Podcast #201: Law of Attraction: Your Mind Just Doesn’t Get It!

The more you understand how much your mind doesn’t understand the world of energy, the more easily you can go about your business of energetic transformation without its constant interference.ย 

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Podcast #201: Law of Attraction: Your Mind Just Doesn’t Get It!
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5 thoughts on “Podcast #201: Law of Attraction: Your Mind Just Doesn’t Get It!

  1. Thank you Kelli, this podcast was again a true gem!

    I was always an overthinker, my whole life, and when I started on the journey of conscious creation, it got even worse, because my mind wanted to control EVERYTHING. And it started to overthink every little detail… It really seemed that I would go mad.
    And finally, as I was diving deeper into these teachings, I discovered other teachers (e.g. Neville Goddard, Eckhart Tolle, Mooji etc.), and I learnt how to dis-identify with my mind’s constant chatter.

    I learnt to just sit and observe as my thoughts come and go, and not give them any emotional weight. Of course, my mind wanted to interfere with this, as well, telling me nutty stuff and to be honest, sometimes it was not easy at all not to react. But I knew that with every reaction, I would just fuel it further. And now, I can say that the mind’s chatter and its intensity decreased in a huge extent, and I can easily not identify with my thoughts.

    But I really went through all of these things that you’re talking about in this podcast. My mind got always triggered by this ‘feeling better now’… ๐Ÿ™‚

    I would add that another thing that can be triggering to the mind is when you’re told to ‘accept your current reality’. The mind always interprets it as ‘be happy with your current circumstances’. And when someone is in a negative reality and headspace, and gets into conscious creation, well… They will say “heck no! I create my life, I will not accept my current circumstances!” And they resist it more. So in this case, knowing about manifesting can backfire.
    But “accepting your current feelings, circumstances” etc. doesn’t mean to be happy with them and not wanting any change. It’s just acknowledging it, not resisting it, but then you can turn towards the solution more easily. And this is also something that (I know from experience) the mind doesn’t really get… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Finally, the tools and techniques… You are right about them not being the solution, because it’s always the energy that is behind them that manifests. Or with other words, your ‘state of being’. We can use whatever technique we want, if deep down we feel miserable and always stressed out, this is what will manifest. Or even if we manifest something with techniques, it will keep us in the same state of being, same energy. That’s why the energy must come first.

    Sorry for the long comment, but this podcast really hit home. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Barbie
      I always enjoy reading your comments. You have such great insights and you are clearly very self-aware and committed to that inner transformation. You are right…the mind does have that resistance to acceptance. It really thinks our pain and discontent are necessary to make sure we keep trying to make the changes. I know anyone reading this will get immense value from what you shared

  2. Hi, Kelli.

    Thanks for this podcast. It really resonated with my current situation but from the different angle.

    Lately, I found myself in the nasty situation.
    I did not know how to solve it but after some time I got gut feeling/intuition/vibe whatever and I saw how I could solve it.

    I followed this feeling and suceeded but then (as a part of leaving situation) I had to make a choice.

    I tried to listen to my what feeling which were sort of unclear and then my rational mind stepped into it and I made choice based on logic, not enotions. Now I feel like I f-ed up and I am scared that situation will end up bad.

    I cannot change my decision now.

    This situation I am in is really serious, thats why I am stressed about it.

    I know that if tried to rationalize the decision it didnt end well or didnt go as smoothly as would have otherwise.

    I wanna ask if it is possible this situation will end well or at least with with minimum of “damage”?

    1. Hi Dave
      Without knowing the specifics of your situation I can’t say anything too specific. But based on what you said, here are few things that I would say.
      1 I don’t think we can ever make a ‘mistake’ or a ‘wrong’ decision in that energetically something was going on that led us to do whatever we did. and whatever results from that is what was supposed to happen. What we are tasked with is seeing what the situation is mirroring back to us, a willingness to buy into the idea it is serving us somehow and we can use it as an opportunity to change. We are usually called to act with greater faith and trust in these various spiritual teachings and ways of looking at challenging situations or continue with our current patterns.
      2. When we see how everything is serving us, and it can work itself out eventually (provided we believe it so) we may have less resistance to certain potential outcomes. We know no matter what happens, it will be okay so long as we choose to believe that and commit to living these teachings by allowing these beliefs and perspectives to guide our responses and choices.

      1. Hi Kelli,

        I never thought of if that way. Although, I am still a bit scared about my situation, thank you for clearing it for me.

        I appreciate it.

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