Law of Attraction: 3 Things that May Make You Feel Icky and How to Deal

You started consciously working with your energy to create all sorts of great stuff in your life. Taking control of our energy, letting ourselves want the things we truly want, and operating from a space of empowerment is pretty awesome and creates good feelings all around.

When we start this whole deliberate creation thing, we may expect an easy ride, full of warm fuzzies and all sorts of great things pouring in from every corner. But, then after a bit, we may start to run into some unpleasantness. This attracting thing is not as easy as it is made out to be—it actually is, but we just make it harder in countless ways, but as time goes on, we will get out of our own way with greater frequency.

We start experiencing things we didn’t expect, things that really don’t feel good. The disillusionment, fear and doubt start to grow. We may not be feeling good all the time, and we feel badly about feeling badly, which just makes it worse. There is a part of us that really resonates with the principles of attraction and we get it in theory, but it is not trickling down into that space of true knowing at the pace we might have expected.

Today I wanted to talk about a few things that many people experience once they start this ‘work,’ and my thoughts on handling these snafus. 

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Lowered Tolerance for Your Current Circumstances

So, you stumbled upon this law of attraction thing, and you realized that you can create whatever life you so desire, you have immense power to mold your reality and there is never any reason to settle for anything less than what you want. We create our experience from the inside out, and this is how it works for everybody no matter who you are, where you live, your race, your religion, gender or what your life has been like up until now.

Awesome, awesome, awesome. Discovering this truth can really put a pep in our step. Seeing a world of possibilities where there was once nothing feels pretty great. Knowing we call the shots, and nothing outside of us can truly affect our life, or ‘get in the way’ opens up a whole new way of looking at the world and that of which we are capable.

But, discovering this truth often comes with a downside. You may find yourself developing a lower tolerance for the undesirable aspects of your life as it is in this moment. Now that you know you just don’t have to ‘make the best of it,’ ‘accept your lot’ or keep living in denial about how you really feel because you believe you can’t change any of it, you want things to change, and you want it NOW. This existence is no longer acceptable, and the resistance to your current state of affairs is growing.

This is understandable. Once we realize things can actually change, we want it yesterday. You have always been kind of unhappy with certain elements of your life, but may not have fully acknowledged the extent of it. Now that you have, it can feel a bit more intense.

You’ll have your moments of disgust, frustration and’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up about it. But, it is important to work on shifting this type of energy to the best of your ability. These types of feelings can put a dent in our vibration, and not liking how things are now is naturally going to lead to us noticing the absence of what we would prefer.

A strong focus on what is still missing will keep things missing…this state of mind is not conducive to manifesting because we have to feel now (at least most of the time) how we would feel if we already had what we want.

Since we will most quickly attract what we want when we can embody the feelings that lie behind it in this moment, you want to focus your attention on things that deliberately make you feel good, and develop more positive perspectives that are genuinely positive.

So, this means you don’t have to pretend to like your a-hole boss, the job you really hate, or anything else that is really not working for you. While we can technically feel good no matter what is happening, love everyone, and what have you, we all naturally have our preferences and that’s fine.

But what you can do is make the deliberate effort where to shift your focus so you are building genuine positive momentum. Maybe you don’t love your job or your boss, but you are really good at what you do, and your clients love you, or you have really great work friends.

Maybe you are trying to build a nice online business on the side and absolutely love writing your blog posts, and interacting with your readers—really step into the good feelings that arise when engaged in those activities. Visualize this endeavor becoming a success.

See the seeds that are there right now that indicate better things can happen for you. Make time to do things that make you feel good and take your mind off what you might not like. I know I sound like a broken record with the whole ‘do things that make you feel good’ advice, but I can’t stress the importance of this enough.

Peeved about Manifestations of Those Who Aren’t Doing the ‘Work’

Law of attraction is always working for everyone, whether they realize it or believe it. The thing is, we are largely unaware of the force, and we are not really in the driver’s seat. The whole attraction thing is going strong 24/7, but most of our manifesting is happening unconsciously.

Law of attraction is not some special force that is only activated by the few who become aware of our power. Before I learned about all this stuff, I had plenty of good things happen to me. I definitely had some limiting beliefs, but plenty of generally positive ones too. I imagine this is true for many of you reading this. You may not have been attracting the highest possibilities, but you were still a match for all sorts of good things.

I remember being awesome at job interviews, and always being very confident. The way I saw it, if someone was calling me to come in, he considered me suitable for the position, and the actual interview was just some sort of formality. There was only ever one job I applied to that I wasn’t offered, and I had a bunch of weird energy around it anyway. This was just how I was…there was no pumping myself up, visualizing, shifting any sort of beliefs. I had no blocks around this area, and it showed in my ability to attract job offers with ease.

It is easy to forget sometimes that this force that creates everything we see and experience is neutral. It is not judging, deciding or doing anything else that us humans do. It can’t give you something you want because you have wisened up, and realized how things really work, because you are a good person or because you are trying hard. It doesn’t see you as more ‘worthy’ of manifesting something good as compared to other people, because you are working consciously with your energy so diligently.

Another thing to keep in mind as well when you feel yourself getting kind of jealous, or feeling a sense of unfairness when people who are not doing the ‘work’ seem to be getting stuff you aren’t, is to keep in mind you have no idea what other people’s manifestations mean to them, why they manifested it, how they feel about it, so on and so forth.

Let’s take relationships for example. There are a million different reasons someone could attract a person into her life in a romantic sense—it doesn’t necessarily mean she has some love-friendly vibration, is aligned for romantic bliss or whatever. For all you know, this partner could represent all sorts of negative things for that person, things that mirror negative beliefs she has. Again, we have no idea what a manifestation means to a person.

Technically, we don’t have to do anything to attract something. Feeling super-good is actually not absolutely necessary to get something—the most important ingredient is lack of resistance. But, doing some ‘stuff’ and working on feeling good is usually a necessary part of the equation because we may have a lot of deeper blocks around a particular type of manifestation and it just won’t go away, and we really don’t feel good about our ability to get something, so we have to shift that. Just getting to neutral may not be sufficient.

Also, when you are really going for bigger and bolder things that you probably never thought possible to have previously, we usually need to raise our vibration pretty high, which means feeling good is a very important part of the equation. You don’t just want any relationship, any job or something that is just ‘good enough.’ You want the whole enchilada in all its glory. 

The feeling good makes attracting a lot easier—the more we feel good, the more we attract. The more we attract, the more we trust. The more we trust, the easier it is to get out of the way, and let the Universe work its magic.

Don’t mess up your manifesting game by paying attention to what is happening with other people. Don’t overanalyze their life and what they are doing, don’t compare. None of it ultimately matters.

Increased Anxiety Surrounding Negative Thoughts and Feelings

Because of the importance of our thoughts, beliefs and feelings in attracting what you want, it is easy to get hyper-vigilant about our emotional state, and thoughts in any given moment. You may not be shifting a particular belief as quickly as you would like, and it is bumming you out.

Now that we are aware of what is really at the core of creating our reality, it is easy to become really anxious about our struggles to make the necessary shifts, and our negative thoughts and feelings. We realize we are the ones in control, and we don’t want to keep ‘messing things up.’ There may be a fear that all the negative will just wipe out all the good momentum we have been trying to build.

But, it really doesn’t work like that. Our vibration is a mish mash of a whole bunch of stuff. As you shore up your energy, and start feeling positive more of the time, that is all getting ‘banked.’ You just need to work on getting that to be dominant.

A stray negative thought here and there, or bad mood, is not going to have a disastrous impact on your manifesting efforts. To monitor every thought we have would be next to impossible, and with the volume we are dealing with, and the nature of the human mind, some fears, doubts and negativity is bound to slip in here and there. But if we practice just releasing them, and not paying them mind, they will pass more quickly without picking up any extra steam.

It is not really the negative thoughts and feelings that will do us in during these times, it is our resistance to them. When we are fighting them, we are giving them more power, and adding on some extra layers of negativity courtesy of our strong disdain for their presence.

When we ar are focusing on a negative feeling, the worse it will feel. The more we focus on a negative thought, the more negative thoughts we will attract; and the more likely it is the negativity will trickle down into the feeling realm, where we may have previously been feeling relatively good, despite these sorts of thoughts popping in.

Now, there will be times when it is a good idea to examine our negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings more deeply to see what is going on within. There may be some things we need to figure out to really and truly make significant shifts ,and release things, that are not serving us. But, don’t feel so anxious about it. I am talking about the big things that are really pervasive, like deep money worries and the like. You’ll know when it is time to examine and just time to put your focus elsewhere.

Over the years, you have bought into some stuff that is not exactly empowering and positive; your view of yourself may not be super-awesome, and doing a total 180 on all of this by the weekend probably won’t happen, and it doesn’t need to for good things to start coming into your experience.

Attracting things is way easier than we think it is, and it really doesn’t take as much effort as we think…but to get to this point of ‘ease,’ we have to wade through some muddy waters first, and clean some things up vibration-wise. And the more we raise it, the easier things get. The resistance weakens, the negative thoughts and feelings become less frequent and intense, and the beliefs begin to transform.

In Closing….

No matter what is popping up for you, it is serving you somehow. There is something there that will be helpful for you in your manifesting journey. If you have set intentions for what you want, you are moving towards it, even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes. Think of all the great things you may have manifested already, since you started this work and even before. This will shore up your trust, and give you a nice emotional boost. When things aren’t going as great, show yourself some love, and be more accepting of these moments. Being perfect is not a requirement for creating great stuff, always remember that.

Your Turn…

What did you think of this post? Can you relate to any of this ‘ick?’ What part resonated with you the most? Do you have any tips for dealing with any of these issues? Any icky stuff you may be experiencing right now besides these things? How are you dealing with it? Love those comments guys..I learn from you just as you learn from me.


Law of Attraction: 3 Things that May Make You Feel Icky and How to Deal
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21 thoughts on “Law of Attraction: 3 Things that May Make You Feel Icky and How to Deal

  1. The 2nd point is so funny KC and such an ego-driven game. I admire – these days at least 😉 – the folks who manifest with little or no work, the folks who play, detach and let the Universe be the General Manager. These are the smart and wise ones 😉 Great points here!


    1. Hey
      I admire those people too…I am one of them in many ways, and then there are still areas where I still take things a bit too seriously. But, working on it for sure!

  2. Hey Kelli,

    Another amazing insightful post. A couple of things you said resonated with me. One was when you mentioned about maybe you are trying to build an online business. I am doing that but people I come across are not able to understand how I can gain pleasure and satisfaction from it.

    A couple of people I came across recently seemed incredulous that I did not go to classes or belong to groups as they did. I almost started to make excuses for myself but then thought that I do not have to be stimulating myself all the time like they seem to. Sometimes it’s enough to be content to be.

    1. Hi Sandy
      Thanks so much. So glad you enjoyed the post and found it helpful. I think a lot of people can relate to what you are saying about other people not really understanding the whole online thing. While this is certainly more common these days, I think a lot of people don’t see how it can be a legitimate, viable source of income. I love what you said about being content to just be, and do what feels right to you. I am huge on following our intuition and feeling resonance when it comes to deciding whether to pursue a certain tool, product, coach or whatever. If those things don’t feel right, that is not your path to building what you want to build. It is great you are following your heart and going after what you want…that puts you way ahead of the curve already!

  3. Hi Kelli, hope you are enjoying married life (doesn’t feel much different does it?!! but it’s nice to be able to say “my husband”!)
    I am reading a great good at the moment called “Raise your Vibration” which is quite useful for exercises to release negativity.
    I have been at this for several months now, and have brought lots of great manfestations in, but haven’t shifted the biggies yet. I am trying and doing a good job of not letting it bother me, I just tell myself it’s coming, work on releasing resistance and try to be patient. It’s easier to be patient the longer you work with LOA I think. When you start to believe that it’s working out for you, you cut the universe a little slack. The main thing is that I feel so positive and upbeat every day so I know my reality will shift to reflect this any day soon. It may be only gradual as they are pretty big shifts. A big thing for me to forgive things in my past and it’s taken me a long time to get to this point, to realise that there is deeper resistance to let go of.
    I know that resistance pops up, but what do you make of positive things that pop up? What if as you feel better a particular image or feeling pops up that feels fantastic, but you didn’t realise you wanted that? And even though you shift your focus it keeps popping up all the time – if not in your mind, in external things that remind you of it? Is that something that you really want but wouldn’t admit you wanted? or is it something from outside that is prompting you? It’s a rather huge manifestation so it would change my life completely but it has been going on for months and months and I can’t shake it so I just go with it and enjoy the feeling it evokes, but I can’t see right now how it could manifest (although I am open to it manifesting!)

    1. Hey Ms. Bunny
      You are right about doesn’t feel different but it is nice to say ‘husband’ It still feels a bit strange. I agree our patience increases the longer we consciously work with our energy. As time goes on and we bank more ‘proof’ this stuff works, we have more certainty we can get what we want, and the fact we aren’t quite yet a ‘perfect’ match doesn’t bother us as much. And as you have seen, we can still start letting good stuff in, and that makes us happier with how things are now even if not everything we want is in our current reality just yet.

      That is an interesting experience. It certainly is possible that you may have wanted this thing but just didn’t fully realize it. It is easy to get attached to very specific manifestations, but ultimately we want feelings and that can be accomplished in many more ways than we are currently focusing on. It is also possible that as your vibration is raising, you are starting to see greater possibilities for yourself, and this could represent something that you might not have thought possible before, so it appears to have come out of nowhere. Whatever is happening with it, it certainly has a purpose for you right now, and let yourself enjoy the feelings, and you’ll just keep getting stuff that makes you feel that same way, whether it is this thing or something else.

  4. Great post…I really enjoyed your explanations on keeping your overall vibration up and lowering resistance. I do find manifestation much easier and harder than I would have imagined…it’s all about getting out of my own way…and staying there!

    1. Hi Jane
      Thanks so much. So glad you liked it! It is so funny right…it is easy but can be really hard at the same time! The getting out of our own way is the key ingredient for sure.

  5. Hi Kelli,

    Excellent article, as always.

    By the way, I’m going to try to get on that call of yours 🙂 on Monday. I put it on my calendar.

    The law of attraction is ALWAYS working whether we are aware of it or not, or believe it or not, and that is the most hard thing to understand for people who are new to this concept.

    They live a less than desirable life, but they have no idea that they’ve attracted this to them, and you said, mostly unconsciously, of course. Thus their resistance to understand and believe that this is really so.

    It’s so much easier to blame someone or God, right?

    “It is not really the negative thoughts and feelings that will do us in during these times, it is our resistance to them. When we are fighting them, we are giving them more power, and adding on some extra layers of negativity courtesy of our strong disdain for their presence.”

    This is so true. The more we resit bad thoughts and feelings, instead of looking at them in the face and letting them go, the more will give power to them, and they’ll keep manifesting stuff we don’t want.

    Thanks for this very good explanation of the law of attraction.

  6. Hi Kelli, thanks for the post. I also empathise with the second point, it can be so frustrating to think about other people easily manifesting something you’re really struggling with. You think, “Why is it so easy for THEM and not me?!”, lol. But now I try to think how they are different people to me and they probably don’t have the blocks I have. They may have blocks on something else that I find easy. I try to remember that. And like you said, someone may be in a relationship but not be happy with their partner. Or they could have what looks like a great job to you but they don’t enjoy it and wish they did something else.

    Congratulations to you and Ryan on your wedding! 🙂

    1. Hey
      Thanks for your comment and so glad you liked it. It is easy to feel jealous, especially if it seems like they aren’t ‘trying’ like we are. But like you said, we all have different blocks and something might not be an issue for someone like it may be for us. I just do my best to focus on me…jealousy and envy can really mess with our vibe! It may creep in here and there, but anyone practicing LOA deliberately knows all is available to us as well, and that dissipates it. Thanks..we are very happy..had a great day.

      1. Hi Kelli, that’s good advice about doing your best to focus on yourself. It’s hard not to compare yourself to others sometimes but it will help if you see yourself as unique, having your own experience.

        Glad you had a great day! 🙂

        1. Hey
          You are so right about it being hard not to compare ourselves sometimes…this is especially true in the age of social media where we can get the skinny on the lives of dozens of people within minutes! It is helpful for sure when we remember we are all on our own journey, and that we can create whatever we want. As that sinks in more deeply, what other people have doesn’t bother us as much because that feeling of they must be ‘lucky’ or they have something we can’t have lessens a lot.

  7. Thank you so much for this post! It really helped clarify a few things I have been noticing. And congrats on your nuptials! You have a lovely blog!

    My main problem is other people comparing me to others and asking why am I not where I need to be right now, and how I will be old when I get there at the rate I am going. What do you make of that? I grew up that way and I did not pay attention to it and manifested great things, but ever since my discover of LOA, I noticed this. I know they do not matter, but they stir such contempt within me, because I do not bother them at all and they have their own problems. Can’t they just focus on themselves? If everyone did this, the world would be a much better place. Why does it bother me so much anyway?

    I find the less I actually care, the more I manifest, which falls under the resistance thing you touched upon. Yes, it is true, the name of the game is resistance. I see it in others and why they are not manifesting. They are stuck in their beliefs or in society’s, living in denial and it is very clear why they are not getting what they desire. I see and understand that. And I get frustrated in myself, lamenting why I am not where I want to be yet. Feeling good regardless really does help, as I experienced many times before.

    Perhaps I really need to learn to feeling good anyway no matter what someone says to my face. I have become less of a target, so I think things are shifting. But how do you make people shut up? What comes out of the mouth of some is incredible. Are people so low I mean, exiting in a low vibration? How come they are still alive? Shouldn’t they transition already? These are the things that come to mind when I see others have stuff, talk badly and criticize others and still thrive! It makes me mad. you will say it is irrelevant, but how can we not make ourselves crazy other this?

    Oh, and I thought neutral was a good place to be. Well, maybe it is better than a lower vibration, but I see those in a low vibration live just fine. I know I do not really know what is going on with them and I should vibrate love everywhere I go, but I am not a master quite yet, I guess.

    1. Hi K
      So glad you enjoyed the post, and for sharing your experience. When we start consciously working with our energy, that is naturally going to bring to light beliefs and feelings that we may not have realized were there, or we were kind of aware of, but did not realize how strongly we may have held them. And then there is always the issue of becoming overly sensitive to ‘negative’ feelings, thoughts and beliefs because of our work with LOA and getting all anxious about their presence! You are right that the world would be a much better place if everyone just minded their own business and focused on making their little corner of existence the best it can be, but alas, that is a tall order. In an effort to deflect from our own pain, inadequacy or whatever, we set our sights on criticizing and questioning others to make ourselves feel better.

      So, the first step in releasing on that and not letting it bother you as much is to remember that no matter what people are saying or doing to you, it has absolutely nothing to do with you. And the reason it is bothering you so much is because the part of you that may believe there is some truth to their points of views, or is unsure if you will get what you want, is being triggered by their comments. Very few people are 1,000 percent confident in their beliefs and life choices, and have iron-clad faith and trust in the Universe or whatever you want to call it, supporting them and bringing them what they want. So, your response is normal and understandable. But,if you can remember it is all you, that will also make you less angry because you will realize you can’t blame them for making you a feel a certain way. It might be uncomfortable to take ownership of that discomfort, but it is the more empowering stance for sure because that means we are not leaving our emotional state up to outside forces, though that will happen here and there and it just is what it is.

      You definitely want to work on protecting your energy from people and letting it affect you. As you stated, you are experiencing these incidents less frequently, and that definitely means your energy is shifting. Everything we experience is a mirror, and the more confidence you gain in yourself, your belief system,etc..the less you will encounter these types of situations because your energy is reflecting those more negative beliefs less and less. you really can’t make people do anything, unfortunately. You can try talking to certain people and letting them know their criticisms,etc..are unwelcome. You might also work on limiting time with people or steering conversations in different directions. But, ultimately, your best bet is shoring up your own energy..that will change what is being mirrored back to you, and that includes encounters with people.

      It can be frustrating to see people getting all sorts of good things that don’t seem like they are good people, happy people or whatever because we seem to be trying so hard. The ultimate key to manifesting something is lack of resistance and that can exist without necessarily feeling good about a particular area of life. Also, like I mentioned in the post, we don’t know what other people’s manifestations mean to them and what they represent. For example, if money represents happiness to someone, they will wonder how people who aren’t happy manage to get money. But to someone else, money may mean something completely different to them, and has nothing to do with happiness. And, it is also important to remember that most manifestations are not black and white…a whole complex mix of things can go into bringing about a particular manifestation. Ultimately, we have no idea why someone else manifested something, what it means to them, whether they are as ‘fine’ as you perceive them to be,etc. I know it can be hard to do, but really work on focusing on yourself.

      But, for most of us, the feeling good is an important component of manifesting something because the lack of it now is making us feel not good…so something needs to shift energetically. And the feeling good is what brings us manifestations with greater ease. It is what allows in the really big stuff that our logical minds tell us we can’t have because they seem too big.

      And you’re right..neutral can be a great place to be…to me, feeling good is not about manic happiness, but simply feeling a sense of ease, trust and what have you. I imagine that your work with law of attraction is being triggered by a desire to be happy, so just do what you can to achieve that, and you will be amazed at what flows into your experience.

      1. Thank you so much for this wonderful answer.

        Do you think source energy is in itself simple or complex? It may be simple, yet it has done complex things. My understanding is that its creations help it expand and we are here to help it understand itself, because, though it is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, it still lacks perspective, which you would think it would have, yet here we are. I know this is off topic a bit technically, but since it all comes from there, it makes it relevant.

        1. Hey
          You are welcome, I hope you found it helpful. I believe the energy itself is simple, and how manifesting works is simple. But, as far as aligning everything in the way it does, it does seem pretty complex to me! Bringing people together, having you end up in a certain place at a certain time,etc… I too believe that we are all just pieces of the Universe experiencing itself, and that is the point of our existing. One thing that came to mind when talking about this that I wanted to bring up in case it resonated with you, is that this force is neutral, and is like a is all about input and output. So, there is never any sort of judging us, witholding things because we don’t deserve them,etc…I think people can forget that sometimes and get upset thinking that they are being kept from what they want by some force outside themselves.

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