017So, you are giving this LOA stuff a whirl, and it isn’t hard to figure out the core tenet of this concept—how you feel will determine what you bring into your experience. So, if you want to experience good things, and get all the stuff your heart so desires, you have to feel good. On the face of it, that sounds pretty damn simple, and we like simple. But, as you probably already know, simple does not always translate to easy.

Having been an LOA enthusiast for some time now, I have gotten glimpses into that effortless manifestation—I have been in the zone, and things have happened for me with very little effort on my part; things lined up just beautifully without me agonizing over ‘how.’ My life has changed dramatically since I started applying everything I have learned from the myriad LOA ‘teachers’ and my experience is proof enough for me that there is something to all this.

I long ago gave up trying to understand ‘how’ as I have come to realize us puny humans know jack shit about what is really going on in the Universe. I was open, suspended logic and just went for it. And, I’m sure glad I did because things are a lot better now.

With LOA, you hear a lot about your vibration, and how it needs to be ‘high.’ Your vibration is essentially the energy you are giving off, and will be reflected in what happens to you. High energy equals awesome stuff, and low energy equals not-so-awesome stuff.

If you are like many people consciously working with LOA, the idea that how we feel carries such importance can be a bit anxiety-inducing. You may worry about having to monitor every little thought, or feeling good every freaking second of the day—for something that is supposed to be so effortless, it can seem like a whole lot of work.

Well, based on my experience, there are two things I want to tell you about this. First, it really is as easy as feeling good (and obviously taking certain actions necessary to achieve your desire)—the hard part is uprooting all the junk that stands in the way, and makes it seem hard, like the variety of limiting beliefs that tells us this particular belief is a bunch of crap, and that damn logical thinking.

Second, you can still accomplish quite a bit without feeling great every second. And, as you begin to see results, your faith is this concept will strengthen, and feeling good will not take as much of an effort—the logical part of you, and the vestiges of your crappy beliefs will be more muted, and you will be able to dismiss them more easily.

So, while you don’t have to feel good all the time, you do have to feel good more than you are feeling badly if you want the Universe to deliver your orders, and here are just a few ways to climb higher up that vibrational ladder.

Be Accepting of the Low Moments

So, LOA is all about how we feel, and when we aren’t feeling good, we get really mad at ourselves. We have come to realize we are the only thing standing in our way of a better life, and we hate ourselves for screwing things up. And, this self-loathing we feel for our ‘weakness’ makes us feel even worse, and brings us even lower into the pit.

When I first seriously started working with LOA, I was having some serious issues, particularly financially, and I would have moments of sheer terror and panic; there would be whole days I would walk around with anxiety just simmering in my belly all day long. And I would get so angry with myself because I felt in these moments, I was undoing any good work I had done.

But, after awhile I began to cut myself some slack—I accepted my ‘humanness’ and just resolved to do better. When I accepted these moments, rather than get all pissed at myself, the overall intensity of these LOA hiccups diminished greatly, and as a result, they passed more quickly, and I was able to get back into the ‘zone’ with greater ease.

This way of thinking is a drastic departure from what most of us have been led to believe about the nature of reality, and while in theory, we can ‘download’ this new, empowering belief system overnight, in reality, the process is going to be a bit more gradual. And, sometimes, no matter what you believe, you will have moments when you just feel shitty—it’s okay. Accept them. You will still get what you want.

When You Feel Like Crap, Take a Nap

Sometimes, when we are not feeling great, it is important to do a bit of reflection, and see how we can shift our beliefs, and feel better. But, then there are times when we are feeling pretty badly, and the best thing we can do is just ‘walk away.’ We are really deep in the hole, and any sort of introspection and shifting will largely be ineffective.

I have always been a fan of the nap for these latter moments, and I used to wonder if that was the best way to go about it, or if I was avoiding work I should have been doing on myself. I recently came across a blog post by one of my favorite LOA teachers, and she made this same recommendation—because she is a genius with this stuff, I felt validated in my belief, and no longer hesitate.

So, I am confident in saying ‘when you feel like crap, take a nap.’ When you are feeling really terrible, and can’t find that better feeling thought, just go to sleep. No, you are not avoiding; no, you are not being lazy with your ‘self-improvement’ efforts.

This can be hard because it has been deeply ingrained that we must always be taking some sort of action to solve our problems, or get what we want. And yeah, there is some stuff that needs to be done, but how we feel is at the crux of it all, and accounts for the results we get.

And, with this mindset, nothing would seem more ‘useless’ than taking a mid-day nap like some giant toddler. In my experience, that sleep resets something within in—it cleans up, and raises, my vibration; when I wake up, perspective is restored, and the ‘truth’ shines through the mental muck.

Let me tell you something—it is one of the most powerful tools in my LOA arsenal, and it should be in yours too.

Reach for a Better Feeling Thought

Moving up the vibrational ladder means thinking thoughts and believing beliefs that are better than the ones you have now, that make you feel better than you feel now. Where you are now, and your ultimate potential are pretty far apart, and that’s okay. We are working on internalizing these truths, and rooting out the junk, so that we can more effortlessly climb up, live our true potential and bring good into our lives with greater ease.

If you are new to working with LOA, or even not so new, you know that it can be a struggle between this belief system, and what you have always believed to be true your whole life. You get this stuff intellectually, and believe it to be true, but often times, your emotions haven’t gotten the memo.

So, you are still feeling badly more often than you would like, and naturally, this is going to slow the process. You know what is possible for you, but your current reality just seems so far away from that, and you may sometimes feel like you are being ‘unrealistic’ or even downright delusional in wanting the things you want.

So, when it comes to raising your vibration, it is good to focus on reaching for a better feeling thought rather than a thought that is a bit too ‘grandiose’ and actually doesn’t make you feel that good when it pops in your mind.

For example, if you are barely able to pay your bills, and ducking calls from creditors all day long, affirming you are a millionaire is probably not going to do much to help the situation. But, believing you will attract circumstances that will allow you to catch up on your past due payments, and actually start building a savings account would probably make you feel a bit better than you do right now.

This is not to say the bigger things aren’t possible, and to be ‘realistic’ in your desires—it is just about being honest with where you are right now in the process, and doing whatever you can to feel good because you know…that is where it’s all at.

So…keep raising that vibe, and things will just keep getting better!