right now before your desires manifest (which is how you can manifest them anyway). Avoid the thought that you’ll only give yourself permission to feel better when what you want comes, because when we want something, we are always after some kind of feeling and we can access that feeling now. Next, consider that you CAN have what you want and that there’s no risk to not getting it. That no one can keep it from you but you. The idea that we may possibly not get what we want can cause a lot of fear and anxiety. Also, expect everything to come together well to your liking. Sometimes when something is important to us, we fear it’ll go wrong, which again is just a mass belief. Finally, don’t get attached to a specific idea of what your manifestation should look like, and let the Universe handle the details. Its like a huge database that holds record of every thought you’ve ever had, and therefore it knows exactly what you want down to a tee. Sorry for the huge comment. Hope it provides some clarity.

      1. Oh and this is a bit late, but I also wanted to include that because the Universe mirrors our vibration back to us, when you are constantly focused on how “nothing is changing”, that will be mirrored back to you and well… nothing changes. If you’ve noted shifts in your energy, then things ARE changing. Things happen on a vibrational level before you may see them as physical or even experience them as thoughts and emotions. When I feel my vibration change, I know that something is happening because a manifestation proceeds it.

        And lastly (for real this time) a need can also make us focus on the absence than the vibrational presence (the feeling) of what you want. If you’re focused on it’s absence, you’re vibrating, ‘it’s not here, it’s not here’ and so the Universe will mirror that vibration back to you as well. That’s why it’s often suggested to practice the thought that what you want is coming and it’s on it’s way, not just because it is but because with those thoughts you are allowing and the Universe will mirror them back to you.

      2. Hey April
        WOW..amazing answer with so many great insights and pieces of advice. You are so right about the things that are really important to us triggering those bigger core beliefs that hold us back, like it takes a lot of effort and hard work. These bigger things are ‘higher stakes’ as you say and that can create a lot of energy that isn’t exactly ‘loa friendly’ It can be hard to sit back and just relax..we feel more compelled to take action and control the situation.

        And you hit the nail on the head with the idea that we have to give ourselves permission to feel better now, no matter what our mind is telling us.

        You rock!!!

        1. Wow to you too Kelli; you perfectly summed up what I was trying to explain there 🙂 Thanks for the compliment, really appreciate it! It’s also nice to see that Anonymous is feeling better.

          1. You certainly know your’s funny because I responded to her comment before I saw your response to her–I do it from my back office–and after reading it, I realized you answered the question just like I would have, except in much more detail. That was awesome of you to take the time to write all of that. I know the poster received lots of wisdom there.

    2. Hi
      Thanks so much for your comment and I am so happy to hear you are enjoying the blog. Admitting what isn’t working for you right now is a good thing actually. When we hold things in and just hope they will get better, we might get a bit of a result, but when we are really feeling disconnected and low, acknowledging all of that and working through it will get us where we want to be much faster. If the resistance is there, we have to deal with it.

      The one thing I would say is that where you are now to living your dreams is probably big stretch in between, and we have the tendency to push ourselves hard to reach a state of feeling that is just too big a leap from where we are now. We may have moments here and there where it is genuine, but we really can’t sustain it for any period of time. Then we go back to feeling badly, which feels even worse than it did before, we beat ourselves up, we get frustrated and the deeper into the pit we go, and the further away from what we want.

      One of the best things you can do right now is to work on just feeling good rather than focus on any specific manifestation. When our vibration rises overall, we will begin to attract the stuff we want without any specific focus or effort. It’s like dropping a drop of dye into the water…all of it will change when we shake it up a bit, not just parts of it. Look at what is happening in your life right now and see what can be changed immediately to make you feel better..they may seem like small things but they will make a big difference.

      You are right that this knowledge can mess with our heads a that we are aware how our reality is created, and what we may be doing that is blocking what we want, we can overanalyze, make things harder than they need to be, and be hypervigilant of our emotions and thoughts, getting all bent out of shape when a negative one pops in.

      Let yourself really feel all the negative emotions…let yourself get angry specifically..that can be an emotion we really suppress greatly without realizing it. If you do a lot of exercises to change your energy, step back from them if that is making you feel more anxious. Sometimes the best thing we can do to attract things and change ourselves is actually do nothing at all!

      I know this is all very general because I don’t know specifics, but this is applicable across the board. Be okay with incrementally feeling better rather than trying to feel ‘good’ Think about the feelings that lie behind all of these things you feel you need, and think how can you feel those things now, even if just a little? Because that is what you really want, even though your mind will try to convince you otherwise. Make peace with where you are now, and realize it is only temporary..I know it doesn’t feel like it now, but it really is.

    3. Hello Kelli and April,

      Thank you both for your very helpful comments. I have read them once, and have to let the information absorb for a while then probably read them again. : ) Lately I have been just trying to enjoy other things and take my mind off of manifesting/LOA material and processes. I have noticed that I am feeling a bit better than I was a few days ago, so I think it’s progress!

      1. I am glad you found the responses helpful. Sometimes the best thing we can do is step away from any LOA-related work. It really is all about emotions and we tend to make it a mental thing, and do all this ‘work’ on an intellectual level. It is certainly helpful, but when it’s not feeling good, we are better off just doing anything else that makes us feel better because we create based on feeling. I suspect you have some real breakthroughs coming.

  11. Hi Kelli

    How are you now?
    So sorry to hear about your accident and good to know you are recovering fast.

    In every problem there lies an opportunity. I should not say that accident does have an opportunity for you because it is you who gone through the pain and then stuck to bed while being off from the daily chores. But the way you analyzed the whole situation does speak of the fact you got a little time to meditate and explore several points which re-energized you to get back to work with more vigor.

    This I am saying as I also once had a minor accident while crossing a road and still know how I had to be glued to bed for a month but equally I thought about a lot of things which I could never had while doing my routine chores.

    Thanks a lot for sharing and do take care Kelli.

    1. Hi Mi Muba
      I am doing much better. My ankle still isn’t fully healed but I can walk on it. Just need to take it easy..I can’t wait until I can start exercising and moving normally again! You are certainly right that I got a chance to do a lot of thinking and lots of clarity and realizations followed, as the release of some energies that weren’t serving me. It is true that these situations do have a blessing in them because it forces us into a space of reflection we may not take the time for otherwise with our normal routines. Thanks so much for your great insights as always!

  12. Hey Kelli,

    Well I’m happy to hear that you’re healing okay. Motorbike accidents are never fun. I’ve never been in one myself but seen a few in front of my eyes.

    I for one do appreciate you sharing your experiences with us Kelli. As I’ve told many people lately, I’d rather learn from someone who has been through it and done the work themselves instead of talk about what we should do yet has never experienced it. Even me as a blogger who apparently knows quite a bit has my moments too and I share it with the world. I’m not ashamed to admit I don’t know it all or am lost at times. That’s how we learn and grow.

    I have to tell you that I recently let something go myself that I’ve been forcing to manifest my way. I know better, I’ve been taught over and over to forget the how but I just felt the “how” would only happen one way so what could it hurt to throw that in right!

    It hasn’t manifested yet of course, it’s a biggie but I feel SO much better for having let that go. If that how is the way it happens I’m going to dance a jig but if it happens some other way then I’ll still dance the jig. I feel so much at peace about this so I know this one little thing was a huge lesson for me too.

    Thanks for sharing yours with us.


    1. Hey Adrienne
      I am glad you resonated with the post and I agree that I would want to learn from someone who knows what this is all like and has worked through it themselves. I think there is this idea that if you are teaching something you need to know everything, but we really don’t and can’t actually so we can’t let that stop us! The way I see it..there are things I know that other people don’t and I can discuss those things and my experience, and hopefully people will learn and be inspired. As for what I don’t know..well I just don’t talk about it because I have nothing to say.

      That is awesome you made that realization and being able to release on the’how’ is HUGE! It is hard because our minds are limited in calculating possibilities and all it really knows is our past experience and what we have seen happen around us, and that is just a fraction of the infinite ways something can come together.

      I am very excited for you, and I have no doubt what you want will come!

  13. Hi Kelli, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having a hard time lately. But I’m glad that you’ve been working through things and getting some insights from it. 🙂

    I can completely relate to the fear of something bad happening in the future. I’ve been trying to learn to be ok with uncertainly because life is all about uncertainty. And I try to remember that good things happen too.

    I’ve been feeling tense a lot of the time lately and stressed out. I felt better earlier, more relaxed and happier but then I started worrying again. I’m going to try to focus on the fact that I DID feel better, even as it wasn’t for as long as I would have liked.

    Thanks for the post and I hope you’re back to your best soon. 🙂

    1. Also want to add, my anxiety about a particular issue came back and I panicked, thinking it was going to get bad again. But I tried to stay calm and then it improved again. I’ve been reading a Dr. Claire Weekes book (she wrote books on anxiety) and it’s been helping.

    2. Hi there
      Thanks so much..I am feeling much, much better now. Just had some stuff that needed to be cleared out and all those triggers got to the root of it all perfectly. That Universe sure knows its stuff!

      The fear of the future thing was interesting because I really wasn’t aware I was harboring that to any real degree and when I realized I was, I was able to shift it rather quickly. It probably isn’t totally gone, but the mere acknowledging of it seemed to dissipate it greatly.

      You should definitely focus on the fact that you did feel better, even if it was for a shorter amount of time. Any length of time where we can really truly shift our feelings is a victory to be celebrated. We tend to be really hard on ourselves.

      It seems like you are gaining more control over the anxiety, and that will just continue to improve. Thanks for the info about the book..I’ll have to check it out. The name sounds familiar.

  14. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. 🙂

    I think we probably carry around a lot of stuff that we’re not necessarily aware is there. And like you say, once we know, acknowledging that something is there can help a lot. That’s good that you were able to shift it quite quickly.

    You’re welcome. Claire Weekes was an Australian psychologist and she wrote quite a lot on anxiety and had cassette tapes too. The book I’ve been reading is Peace From Nervous Suffering. I borrowed it from the library and am going to see if I can get it to keep. I already have Self-Help for your Nerves and it didn’t help me so much a few years ago but I’ve been finding it more useful now.

    1. This incident will give me a new found appreciation for full mobility that’s for sure! That acknowledging can be very that moment things begin to shift on an energetic level, and we just have to dig a bit more and root it out..maybe not completely in one moment, but enough to get things moving in a different direction. It is interesting how certain pieces of information do not resonate with us at one time, but later on, they do. I guess some things aren’t as applicable in the moment, or we are just not a match for the information at the time. It is good you have materials you find helpful and you make use of them.

  15. Kelli,
    I am so sorry to hear about your accident. Sending you good vibes that you get through this quickly.

    I know I’ve been through times like that and it’s miserable. But as you mentioned, something good is bound to come out of it.

    I was going through hell in corporate America, then lost my job. I’ve changed my entire career and have met amazing people. And, I get to help people, which is something I love doing.

    Your posts inspire me. Keep up the awesome job. Lisa

    1. Hey Lisa
      Thanks so much..I am doing much better now. That is great you were able to turn such a challenging time into a springboard for creating the life you really wanted. We see how those hard times serve us, though in the thick of it, we may not be able to grasp that fully. But, that is all part of the process since that is what actually helps us learn, purge and get greater clarity.

  16. Thanks for sharing Kelli. You’re so right about allowing it all to just flow and take it with stride. To fight it is pointless. Even though it really hurts at the time, it is a fresh start to higher vibration. Thank you for helping me to experience that.
    The advice about petting the cat is right on. Did that yesterday and it started the momentum of an amazing state! There were other things I had to do, but the cat crawled on my lap which doesn’t happen often and I went with it. It was a wonderful lesson learned. It’s another example of how important it is to get into the right vibrational state to help allow things to flow and really happen.

    Happy you’re feeling better, and the accident didn’t go to waste! LOL

    1. Hey Corin
      Thanks for your comment. Pets are great for raising our vibration..that is one of my favorite ways to feel better and be more in the moment. As our trust builds, we find it easier and easier to allow ourselves to do things that just make us feel better, realizing that is the most important thing we can do. We feel less of that pull to force ourselves to do things to get results. That accident certainly didn’t go to waste!

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