If the law of attraction states our experience is determined by our thoughts, beliefs and feelings, are we messing things up for ourselves every time we are not in a state of total trust, happiness and alignment?

Thank God the answer is a big, fat NO! This post was inspired by a great question from one of my readers:

What do you think happens to positive energy and momentum when you have a bad day (you feel depressed and pessimistic for whatever reason).  I understand that all you can do is feel better when you are able, but if you’ve maintained optimism, joy, excitement consistently for a long time, do you start over at square one in manifesting once you get back on track after having a bad day (or few days) or do you resume where you left off?  

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And now back to the post…

The reason I loved this question so much is it perfectly illustrates how we totally over-think the LOA and our tendency to get obsessed with monitoring and analyzing how we feel, and how this just makes manifesting exponentially harder than it needs to be.

Yes, to be more deliberate in creating our experience, we do have to gain a greater awareness of how we are feeling, that is without question. We do have to work on cultivating more trust in the process and not focus so much on what we don’t like now, and try to create from that space of resisting our current reality.

We do have to work on shifting beliefs that aren’t serving us and have a willingness to feel better now, even if all the ‘stuff’ we want isn’t here yet.

But this doesn’t mean that you must work on being in a state of joy every second of the day or you’re screwed. This doesn’t mean denying and suppressing unpleasant emotion, because you think it’s bad or wrong to be feeling it, or that acknowledging it means bringing more unwanted things to you because you are being ‘negative.’

Energy and Manifesting are Complex When You Think About It

The teachings of the law of attraction are pretty simple when you think about it—in a nutshell, your inner world determines your outer experience.

Our ‘vibration’ is a collection of our thoughts, beliefs and feelings. The more ‘positive’ said thoughts, beliefs and feelings are, the more ‘positive’ things we will attract.

But when you think about how manifestation actually works—the core mechanism that is bringing us the experiences, encounters, ideas and inspirations, there is a whole bunch of stuff at play that we can’t even come close to understanding.

What makes you walk down the street you never walk down and then you meet your future husband?

What brought you and the person next to you on the plane together, who ends up delivering you a huge new client?

What was going on that, after you just lost your job, you run into an old friend you hadn’t seen in a decade, who works in recruiting, and says he has the perfect job for you?

When you think of all the beliefs you have amassed over your life, the tens of thousands of thoughts you think a day, and the variety of feelings you have about everything you could have a feeling about, there’s a lot of stuff going on in your energy field.

Luckily, to manifest a reality that is more to our liking, we just have to work on the ‘good’ stuff being predominant. When you think about it, it really couldn’t be any other way. To think we can achieve some state where all our beliefs are ‘positive,’ and we never have negative thoughts or feelings, seems kind of insane, no?

I know many people are convinced there are these hidden beliefs fucking with them, and that is why they aren’t manifesting, but more likely than not, the ‘saboteurs’ are fairly obvious and on the surface—we just don’t realize how much resistance we really have, and we swear up and down we are happy, trusting and all that good stuff, when we’re really not.

So given the complexity of our ‘vibration’ it stands to reason that having a bad day, being upset about something, having doubt creep in here and there, does not just ‘cancel out’ any positive momentum you may have built.

The Universe didn’t ‘forget’ what you wanted because you slipped up and weren’t all happy and shiny, and positively focused on what you want.

You don’t have to restate intentions, or go stare at your vision board intently for the next two hours to re-activate your desire.

Think Back to Before You Knew About the LOA

Ah, such a simpler time right? Seriously though, before you had any idea that you could consciously create your reality, before you started to more deeply examine your belief system, before you started working more consciously with your energy, I am sure you manifested plenty of good things.

It is easy to forget that the law of attraction is not some sort of tool you can use, but rather a way of explaining how our reality is created on the most core level. You have been manifesting this whole time, you just weren’t doing it as consciously and deliberately.

You likely had all sorts of beliefs that served you quite well, and you got lots of things you wanted without ‘trying’ to get them. You weren’t setting any intentions, you weren’t doing affirmations. You simply didn’t have any major resistance, so this stuff was able to show up.

Again, this kind of goes back to the complexity of our vibration and its contents. Manifesting is not an all or nothing proposition where you must believe one belief one million percent with all your heart, and totally not believe the opposite one iota, in order for certain things to come into your life.

Now that you know what’s up, you can truly begin to do what you came here to do—create all sorts of great stuff.

It’s What You’re Feeling, Not What You’re Doing

My interpretation of this part of the question ”do you start over at square one in manifesting once you get back on track after having a bad day (or few days) or do you resume where you left off?’‘ is that awesome reader is referring to the ‘work’ she may be engaging in to manifest.

Perhaps affirmations, visualizing, setting intentions, and what have you. And I cannot address this without bringing up something I have brought up many times before—manifesting is about what you are being, not what you are doing.

We don’t have to ‘do’ anything to manifest—our inner world is what creates our experience.

But obviously, we may feel at a loss as to how we go about shifting that inner world, and tools, techniques, programs and what have you, serve a very important purpose. We are navigating new territory and we need some help.

The programs, for example, can provide very helpful information, give us new perspectives, and provide a variety of tools with which we can experiment. When we pick a program that really resonates, we’ll probably get some awesome results.

When we engage with our tools and techniques, we are giving ourselves permission to focus positively, and in those moments, we are not so entrenched in ‘what is.’ When we use our tools, it can help build that positive momentum.

But it is so, so, add a million more ‘so’s’ crucial you understand that this is not what creates your reality.

These tools and techniques are useful in that they help you feel better—they are a means to an end. Technically you don’t have to do any of those things, but again, pretty much all of us will need them to help us along the path, especially in the beginning.

Tools can also be helpful because our mind likes we are ‘doing’ something to manifest—it is very uncomfortable with this idea that action is not what creates.

It is very used to action being the driving force behind creating our experience, and it has an expectation that taking action ensures some sort of result. And anytime we can get our mind to shut up, we’re certainly moving things along.

But the actual ‘work’ won’t change your reality if said ‘work’ isn’t causing any real shift in your energy, because it is your energy that creates.

Our tendency to place such a heavy emphasis on tools is due to our mind naturally trying to take an intellectual approach to manifesting—action equals results. If I do enough, something will eventually happen.

So, again, tools are super-helpful; the rituals can be wonderful. But just be sure you see them for what they are. Make sure you do ones that resonate and feel good to you. Don’t make yourself do them because you think that is what creates.

So, that’s my thoughts on that question…I hope it provided some satisfactory answers.

Your Turn…

What did you think of this post? Do you too worry that a bad day or just not feeling happy in general messes everything up for you? Would you add anything to the advice I gave? Looking forward to your thoughts as always.