Podcast #203: Law of Attraction: The Personal Growth Journey is Not the Purview of the Mind

How our mind functions serves us well in many respects. Rational, logical thought is where it’s at when it comes to dealing with many areas of our life, solving many challenges we face in our day to day life.

But when it comes to the journey of personal growth, energetic transformation, embracing a more spiritual existence–not so much.

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Podcast #203: Law of Attraction: The Personal Growth Journey is Not the Purview of the Mind
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4 thoughts on “Podcast #203: Law of Attraction: The Personal Growth Journey is Not the Purview of the Mind

  1. You’re right, no matter how we rationally look at everything, intuition is superior to rationality and logic or the spirit (universal intuition) is superior to all other “rational stuff”.

    On a note: The one thing I have always lived by is universal intuition both consciously and unconsciously. I realize that this reality has gotten a bad rap on many levels, with silly terms like “it’s just women’s intuition” or “that”s a strange man” and stuff like that. After all, real reality is universal intuiton, not limited logic at all. Limited logic is the fantasy world, reality is infinitely broader when really gotten.

    Have a good’n & universal blessings to you Kelli.

    1. Hi Joshua
      Thanks for your wonderful comment and I love what you said about the realm of logical thinking being the ‘fantasy’ That is so true! Most of what we take to be as ‘truth’ is actually total illusion

  2. Hello Kelli, :)))

    like a high sensitive person, this is the path I have choosen to tske. To listen to my feelings and intuition.
    Even though a lot of times I’m not sure whether the feelings i get are projected by my fears or pure intuition. Cuz I believe not all feelings we get from our intuition will be positive.
    My question is do you have any recommendation about how to develope more our intuition, how to recognize that it is it and not some kind of unrealistic fear or delusion ?

    Thank you in advance 🙏🏻😊


    1. Hi Sandy
      The first thing I would say is not trying too hard at doing this…it creates a lot of pressure to ‘perfectly’ interpret things and we create a layer of static that makes it feel even harder to listen. We come at this work with a great need to ‘control’ everything and make sure we are doing everything ‘right’ to ensure we get what we want and that just makes it all more difficult. As you start detaching more from the surface level ‘feelings’ that arise from our mind chatter, don’t get as sucked into feelings of fear, anxiety, feel less detached from things you want, you start to sink more deeply into yourself and you can recognize the feelings that comprise our ‘intuition’ and our inner knowing. You might find certain tools or techniques help you accomplish this but that is something that is very individualized. Generally speaking, many people find meditation helpful since the whole purpose is quieting the mind.

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