Podcast #42: Law of Attraction: Your Most Powerful Manifesting Ally

This whole law of attraction business is supposed to be a piece of cake, but we often run into a lot of unexpected obstacles. We try to be ‘happy’ but it just doesn’t seem to stick. We try to be detached from what we want, but our mind has other plans. We get in theory our limiting beliefs are actually not true, but as for letting them go? Again, our mind has other plans. The list could go on.

Today I talk about a particularly powerful suggestion for making this whole thing much easier, like much easier. It will just take a bit of practice. But a game-changer for sure.

Podcast #42: Law of Attraction: Your Most Powerful Manifesting Ally
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9 thoughts on “Podcast #42: Law of Attraction: Your Most Powerful Manifesting Ally

  1. Good stuff Kelli. I’ll be reflecting on this. “You can’t fuck it up, you can only slow it down.” That’s good to hear. I like the idea that energetically, there are manifestations that were intended to reach you, but it’s as if they got delayed in reaching you due to your judging things and shutting down your energy……but that when you release that self judgment, what was meant for you last year or ten years ago…..is “released” into your life. Almost like manifestations being stored in a type of spiritual warehouse, waiting for you to sign the release form to retrieve them. The “release form” being the setting down of your self judgment. I heard a quote once that said “What is for you, can’t pass you by.” I suppose the next line should have been “……But you can delay it’s arrival until you shift your energy.” Thank you Kelli 🙂

    1. Hi David
      I love the spiritual warehouse analogy, it is really good. You are right, the energy we build really doesn’t go anywhere but can be ‘edged out’ by the conditioned thinking and ways of feeling because we are so used to feeling that way. Once we drop that resistance we are removing the primary barrier and things can continue on their way, unimpeded.

      1. Kelli,
        Thanks for the reply. I did have a question though. I just listened to your podcast about surrender. For the past few days I have been really working on everything you teach. I am doing my best to let go. I doing my best to not resist conditions in my life that really make me upset. I’m “sitting with the shit”, so to speak….trying to deal with it, not suppress it or resist it. But here is my question: How does the universe know what you want…..if you are trying to be in a space of “not wanting” what you want, in order to not resist what “is”? If your energy is saying to the universe, “I’m okay with all of this shit that makes me really unhappy, and I’m trying to sit with that and be happy when I can, despite that.” If you’re coming from that place of “not wanting” in order to “not resist” the crap in your life…..how does the universe know the difference between what you really want then? On one level I get it. On another level I’m confused. I know that coming from a place of “want” indicates a sense of lack and resistance. But how else does the universe get the message then? How does it know that what I want is to live in a home of my own and not be so hopelessly dependent on family members?…..if I am telling the universe “I am okay with being dependent on family and not being able to afford my own home/apartment?……especially when I am trying to do “nothing” and not “do, do, do” in order to create? Do you know what I mean? I am really trying my best to sit with my shit, own it, not take any action, trust more, etc……but my fears are getting the best of me. I’ve been in the same situation for almost 2 decades. I’m willing to change. I’m willing to try a different approach. I’m willing to “do nothing” if that’s what it takes. I just don’t get how to shift my energy when the same situation of almost twenty years keeps staring me in the face every morning when I wake up. I do all I can to try to laugh and feel good……but it feels like I am trying in vain. I feel powerless. I’m doing my best Kelli, I really am. I take your words to heart. I just don’t know how to deny the reality in front of me. I know I shouldn’t “deny it” and instead “sit with it”…..and I am…..but that makes me very unhappy. Again, it makes me feel powerless. So how does the Universe know what I want, if I am coming from a place of no resistance to what I don’t want…..in effect, telling the Universe, “I’m fine with this unacceptable, depressing situation.”? Isn’t that telling the universe that you “want” the crap instead of the good stuff you actually want? Thanks again for your time and energy, I really appreciate it. -Dave

        1. Hey David
          Every time we have a desire, it gets ‘cataloged.’ What we want is written all over our vibration. Also, it is important to remember that not resisting our current reality and trying to create from that space of hating where we are now is NOT the same as ‘being okay’ with it, and making the best of things, accepting something better may never happen. You are not asked to see the ‘upside’ of things that suck. You also have to remember that the ‘force’ bringing everything together is neutral. There is no judgment, evaluation,etc…It really isn’t responding to the ‘details’ it is responding to our energy, and co-creating with us things that will reflect that energy back to us, which in your case would be a better job, a place of your own,etc…

          If it makes you feel better, I would recommend writing a letter with all the things you don’t like and don’t want to happen just so you can be ‘sure’ the Universe knows what you don’t want. Then burn it, rip it up or whatever. This will make you feel better.

          1. Kelli,
            Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me. I feel like your teachings are being a a huge blessing in my life right now. I will definitely do what you suggest. Believe it or not, I actually am a very hopeful, positive person by nature…..it’s just the shit over the past 17 years has worn away at me. I am “breathing through” tough emotions and trying my best to embrace them. I am quieting my mind every time it attempts to “figure out a plan.” I feel afraid….but I am choosing to sit in that fear and breath through it. 17 years of studying LOA and not having success is very tiring to say the least. It’s painfully obvious I have no idea what I am doing.

            Last night I had actually written a letter to the universe asking for what I wanted (just to give my mind some peace). I will write the “negative” letter tonight and will burn it. It’s obvious you have wisdom beyond your years. My ‘mind” doesn’t know “how” to do any of this, which is why this is so damn hard for me. I know you teach about the concept of giving priority to emotions over the mind though, which again….is a completely alien concept. I am very intellectual by nature. But I am trying. I am staying as centered as I can. When I feel all of the “failure” crushing down on me….I am trying to just allow it to crush me. To just breathe through it and let go. For me, this is like being in kindergarten all over again.

            Thank you again Kelli. You have no idea how much you are really helping people. I’d give you a hug if you weren’t on the other side of the planet! 🙂

  2. Hi Kelli,

    Thanks for creating such a wonderful blog! Your articles really describe how I’ve experienced LOA play out in every day life, and are really the only thing like it I’ve come across on the internet! I have a question about a strange manifestation that occurred a couple weeks ago. So there was this situation I was trying to bring about (through LOA) and basically it had been working out well, things were falling beautifully into place, and I felt very positive emotions regarding the situation. All of these wonderful synchronicities were occurring that made me feel like I was very aligned, and then, the days prior to manifestation, situations kept occurring that specifically mirrored exactly what I wanted to happen, almost detail for detail. And then, when I least expected it, it did happen. The manifestation started unfolding just how I’d hoped and it was so positive and exciting and dreamlike- but then, as it continued, it seemed to backfire. Everything that possibly could go wrong did and it ended up being a really upsetting experience. After this happened, I just got into this weird funk for about two months during which everything I didn’t want to happen happened in almost every area of my life and then one day it just stopped and my energy/life went back to normal. I’m just curious about the experience and what it means… about the specific manifestation or about issues with myself in general. I was just wondering if anything like this has ever happened to you or any of your readers while using the LOA.I was going through a very emotionally charged transitional time in my life when this occurred, if that helps any.

    1. Hi there
      The major thing that really threw you for a loop was your mind’s expectations of what it thought was going to happen. And when things didn’t seem to go that way, we kind of freak out about it and worry we won’t get what we want. Often times when we start aligning our energy, anything that doesn’t support the higher vibration must come up to be dealt with, and to our mind, it takes things as ‘getting worse’ once we start being more conscious of how we think and feel. Naturally things feel really good when they are turning out how we like them, and the second we experience something that makes us feel badly,we automatically interpret it as something ‘bad.’ No matter what happens, it is always showing us something. It would be good for you to examine how the situation turning out as it did made you feel and you can get some insights there. But I wouldn’t worry too much about examining all that too deeply–that tends to just trigger a lot of resistance and too much focusing on what went ‘wrong.’ Rather, I would work on shaking off what happened, knowing that it means nothing in terms of whether you can get what you want. That keeps us ‘plugged in’ to infinite possibility.

  3. Hi Kelli,

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah you’re probably right, when you’re in such a good mood the majority of the time and things are working out well, normally tiny setbacks do really tend to stand out and seem huge by comparison. I’m kind of new to this, so am still figuring it out. Thanks again for the advice and keep up the good work!

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