Law of Attraction: When the Path Calls for ‘Risky’ Decisions


Hi Kelli! How do you feel about risks? For me, I hate my job and I can’t seem to feel better about it, no matter how hard I try. But I feel like, if I quit, I would feel so much better! I do have 2 side businesses where I can make some money, but the risk is still pretty big. Do you think it’s worth it?

For most of us, living our most authentic life, and doing the things we really want to do–particularly professionally–will likely involve some sort of ‘risk’ in that we don’t having any way of knowing how it will turn out, how people in our lives will respond to our choices and revelations. 

We can’t guarantee things turn out exactly the way the mind wants them to, that we will get exactly what the mind wants–when this happens by the way, this by no means indicates something went ‘wrong.’ 

The bottom line is: if you are unhappy in some aspect of your life, and changing it involves doing something the mind perceives as ‘risky’ that is just par for the course. Something only feels ‘risky’ if there is fear involved, and the mind is full of it, about everything, all the time.

If you are happy within your comfort zone, and your life now, then it’s all good and no need to fix what isn’t broken. But if you’re not, gotta roll the dice and see what happens, if you are serious about living your best life. 

No matter what, things will be ‘okay’ in that so long as you are energetically aligned with certain outcomes, they will materialize in some form–though you have to be open to what that looks like. We have to be willing to do the inner work that gets us in alignment since we probably aren’t naturally there right now.

We have to develop a different perspective on obstacles and challenging situations–when we see how everything serves us, we feel a lot less resistance to these experiences; we know if certain things we fear may come to pass actually do, it will be fine regardless, and we will proceed as planned. 

What Are You ‘Risking?’

We believe something is ‘risky’ when we are not guaranteed any specific outcome we think needs to happen in order to consider the decision a ‘success.’ We think something is ‘risky’ if we fear some ‘need’ won’t be met if things don’t work out. We know there may be potentially unwanted outcomes that would be very upsetting to the mind, and we are taking a’risk’ by moving forward anyway. 

All our resistance usually boils down to fear of some kind. We fear if we make a certain choice, we will get criticized. We fear if we start a business that doesn’t succeed we will waste a lot of money. We fear we will make a decision, realize it was the wrong one, and that it’s too late to reverse course. We fear if we reveal something about ourselves to a certain person, they will reject us.

In this instance, the ‘risk’  seems to be the other professional endeavors won’t succeed and she won’t make the money she needs. She is giving up a sure thing for something that isn’t so sure. 

Diving into fear is a non-negotiable for the growth-oriented person who really wants to get somewhere with all this ‘work’; it is even more important for anyone consciously working on their ‘energy’ to align with more desired circumstances in their life. Fear is the most dominant energy we have because the delusional thinking of the mind has created all sorts of core beliefs that makes us feel very fearful of pretty much everything all the time.

So in your given situation, what do you see as ‘risky?’ What scares you about the choice? What sort of resistance does it bring up? What trains of thought is the mind hopping on when thinking about doing whatever it is you’re thinking about doing? What are you ‘risking’ the loss of?

Knowing what you know about energy, your creative power, how the Universe supports you and all that jazz, are these fears truly valid? 

Even if these things were to happen, is the narrative, the story you are telling now about these outcomes, some objective truth about what it would all mean? 

Are the ‘bad’ things actually truly ‘bad’ or just ‘bad’ because your mind doesn’t find them acceptable for some reason?

Would these things happening spell absolute doom for you? Or are these experiences an opportunity to explore what energies may be getting mirrored back to you, an opportunity to tweak energies that need to be tweaked to reach your ultimate goal, to get you into alignment? 

Would you be willing to consider that whatever transpires was exactly what was supposed to happen and it all fits into a bigger plan that you can’t see? 

Questioning our mind’s narratives, beliefs, perspectives, and the willingness to look at things differently, is where it all starts.

Getting Our Energetic Ducks in a Row

With our typical conditioning, we see action as the root of creation, and the first step in the process. But as we gain a greater understanding of energy, we come to understand it should be the last step, as action is a manifestation of energy.

Everything we do is driven by something internally, and the space from which we act will have a huge impact on the results of said actions. 

Preparing ourselves energetically is always a good idea, especially when we are making bolder moves, when we are doing things that trigger a lot of discomfort, when we are making choices where we believe the stakes are really high. 

Now, if we don’t do that energetic ‘prep work’ and make a decision impulsively, or from a space where we are really being driven by resistance to where we are now, it’s not ‘wrong.’ We really can’t make mistakes in that way I believe.  In some cases, you may feel you have no choice but to act quickly. 

Things will be fine no matter what —so long as we choose to believe this is so–but the road may be bumpier because the energy wasn’t as ‘clean’ going into the game and a lot more ‘stuff’ may come up. And we must be willing to deal with it or we can really slow things down or stagnate completely. 

But if a potential decision is bringing up a lot of fear, and triggering a lot of our limiting beliefs, and limitations in thinking, it would behoove us to do a bit of work on that before moving forward. 

If we are thinking of quitting our job for example, without something new lined up, or to start some entrepreneurial venture, and we have major ‘ick’ around money, quitting without doing any work on that would probably trigger it hugely, especially if we have limited savings. 

But if we explored that a bit before quitting, we would go into this new and uncharted phase of our journey, with a bit more vibrational ‘stability.’ The more trust and faith we manage to muster up in the process, and in these teachings, before acting, the better. This doesn’t mean ‘stuff’ still won’t come up–it almost certainly will–but it is easier to deal with, even when it is more intense. 

If You Can’t Move Forward

If we decide we can’t stomach the uncertainty, we aren’t up to the task of doing the inner work, and dealing with our shit, and we are just going to stay put, that is a totally valid option. 

If we personally believe doing as we wish is ‘wrong’ or ‘irresponsible’ in some way, that is our prerogative without a doubt.

 If we decide pursuing the path we wish to pursue may not be worth potential repercussions, and we are just going to plug along in a job we don’t like, hide some aspect of our identity or not live our ‘truth’ in some way, we get to do whatever we want. 

But then it is absolutely imperative we realize we are making a conscious choice and accept total ownership of it.  We must accept our life may not change very much because we are unwilling to do most of the things that would make that change possible.

Owning our choices in these instances makes it infinitely easier to deal with things we don’t like since we realize we have decided not to do anything about it.

We ease a lot of suffering that comes from the mind’s typical MO in these instances–blaming something outside of you, wrongly convincing you that you are being forced to do something you don’t want to do because you have no choice but to acquiesce to beliefs about what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ ‘appropriate’ or ‘inappropriate’ inherent in religion, culture, social convention and other outside influences. 

The idea we don’t have any agency, and we are being forced to do things that make us unhappy create all sorts of toxic emotions, particularly bitterness, anger and resentment. But when we recognize we’re consciously choosing to do things that make us unhappy because the alternative is unacceptable in some way, we really won’t feel those things as much anymore. 

But I imagine this isn’t the route most of you want to take. Some of the choices you want to make may not be feasible in this immediate moment and you just have to let certain things play out first–put the focus within, which is where it always needs to be first anyway. 

There may be choices you just honestly aren’t ready to make yet, and that’s okay. You have to commit to exploring why you feel that way, and start laying the groundwork. 

There may be uncomfortable conversations that need to be had and it might take a bit to muster up the courage–that’s okay. Just be sure you are moving towards that. 

We must accept we may never feel 100 percent in alignment, that we may never feel 100 percent ready, to make these hard choices without an ounce of resistance. We will have to ‘shit or get off the pot’ at some point. We will have to move forward in spite of the fear, and other ‘ick,’ and become comfortable with the discomfort, understanding it will be triggered a lot. That’s okay…that happens to everyone. 

This journey isn’t inherently supposed to be hard; you are not being asked to ‘earn’ your happiness, and good fortune, through arduous personal growth work or great suffering. 

This is all so challenging because of the ego/mind and we just have to accept this is something we need to deal with. 

It has strong resistance to all these ideas meant to make your life better, and fights you on embracing them in a real way. It has a lot of tendencies-wanting to control things, fear of the unknown, comfort with our pain, etc…–that make it hard for us to get ‘in the flow’ and act in our own best interest. 

Accepting something might feel hard at times makes it a lot less harder! 

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Law of Attraction: When the Path Calls for ‘Risky’ Decisions
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2 thoughts on “Law of Attraction: When the Path Calls for ‘Risky’ Decisions

  1. Whenever I feel like my decision requires more risk than necessary, all I do is think of the positive outcome it may bring. It helps me not to waste time in overthinking and focus on the good result. At the end of the day, if you succeed, it serves as a win, and if you fail, it serves as a lesson.

    1. Hi Destiny
      Thanks so much for your comment and insight. You are so right…no matter the result, we benefit!

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