If you were to ask most people if they believed they they were worthy and deserved good things, I imagine the large majority of people would answer yes. What a stupid question they may think..of course I believe I am entitled to happiness.

But, I’ll let you in on a little secret…we often don’t feel that way. The degree to which we don’t can vary significantly between people, but issues of worthiness and deserving are something most grapple with.

And working consciously with law of attraction can really trigger all of that big time.

You may begin thinking back to all the ‘bad’ things you did in your past, and question whether you deserve really good things after having committed such deeds.

You think back to your crappy parents who said terrible things to you, like you would never amount to anything, and you start to realize how much that has affected you, and how much you believe this to be true.

We often judge worthiness on what people contribute, and if you haven’t done much that is considered ‘valuable’ by society’s standards, you may not feel very worthy of any sort of ‘rewards.’

You see how many people just get by, or live terrible lives, and you think what is so special about you..why do you deserve to get everything you want?

A lot of this is running in the background of our mind, and we are not fully aware of it. And, it is one of the biggest stumbling blocks when it comes to manifesting what we want.

After all, getting something is all about being a match to it, and how can be become a match to something we don’t think we deserve? How can we create a life of which we don’t think we are worthy?

We can’t really, and that is why it is so crucial to address this issue.

Your Sheer Existence Makes You Worthy and Deserving…Plain and Simple

There is a reason you are here in this human body. It is to experience reality from your perspective, and let the Universe expand and experience itself. Really, that is your purpose, and everything else you decide to do that makes you feel good is just gravy..I love that saying.

And part of that experience is stepping into your role as a powerful creator, and getting all the stuff you want, the stuff that brings you joy, and makes you feel purposeful, fulfilled and all that other gooey emotional goodness.

So, in that vein, the simple fact you exist makes you a worthy being; it makes you deserving of getting everything you want, and being happy because that is what you are freaking here for silly!

It doesn’t matter what you look like, your socioeconomic status, your job, your various fuck-ups, or anything else. The fact that you are a living, breathing being entitles you to all the best the experience of being human has to offer.

Anyone who tried to ever make you feel unworthy was just in a hell of a lot of pain themselves, and transferring it to someone else was a means of relieving the pressure. It had nothing to do with you. Any opinions about you were just that..opinions. Shitty ones, and not any sort of fact.

When you think of the various people in your life who f*cked with you emotionally in some way, examine them more closely. Are these the type of people you would really listen to about anything? Seriously..I can’t stress this enough..always consider the source before buying into what anyone says about you or anything for that matter.

Any proof you have amassed that makes you believe you are undeserving and unworthy is simply a reflection of these beliefs. If that is what you were feeling, the Universe had no choice but to deliver you experiences that matched this vibration. That’s all it could bring you.

I know that anyone who has studied LOA even a little bit has learned this whole ‘your reality is a mirror’ thing, but it is a reminder I always like to give. Because while we may get it in theory, our mind is still running that old programming pretty strongly, and we have a lot of momentum behind all the crap.

When you start changing your view of yourself, you will experience all sorts of wonderful things that validate these new and improved belief systems and predominant feelings.

When this truth really begins to sink in, there will be no more questioning of whether you deserve what you want, or at least it will get drastically reduced.

When you realize you are worthy simply for existing, all the stuff that has happened that made you question your worthiness will begin to fade into the background. The beliefs will begin to crumble. Those terrible feelings will begin to transform.

You Have to Act First and Worthiness Will Follow

If you are like many people struggling with issues of worthiness, you may wonder what you can do to start feeling more worthy. After years of believing you aren’t, and engaging in all sorts of destructive self-sabotage, all of a sudden falling in love with yourself can seem like a tall order.

You know the optimal way to fast-track yourself to Worthy Town? Start treating yourself like someone who is worth something. This may sound painfully obvious, but a lot of people don’t do this.

You really can’t cultivate worthiness until you start acting in a way that shows you love yourself, and deserve to be treated well.

You have to start doing things that show you care about your mental, physical and emotional well-being, that show you are worth being taken care of.

When you start doing these types of things, you will start seeing yourself in a different light. You will start to feel better all-around, and will want to do things that keep that momentum going. The best of you will begin to shine through.

Don’t get me wrong…visualizing and various sorts of exercises can be super-helpful, and engage in anything that feels good. In most cases, action is the last thing that should come.

But, when it comes to cultivating a sense of worthiness, the action is where it’s at. Your brain will get the message you are in fact, worthy. And this alone will make it easier to let go of what doesn’t support this new way of looking at yourself—change isn’t as hard as we make it out to be.

So, what can you start doing today that will help cultivate worthiness? It can be as simple as taking a nice relaxing bubble bath. What do you need to purge from your life that is making you feel unworthy? What behaviors are you engaging in that smack of unworthiness?


In theory we can just decide a belief or perspective is now true, and the old ones aren’t, and act accordingly. We can just choose to feel better. I know because I have done it before.

But, issues of deserving and worthiness can run pretty deeply. Your mind, bless it, is going to insist on figuring out what is causing this, and you are probably going to have to appease it to some degree to make real progress.

It’s okay, just go with it. Let yourself logically analyze why you are struggling with these issues. Why do you feel the way you do? What did people say? What experiences made you believe this was true?

What beliefs do you hold that make you think you are not deserving of what you want? What makes you feel that you are not worthy and valuable?

In many cases, you may have some really obvious ones, like an abusive parent.

But, in some cases, like many of our ‘issues,’ some of the underlying ‘stuff’ that causes them are often kind of silly and crazy to our conscious minds. It is common to discover things that appear to be insignificant events ended up making a huge impact on us when we really think about it.

Pay attention to whatever comes up. Don’t make any judgments. Don’t determine whether you ‘should’ feel a certain way, or whether you are entitled to certain feelings or beliefs.

Don’t dismiss anything as not being relevant if at first it doesn’t seem to make sense..if it is coming up with this little exercise, it is extremely relevant, trust me.

It would be a good idea to write anything down that surfaces.

Don’t be scared of any emotion that pops up..I know it is uncomfortable, but let yourself feel it. The idea of not being worthy or feeling we don’t deserve things are among the shittiest of beliefs and feelings to have, but if that is what is happening, we have to let it run its course.

A little reminder for you..dealing with negative emotion that is already there is not the same thing as generating new negative emotion by focusing our attention on things that make us feel badly, and feed into our limiting beliefs.

This purge will be powerful, and get energy flowing in a better direction. These core beliefs usually can’t be shifted all in one go as they have manifested in your life in many different ways. Many beliefs were formed from these core ones, and probably impact various areas of your life, from money to relationships.

It would be a good idea to work through this in chunks, and just put your focus on one area for now. Chances are you are already doing this as you have probably have been working on a certain manifestation, but if you have set your sights on changing a dozen different things in your life, this might not be the best tack for now, and you want to downsize the vision for the moment.

The great thing about this is, as you begin to shift certain beliefs, and feel better overall, you will find this leads to a natural weakening of many other problem beliefs without actually looking at them specifically..you will just have a stronger sense of knowing they aren’t true. There still may be some work that needs to be done, but not as much as you may think.

Unless you have a monster degree of resistance around a specific type of manifestation, you will likely begin to experience improvements in all areas of your life, even if you happen to be focusing on just one in the immediate moment. Remember we attract based on our vibration, not the specific actions we are taking or what we are thinking about specifically.

You will more easily adopt better perspectives and have an easier time focusing your attention in way that actually makes you feel better, even if things don’t seem to be changing much at the moment.

In Closing…

Like I said earlier, our conscious mind may reject the idea this issue is one with which you are grappling. This is not just applicable to people who outright loathe themselves, and engage in all manner of destructive behavior, however. Again, it comes in degrees, and something worth exploring.

If we can clear out this particular muck, you would be amazed at what you can begin letting in. You are awesome, worthy and deserving, no matter how much your mind may fight you on that. It is a battle you can win, though, so be diligent about shifting that focus.

Your Turn…

What did you think of the post? Did anything in particular resonate? Do you think you have issues of feeling worthy just as you are, or deserving the things you want? Do you have any tips to offer?