Today I’m happy to bring you some manifesting wisdom from the husband Ryan, who has great insights to share as always…

Kelli invited me to write a guest post for her blog.

OK; I pretty much have an open invite.

Every day I receive 1-3 feature or interview requests from various bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

I often see 30 to 50 Google Plus social engagement alerts every day.

100 plus Facebook alerts every 1-2 days.

DEFINITELY 100 plus retweets and faves on Twitter daily.

I’m not at the 100 plus comments I used to get on old blog posts but we’re at 20 to 30 for most new posts, and we’re getting there to the century mark, again.

Doing some serious clearing over the last 2 months around ideas like money, success, and all that good stuff has allowed a steady flow of neat opportunities into my life.

Just this past weekend I was featured on both Fox News and Entrepreneur Dot Com.

I created and released a new blogging course for bloggers who want to get featured on world famous blogs.

Life is sweet.

Hell, life has always been as sweet as a bizarre Thai sweet treat.

My perspective/energy shifted a bit so I can see that now.

But a sometimes peculiar terror yanks at my consciousness, my Monkey Mind screaming like a chimp on a steroids and Crystal Meth cocktail….or, my Monkey Mind acting like a little songbird flitting nervously from branch to brand.

It says/screams:

“Damn it Ryan! Now you got all this responsibility to deal with, along with the freedom!!!

What are you gonna do next!! It’s too much work!!!”

To folks getting 3 visits a day on their blogs (like I used to, 8 years ago), you may want to reach through your laptop/mobile device and slap me in the face.

I get it.

No pity party for me.

But as Kelli has noted before on her blog, when you level up energy-wise you will be able to more deeply explore stuff you’d been ignoring for your entire life.

For me, the idea of increased responsibility – even when I genuinely enjoy most if not all of what I do online – and increased interactions with spirits in meat suits is fun, exciting, enjoyable, and sometimes, creates a feeling of terror and panic in me.

I mean, the terror feeling lasts for like, seconds, but I’ve woken at night with RMS – Racing Mind Syndrome – feeling I need to email someone or say “No” to opps or say “Yes” to opps or, I don’t even know sometimes.

This is a very human trait: fearing when you level up because even though you’re being a freer person you’re also doing slightly uncomfortable things at times.

I wanted to explore this sometimes terrifying fear of leveling up and facing greater freedom and responsibility and give you tips to handle the energies, so you don’t find yourself resisting growth, freedom and….happiness.

1: Celebrate Leveling Up

As mentioned before, 8 years ago I got 3 visits a day to my blog. And 2 visitors were crickets.

As of this past weekend I get more than 3 visitors every day (not a big metrics guy), and I’ve been featured on:

Richard Branson’s Virgin blog



Fox News

Huffington Post (which is about as 180 from Fox News as one can get)

Neil Patel Dot Com

NYU (well, I cyber spoke at NYU, but you get the drift)

That’s pretty damn sweet. And I’m really damn grateful to land features in some renowned spots.

Celebrate leveling up. If you’re seeing your high energy intent beginning to manifest in any area of your life – romantic, business, school, whatever – dance around like a hyper sensitive person being attacked by fire ants (save the agony).

Linking the idea of leveling up with a celebration instead of dread creates a different energy in your being. You’ll be happy to filter opportunities, to take on different tasks and to connect with more folks when you feel the benefits of vibing higher.

2: Understand this: YNGIAD

You’ll Never Get It All Done.

At 10:23 PM in NYC I’m writing this blog post for my wife, for you, and yeah, I guess for me too.

Joking; I’m writing because it’s fun and feels good, and because I know my feel good fun post can connect with you, if you vibe with this information now.

I have about 14 other things on the docket from submitting a blogging course to a site, to promoting my newly released blogging course through a guest post or 2, to my free eBook Friday post, to….other stuff.

Even though I may feel a pang of anxiety here and there I know: I’ll never get it all done.

The second I recall that concept my anxiety or terror dissolves into peace and calm, in the moment.

Do you feel overwhelmed by opportunity after an energetic breakthrough?

Feel the panic, then remind yourself that since you’ll never get it all done, anyway, all you can do is BE relaxed, calm, grateful and in the moment, so you can calmly select opps resonant with you and so you can step by step, peacefully move through resonant, fun tasks in orderly fashion.

3: Focus on What Matters; i.e. What Feels Most Fun to You

Right now, I have most fun writing.

So I write 2 posts weekly for my blog and 3-4 guest posts on other blogs. Mainly the Huffington Post and Blogging Tips Dot Com.

Not only do I enjoy writing but it’s darn easy for me to write and edit and publish a post.

Fish in a barrel type easy.

Since leveling up I am often stalked like a tasty farang pretty boy being hunted by Thai lady boy prostitutes in Bangkok (happened to me, long story), by bloggers who want to either feature me or who ask me to write guest posts for them.

Features are easy; 2 to 5 minute and I’m done in most cases. Or I’ll set aside 30 to 60 minutes for an interview. No sweat.

But the guest post requests reached a point where I must decline many.

I have fun writing 4 to 6 blog posts weekly.

I would NOT have fun writing 10 to 20 blog posts weekly.

So I stick to my fun routine: 2 posts on Blogging From Paradise weekly, and 3-4 on Huff Post and BT.

I may write an extra 1-2 posts but over a 2-3 week period.

I say YES to what’s fun and release virtually all other opps.

4: Realize it’s a Con Game

Leveling up induced terrors are con games, created by ego, to keep you comfy and miserable.

Last week I felt inspired to create a blogging course.

With the initial flood of excitement I also felt deep fears around how the course would do, sales-wise, and if people would like it

On analyzing these initial fears I saw my Monkey Mind saying:

“Ya know ya jerk, you let this awesome, inspired idea in but if you act on it you may actually have fun putting the course together, help bloggers and you will open another income stream in the process.”

When you put it *that* way, mind, you make it easy to see the con game in action.

When you vibe higher, you will experience greater freedom and responsibility.

Monkey Mind may hate both. If it was used to being bound, and being lazy.

Don’t worry; it’s fun to be freer, and to do fun things that prosper you and others.

5: Change Your Definition of Responsibility

I almost piddled in my cyber pants any time I leveled up in the past.

This meant more WORK! I hate WORK!

Turns out, when you adopt an energetic definition of “responsibility”, you become a kid in a candy shop because you get to pick and choose tasks/activities which vibe with you.

More responsibility no mean more work.

More responsibility means more opportunities to choose from.

The more you level up you can even do things like my man Gordon Gekko from Wall Street, when he was talking to Bud Fox about the opp old Buddy Boy brought to him.

His quote: “I get 100 business deals each day. I choose one.”

As you level up you get a chance to practice energetic discernment, picking and choosing only what feels fun to you.

And as the opps increase, so does your clarity.

More responsibility don’t sound too bad now, does it?

6: Be More. Do Less.

Double down on energy work.

Meditate. Do EFT tapping. Hop into an icy cold shower (speak to your doctor first, popsicle).

Or if you feel like doing absolutely nothing, so absolutely nothing for a day or 2. Or, just listen to your intuition to get a time frame on the Doing Nothing Bit.

The more you’re BEING the person, DOING largely vanishes. Meaning, you will likely engage in fewer actions as you’re BEING, but more than that, even when you do act, the Universe will be leasing your meat suit, and you’ll do stuff on auto pilot.

Kinda like me writing this post.

35 minutes in and I’m near 1,500 words. All in flow. Didn’t know where the time went.

“I am but a small pencil in the hand of a writing God.” ~ Mother Theresa

Follow your fun.

Follow your fun.

Follow your fun.

Level up. Follow your fun.

When you’re just being, the doing slowly vanishes and the Universe seeks out its greatest joy through you.

Or you’ll be in flow more frequently throughout the day.

All because as you’re leveling up, you’re learning to be in the moment more often, and to be out of the moment, less frequently.


Your Turn

How do you deal with the terror of leveling up?

What tips can you add to this list?

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