Podcast #222: Why It Seems So Hard to Feel Better

Once people get wind of a teaching like the law of attraction, the focus becomes all about how to ‘raise your vibration’ in order to get your ‘stuff.’ In theory it seems easy, but in reality, it often proves much more challenging and there is a very simple reason why…

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Podcast #222: Why It Seems So Hard to Feel Better
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2 thoughts on “Podcast #222: Why It Seems So Hard to Feel Better

  1. This is so totally spot on and had me flashing back to my coaching time with you. Purging all that ick totally sucked while we were doing it & the result was absolutely life changing for me. The relationship I have with my mother now is the best we’ve had in decades and I see, acknowledge & appreciate every little manifestation every day. Thank you for the reminder that it’s OK to still have ick feelings, I think of you every time I have a real, good, ugly cry.

    1. Hi Suanne
      Thanks so much for your comment. You were so committed to your healing during our time together I had no doubt you would achieve profound results. I am so glad to hear that about your mom and I know you have so many great things going on. In this instance, having emotional upset remind someone of me is a good thing! Big hugs to you!

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