Concern yourself more with how you want

One of the misconceptions about the law of attraction is that you always have to be thinking about what you want, and have to figure out every last detail, lest you might not get exactly what you want; and oh God, how awful would that be? And as such, feeling like you don’t know what you want can be quite anxiety-inducing.

How can things get better if I am not sure what ‘better’ looks like? How can I get stuff that will make me happy if I am not quite sure what would produce this much desired state? How can I focus when I am not sure what to focus on?

This whole process can make us quite anxious actually, and that can really slow things down, but I digress.

Anyway, here are some of my thoughts on the manifesting process when what want to manifest may not be readily apparent.

Not Knowing is Kind of Advantageous Actually

Remember what I just said not a few hundred words ago about the idea we have to think about what we want all the time and get very specific not actually being true? Yeah, exact mental pictures and thinking about what we want, isn’t what really brings our desires into our physical reality.

It is our predominant vibration which will be determined by the thoughts, beliefs and feelings that have the most energy behind them. Think of all the things you have manifested in your life, both wanted and unwanted, to which you never gave any previous thought.

Visualizing is a very powerful tool to activate frequencies we may not be able to powerfully embody –or embody at all– by focusing on the current circumstances of our life.

It helps us generate feelings, and it is the feelings that will determine what comes to us. We will attract things that feel like the feelings we have been working to activate more strongly.

Having something on which to focus our energy is beneficial in many ways, namely it makes us feel like we are ‘doing’ something to bring about our manifestations.

We are very oriented towards action, and engaging in all our various tools, makes us feel like we are taking these all-important actions. And this helps create an expectation we will get what we want, and anything that fosters that expectation is a worthy use of our time.

Got off on a bit of a tangent there, but back to my original point. Not knowing can be kind of advantageous because most of us have a tendency to get super-specific with what we want, and super-attached to a particular manifestation or a particular channel through which it could possibly come.

And all this specificity activates a shit load of resistance.

Our mind presents a very compelling case as to why this is the exact thing we want. And it doesn’t like the idea of being open to something else, or detaching, because it equates that to giving up on what you want, and that freaks it out big-time.

Not having a specific picture of what you want to manifest can prevent a lot of this resistance, and attachment, because you have not yet set your sights on anything in particular.

Don’t feel pressure to formulate some picture or some super-specific desire; don’t worry about coming up with a very specific visualization overflowing with detail.

No matter how much what I just said makes sense, you will still feel anxious about not having figured out exactly what you want. You will still be convinced that will hinder your attracting ability in some way. So it’s all good.

But don’t fret my pet. At some point, you will get a better idea of what you want, and you will start flowing some energy towards that. You will have something to visualize; you will have something on which to focus. You will have something about which to fantasize and daydream.

And then you’ll get to be all attached, constantly lamenting the absence of what you want, and making things much harder than they have to be, just like the rest of us 😉

In all seriousness though, the best thing you can do right now is….

Work on Just Feeling Good

I know, I know, I have given you this advice like a million times. But there is a reason us LOA teachers can be a bit repetitive, and it’s not because we have trouble coming up with new material. It is because the conditioning, that is completely contrary to these teachings, runs deep as hell.

And even the most knowledgeable LOA ‘students’ need these reminders. And there is a good chance that anyone drawn to this particular post, is someone who may be a bit new to the ‘LOA,’ and needs to understand the importance of this.

Again, we attract based on the energy we are putting out there, not our exact thoughts. So when we can get into an emotional state where we are feeling good about the future, happy, relaxed or whatever, we will attract situations that will feel just like that.

You will attract inspirations, ideas, encounters and opportunities that will help you gain more clarity on exactly what you want. The path will become clearer.

When you truly begin to understand our reality is created from the inside out, you can relax a bit about not having specific goals set, where you are regularly taking all sorts of actions to realize them.

Action is the last thing we should be doing, but it is often the step we jump to right at the start. And this is why we struggle so much with getting the things we want.

We are taking these actions from a really screwed up space energetically, and it just makes the path to what we want, so much more difficult.

We are not very aligned with what we want. And the less we are aligned, the more action we need to take to squeeze out some sort of result, because those actions are not inspired. They are being driven by fear, doubt, a need to ‘make shit happen’ and a desire to manipulate and control.

This commitment to doing whatever we can to raise our energy is not ‘doing nothing.’ It is the most important action you can be taking, especially when you are not fully clear on what you want exactly.

It will feel uncomfortable sometimes, and your mind will fight it; it will tell you that you need to be figuring things out, and formulating a plan. Do your best to quiet it. You may not be able to fully quell the chatter, but at the very least, you will turn down the volume considerably.

When you allow yourself to do whatever you can to feel better, you will be in a space where your inner knowing can come through more strongly. The inspired actions will make themselves known.

And when you act from a space of inspiration, you are in the flow, and aligned with what you want (which is ultimately to feel a certain way). And in the wake of all this delicious alignment, you will get a better idea of what you want to do.

You Probably Have a Better Idea of What You Want than You Think

There is a good chance you do have some inkling of what you want, but it just hasn’t quite risen to the surface yet. You have probably spent so long focusing on what you don’t want and like, what you actually want, got buried really deeply.

After all, you probably never thought it was possible anyway, so why bother to really think much about it? You have lived a certain life for so long, you have probably written off a variety of possibilities immediately, again, never really considering these things as feasible.

But a variety of desires have undoubtedly been sparked all throughout your life (we are here to create) that were just immediately dismissed as ‘unrealistic.’

Letting ourselves want things can be scary, because the idea of getting excited about them, but then not having them happen, can be painful. This is why most people don’t let themselves dream; this is why they stay stuck in lives they don’t really want.

Better to stick with what they know than risk disappointment, ridicule, judgment and failure.

Um…no, this is not better. You can have whatever it is you want. Though getting to the root of what you truly want, can take some time. Remember what I said about attachment to specific desires (that are just one representation, and may not be a very accurate one.)

But just getting the idea we create our reality in theory, probably won’t be enough to actually jump start the process, of getting all that your little heart desires.

There is still some doubt this is how it really works and that is understandable. You are still not convinced you are a powerful creator.

You really can’t see how your life can change so dramatically. You have so many limiting beliefs that have been ‘proven’ to you time and time again, and they are just not going to go quietly into the night.

And all of this makes for some nice suppression of what you really want, and gives the impression your true desires are elusive.

Now, it may be true you don’t know exactly what you want in very specific terms, but it is highly unlikely you literally have no idea.

So, let yourself go to those deep places where what you want may be hidden. Don’t be afraid to go there.

Don’t judge your desires. Don’t worry if you have no idea how they would come to fruition…figuring out all the details, and orchestrating how it comes together, is not our job, thank God.

Again, don’t worry about specifics. It can be more general, like wanting a job with more freedom, or wanting to experience certain energies and feelings more, as opposed to ones that are dominant now.

It may help to write down a list of things you don’t want and like, and use that as a springboard to figuring out what you do.

You Don’t Need to Figure It All Out Right Now

When people begin working consciously with their energy, and applying the teachings of the law of attraction, there is often this pressure to try and figure out your whole entire life, for decades to come.

This creating- your- reality- thing is serious stuff, and you want to make sure you get it all right the first time around.

But you don’t have to worry about doing this. You really can’t do this anyway.

There is no way you can figure out your whole path right now. You have no idea the infinite ways the things you want can come to you. You have no idea what desires will be sparked in the future.

You have no way to know the myriad ways you may begin to change, which will automatically change the types of things you want to attract. Some of the things you want now may not be the same things you want a year down the line, or even a month. I bet that freaked out your brain a bit…don’t lie.

You can only ever see the next step. So just focus your attention on that. Don’t be afraid to follow your feelings. Don’t be afraid to pursue a path because you are not one million percent sure that is the path you will want to stay on forever.

Would you not try out a new type of exercise class because you are not sure you will want to do that exercise forever? No. You would try it out and see how you liked it. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t go back. It would give you a better idea of what types of exercise you do like.

No matter what, you are always going to be led to where you want to go, even if you have no idea where that is. You will always be moving towards what you want, even if you aren’t clear on what that looks like exactly, or how in the hell you will get it.

This little wisdom nugget underscores the importance of aligning yourself energetically, before taking action. Because when your actions feel inspired, you are much more likely to take them, and trust whatever results will serve you somehow, and aid you in your journey.

Because they most certainly will serve you and be of assistance…there is no way they can’t be, because they were taken from a space of being aligned with what you want.

Now, sometimes what results, may appear unwanted. But that is still a good thing, because the situation helped you gain clarity, or alerted you to resistance that must be cleared…won’t get too deeply into that here, but just wanted to throw that in. No matter what, it’s all good.

Knowing the importance of just focusing on the next step will help you relax some, and it is highly likely some helpful insights will flood in, that will give you a better idea of that next step. It will take some pressure off feeling like you have to map out your entire existence right now.

In Closing…

I know, I know. You want your life to immediately change in a dramatic fashion. You want to be showered in awesomeness immediately. But remember the law of attraction is not magic.

But with that being said, things can start changing quite quickly, when we start being more deliberate with our focus, and clearing out the gunk that is making us attract stuff we don’t like.

I know the uncertainty regarding what you want is probably making you super-uncomfortable, and making you think you can’t get anything good until you nail down the specifics, but that is not true at all.

What you truly want will reveal itself in time. But no matter what you want, you ultimately want a feeling, and you can start feeling those feelings anytime, no matter what is happening.

Don’t put off your happiness, thinking that it can’t come until certain things happen, or you have formulated some sort of plan. You can work on it now…might take a bit, and you may not feel that way all the time, but you can make some nice headway with a bit of effort, and a firm decision that this is how it’s gonna be.

Your Turn…

What did you think of this post? Did anything in particular resonate? Are you someone who isn’t sure what you want? Do you have any tips to offer to gain that clarity or navigate the uncertainty? Looking forward to your comments as always.