In a recent podcast, you mentioned the only thing we can really do is work inwards and try to figure out what is keeping our energies from attracting what we want deep down. It makes perfect sense but I’m having trouble figuring out how to really do that. All the tools help and I can manifest and affirm all day but I guess when I look inwards and find those blocks, how do I change them to be something that is of positive/ loving energy? This might be a good blog post if others are feeling similarly!

If, according to the law of attraction, our predominant energy is the determining factor in what shows up in our lives, exploring said energy is obviously an important part of the conscious creation equation. We have largely been living on auto-pilot, lacking any true awareness of the content of our inner world, and this is not an option in the world of the deliberate creator.

Our life may just seem random, with no rhyme or reason behind the things that are happening, or not happening. But when we discover a teaching like the law of attraction, what seems random is anything but. We realize the full extent of our belief system, and how much of it is pretty shitty.

The resistance that tends to pop up when we think about what we want reveals to us all the feelings, thoughts, beliefs and perspectives that need tweaking.

We think we can’t have what we want because we are not good enough or because we lack some particular advantage. In order for one thing to manifest, we believe something else must happen first, and if that thing doesn’t seem possible, well, I guess we’re shit out of luck.

We can’t see ‘how’ this thing would come, and when that happens, our mind is very good at convincing us it isn’t possible.

We have all sorts of really messed up beliefs about money, relationships, happiness, and all the other stuff we want, and this makes allowing these elements into our reality infinitely harder than it has to be.

And as painful as these beliefs may be, there is so much ‘evidence’ behind them; and as much as we want to release them, there is a part of us that actually doesn’t want to. Imagine that?

As you do this work, you are going to discover ‘stuff.’ That is a certainty. There is no reason not to have money, relationships, good health and all the other great stuff we crave. So if you don’t have them, something is blocking that.

The good news is, overcoming those blocks is not as hard as we have made it out to be. This is something we have overcomplicated to the point of feeling like it will be impossible to change our tune energetically, and naturally that feels really badly.

The primary culprit is your mind trying to apply its typical logic-and-action-oriented approach to a process that operates on a very different wavelength. It is trying to control something that can’t be controlled.

You Can’t Really ‘Do’ Anything

In the normal course of events, we are very used to having some sort of goal in mind, some sort of result we want to achieve. We then figure out what steps we can take, what processes, what tools we can use.

We get to work, and eventually something happens. We reach the goal. We get the result. It might take awhile. It might not be easy. But eventually something will happen. Some sort of movement or progress.

Creating from a space of energy doesn’t work this way however, but that can take awhile to really sink in. And we carry over this paradigm of ‘doing’ into our manifesting ‘work.’

We think if we ‘do’ the right thing, or if we use tools ‘enough’ eventually we will experience a change in our reality, eventually we will shift the beliefs and feelings that aren’t serving us.

If we are having trouble doing this, we must not have ‘figured’ something out yet. We must not be ‘doing’ something right. We haven’t found the perfect combination of techniques that if employed properly, will ensure the changes we seek, both internally and externally.

And this is when we go on the desperate hunt for information; this is when we start jumping from program to program, hoping the next one will be the ‘one’ that finally helps us overcome our ‘blocks’; this is when we start worrying we have some massive hidden form of resistance we will never, ever uncover and we’re screwed; this is when we start obsessing over getting ‘rid’ of it.

Now this isn’t to say that using different tools and techniques, doing certain exercises, and the like can’t be helpful. They can be extremely so, and often play an important role for many of us, especially in the beginning when we need some sort of framework, something to sink our teeth into, if you will.

I give coaching clients all sorts of stuff to do that I believe will help them explore their own energy more deeply, and specifically ‘target’ their unique issues.

But none of these things can change your energy, or help you transform a block, independent of the most important ingredient, which is…


The biggest problem we have with releasing our ‘blocks’ is simply an unwillingness to release them if we are very, very honest with ourselves. Intellectually we may understand certain beliefs really don’t hold water. It feels good to stop buying into them, and not letting them rule our life any longer. But the process of truly releasing on them can be a bit messy.

We really want to release them, but not so much because we want to be happier, but because we think we ‘must’ do so to get our stuff. But that is a bit off topic.

Anyway, so we work on not believing these things anymore. But what tends to happen is, our reality is not changing as fast as we would like it to, or not in the exact way our mind wants it to.

We get attached to certain outcomes that don’t pan out and we’re disappointed. We get very attached to certain representations of the manifestation–stubbornly declaring this person is THE one, etc…

And this attachment to specifics cuts us off from the natural flow of the manifesting process, and again, we don’t see much movement externally, and the wind continues to get taken out of our energetic sails we are ‘trying’ so hard to maintain.

So our mind continues to buy into appearances; you get all upset the Universe isn’t giving you what you want.

The journey doesn’t look like your mind thinks it will; you constantly misjudge manifestations. And this leads you to conclude the law of attraction doesn’t ‘work’ or because your mind isn’t getting exactly what it wants when it wants it, something must be going ‘wrong.’

And all of this leads you to conclude all the limiting beliefs you have are very, very true–look at all this proof. You didn’t believe you could have what you wanted, and you are ‘right.’ And as painful as these beliefs are, you stubbornly fight for them.

You aren’t really willing to release the beliefs until you get some very powerful evidence to the contrary, until you are given a really good reason to.

But knowing what we now know about how reality is created, we realize the ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’ mentality is very, very problematic.

This inability to look beyond our current circumstances, and what may have happened in the past, is really our number one issue when you really think about it.

Again, no tool or technique can do anything ‘for’ you independent of your energy and intentions. That you are still struggling with a block does not mean you are doing something ‘wrong’ or you haven’t found the ultimate technique yet, and until you do, you will continue to struggle.

All it means is you are choosing to still believe this belief, this view of yourself, this perspective.

It is a choice to believe you are not good enough because your abusive father told you so.

It is a choice to believe you can’t make a lot of money because you have been poor all your life.

It is a choice to believe life has to be hard, and you must suffer and strain to get what you want because that is what makes you deserving of it.

It is a choice to believe it is hard to manifest money.

It is a choice to believe you should keep the secure job you have rather than striking out on your own and starting the business of which you have always dreamed.

It is a choice to believe since you have always struggled with your business that you will continue to in the future.

It is a choice to believe that you must live your life a certain way because the religion in which you were raised ,or your parents, dictated this is so, even if you don’t necessarily agree.

It is a choice to believe everyone else’s happiness and needs matter more than your own.

It is a choice to not do what you want to do because you can’t get over the hurdle of caring too much what others think of you.

It is a choice not to do certain things because you have given into someone’s guilt trip

The thing we have to remember though about this choice is that it isn’t a one and done deal. It is a choice we will usually have to consciously make over and over again as the ‘illusion’ in which we find ourselves will never lack for compelling evidence that calls this choice into question.

And each time you make that choice, you give power to the energy that will serve you, that will support you, that will open to door to all the great stuff life has to offer.

Each time you make that choice, you make space for manifestations that ‘prove’ there is something to the beliefs that will serve you better.

The Foundation for Making These Choices

As a fellow human, I get it can be hard to believe things for which we don’t have a lot of evidence for in our own personal experience.

We can read inspirational stories all day long about people who went from being homeless to a millionaire, who walked away from the job they hated and built their dream business, who turned their struggling businesses around seemingly overnight, who managed to find their soulmate after years and years of failed relationships or a divorce that emotionally shredded them.

And there might be that spark of hope these things are possible for us too, but our mind is always very good at detailing why we would be the exception, why it isn’t possible for us. All it focuses on is the struggle, the failure, the lack.

All it knows is what has already happened; it has drawn firm conclusions about how the world works and what is possible for you, and it won’t budge.

This work definitely takes a good deal of faith (that we have the ability to believe in what can’t be seen or ‘proven’ is not an accident), and like I mentioned before, a very strong willingness to look beyond what is right in front of your face, which is simply the result of past energies playing out.

This is where your feelings come in. Your feelings are a powerful guide that can steer you towards truth, and away from untruth.

There is a reason it feels really good to think you do have a say in your reality, that you are loved and supported, that infinite possibility is a real thing, not just something that sounds nice.

These things are TRUE.

There is a reason all the thoughts opposite these feel badly. They are FALSE.

If we are willing to run with this idea, what begins to happen is you start weighing all your ‘crap’ against these better-feeling perspectives, and you realize these things simply aren’t true.

Yes, the ‘crap’ may SEEM very true, and your mind will happily pull up a catalog of experiences to validate any individual belief; but if we remember the energy came first, and then the manifestation, we can more easily dismiss this ‘proof.’

Again, this is a process. This dismissal is something you will have to do over and over again.

And like I said earlier, even just a willingness to not believe these things anymore opens up enough energy to allow in manifestations that will help validate the more ‘positive’ beliefs, and you move from buying in on theory to buying in because you have proof in your own personal experience, and these perspectives no longer seem like such a stretch.

This was the real clincher for me. Yes, I did programs and got great insights. I found tools and techniques with which I resonated, and they helped facilitate these shifts. But like you may have experienced, I still felt I wasn’t making as much progress as I wanted.

I felt I still had these ‘blocks.’ And I finally realized the true key to changing them was this choice to not believe them anymore, this best effort at not believing them. I realized I really wasn’t making this choice as fiercely and consistently as was required of me.

I realized I was still buying into outside appearances and using them as an excuse to keep believing the things that didn’t feel good, to not take actions and make decisions that might have been beneficial.

When I decided to trust my intuitive pull towards this view of the world that felt really good, and consciously choose to reject all that didn’t gel with that, this ‘work’ became so much easier. Manifesting no longer seemed like this complicated thing we are tasked with ‘figuring out’ in order to see changes.

It really started to click that manifesting was truly about what I was ‘being.’ It wasn’t a result of what I was ‘doing.’ It wasn’t a result of ‘asking’ for something and then hoping the Universe would ‘give’ it to me. It wasn’t a result of actively ‘wanting’ something and focusing all my attention on it, trying to ‘will’ it into existence.

I know our process-and-action-oriented mind thinks it all boiling down to choice seems too simple. But it really is that simple. It might not always be ‘easy’ but inherently, it isn’t supposed to be hard.

It likes the idea of being able to control things, of taking certain steps, knowing it will lead to some desired result. But it just doesn’t work that way. This is a good thing, even if it doesn’t seem like it to your mind. This way is a lot easier, if we are willing to believe it can be easy.

Make Peace with the Blocks

Our resistance really isn’t the biggest problem once we begin the journey of conscious creation. Yeah, sure, we have beliefs that don’t serve us, views of ourselves that don’t serve us, and we need to transform them.

But the real problem is, upon discovering this is the true root of our issues–not luck, not our family upbringing,etc…–is we develop a great deal of resistance to our resistance, knowing this is what is ‘messing’ everything up for us.

We want our stuff, and we are told we need to get rid of these ‘blocks’ to get it, and we want to accomplish this as quickly as possible so we can get what we want, what we believe to be the key to our happiness.

And when that doesn’t seem to be happening, we start really pushing against these energies. We desperately ‘try’ to get rid of them, to force them out, to cement their opposites more strongly so that energy can become dominant.

But it can’t become dominant because we are trying to ‘force’ this energy. We are not cultivating it simply for the sake of feeling better, but to get something else. And when we are doing it from that space, it really can’t take root because it’s not genuine.

You have blocks. Of course you do. The way our mind operates, we can’t help but formulate all sorts of limiting beliefs about ourselves and how the world works. Our mind is working with a very limited set of data that it uses to draw very powerful, damaging conclusions that won’t disappear overnight.

If you can make peace with them, realize they are going to be floating through your mind at least every now and again, that you probably won’t be able to just break them apart in the span of a weekend, you will be heading off the truly problematic energy–the energy that builds up as we resist these thoughts, as we try to suppress and deny them, as as we try to pile some ‘positive’ stuff on top of them, hoping that will be sufficient to manifest something different, as we desperately ‘try’ to change them, as we obsess over what we can ‘do’ to get rid of them.

They will transform so long as you make the choice to transform them. Even a little bit of movement in the ‘right’ direction changes your point of attraction, so this means you don’t have to create a whole new belief system from scratch before you start to see changes.

Perfection is not required, thank God, or we would all be in big trouble.

Your Turn

What did you think? Anything resonate in particular? What has helped you transform your blocks?