Harnessing the power of the law of attraction to its fullest does require us to get more comfortable with letting our feelings guide us, with following our intuition.

When we let our feelings guide us, we are proceeding from a place of alignment. When something feels right, it means that following that feeling is going to open up something beneficial for us, like a helpful insight or lead to some sort of encounter or opportunity.

When we heed our intuition, we are tapping into the wisdom of our inner being, who is one smart cookie.

Our feelings are our guidance system, and when we feel good, we are in alignment, when we feel badly we aren’t.

When we act from a space that feels right, or take an action that we have a strong intuitive pull to take, we are acting from a space of alignment, from inspiration. Inspired action has a lot of leverage behind it.

When we make choices from that place of deeper knowing this is the right choice, even if we are not sure why we feel that way, we are moving towards something of benefit.

Sometimes these choices and actions feel super-light and there is no doubt; you are eager to move forward.

But sometimes, these inspirations may not be so ‘clean.’ You feel that pull, a part of you may be excited, but at the same time, it may feel very uncomfortable because it may involve elements that you’re not so sure about, it may involve stepping really far outside your comfort zone.

You may be wondering then, if it is in fact the appropriate action or choice—after all, if it was, shouldn’t it feel totally good and right?

Not necessarily. It’s great when it plays out like that because we love situations where we don’t have to contend with any yucky questioning, doubt, fear and what have you.

We love it when we feel fully confident in doing something—most of us are not very comfortable dealing with uncertainty. We like the idea of something being ‘easy’ and uncomplicated.

This post was inspired by something that happened recently in my own life—I felt very pulled towards something I would typically dismiss. Based on some issues I had been pondering, changes I wanted to make,etc…I knew I was being presented with an opportunity.

Doing Something I Normally Wouldn’t Do…

As many of you know, Ryan and I do housesitting—it’s a great opportunity to go to places I might not go otherwise and even though we don’t need to do it for financial reasons, who doesn’t love a good bargain? And what better bargain is there than getting to live somewhere totally free?

Because we run online businesses, solid, reliable internet at the house is always an absolute must, meaning we would never consider an assignment where this wasn’t available. We want to be able to get online anytime we want and for as long as we want.

So, it came as a surprise to me that I felt pulled to apply to an assignment where there was no internet available and on top of that…no electricity. An assignment that was for two whole months to boot. We’ll be starting the beginning of December.

The house is in the rainforest but we are not totally isolated.. a couple of towns are within a few miles of the house and we can get there by bike or bus. We can get online there to check emails, upload blog posts and what not. There is the beach, restaurants and civilization. I’m not looking to totally put everything on hold and withdraw from the world. So that softened it a bit for me.

There is a community center near by where we can charge devices and should be able to get cell service, which means we may be able to get some sort of internet with a wi-fi stick, but no guarantees.

Ryan and I had been talking a lot lately about surrender and trusting more; about doing less and really aligning our energy and doing some deeper spiritual work.

And when I opened my email that day, I knew I had to apply for this assignment, an assignment I never would have considered previously. We had set those intentions and here was an opportunity to put our money where our mouth is, if you will.

I just had a feeling we would get picked and I guess I was right. The man sounds really cool—a very spiritual person. Maybe my LOA-themed blog stacked the odds in our favor!

It is a beautiful property with a waterfall and teeming with wildlife such as howler monkeys and toucans. The owner said the land is very sacred and lots of powerful energy there. We will be taking care of four Rhodesian Ridgebacks and that will be so much fun…I love animals.

Excited but Nervous…

I am excited for this opportunity but there is a lot of apprehension as well. I spend a lot of time on the internet—not just for business stuff, but watching TV shows,surfing the web,etc…

Like most people, I probably rely on it a bit too much. One of my favorite do-nothing activities is watching funny TV shows or stand up because laughter is a great vibe-booster.

Depending on whether I get a decent connection near that community center, I may need to put my phone coaching on hold while I’m there. It might not be feasible to conduct sessions in public spaces like cafes and what not, in the nearby towns.  So, if you have been feeling the pull to book a session with me, might want to jump on that soon.

Pulling away from business can always be uncomfortable for people, primarily because it brings up money stuff, which we all have to some degree. I’ll still be able to do my email coaching no problem though.

Being somewhere without electricity should be interesting. Did I mention there is no indoor bathroom but an outhouse?

I know how I am, and I am sure there will be times when I will get very frustrated. There will be times when I’m bored. There will be lots of time to think and feel, and sometimes it will make me feel like I’m going to go crazy.

There will be limited distractions and I’ll just have to ‘be’ with all my shit.

I’m sure Ryan has some fun times ahead for him…I apologize in advance dude.

I know there will be times when not being able to just hop online to look something up, or take care of something for my business, will be very agitating.

But as much as I feel apprehensive about this opportunity, there is that part of me that KNOWS I am supposed to be there.

I know that I will experience a lot of growth. I will get a chance to really align my energy and fully immerse myself in trust and surrender (as best I can…none of us are perfect! )

I have been in the process of a big leveling up, and this will be the perfect opportunity to move that along.

I suspect inspiration will strike and I’ll get lots of great ideas for my business. I had started work on a product but the inspiration dried up for it, so I decided not to force it. Maybe that will spark again.

I also lost the inspired feeling I had when writing my e-books, and again, didn’t want to force it. Maybe that will start back up again. Who knows?

I know when we have these mixed feelings, we get confused about which decision is the right one. If a choice doesn’t feel one million percent right, we question whether this is coming from inspiration and alignment.

Our mind always likes to put in its two cents, and it is scared when it thinks we are going to make big shifts and changes. It wants things to stay the same, it wants you to stay the same.

Ultimately, however, we do know when something is right, when we should just go for it, in spite of all the discomfort. There is just that part of you that knows this is the next move.

This is what I am experiencing with this situation—it is hard to describe this ‘knowing’ with words.

Discomfort is Part of the Game…

Spiritual growth is uncomfortable—it really wouldn’t be growth otherwise I imagine. Becoming more of who you really are can be highly uncomfortable.

Being a deliberate creator/receiver of your reality requires shifts in thinking, being and believing that aren’t small.

You have to act from a space of trust when that trust may be in very short supply, or not there at all.

You have to learn to surrender when your mind is telling you that you must keep fighting and forcing, lest you won’t get what you want.

You have to be willing to change how you are operating before experiencing any ‘proof’ to this way of being because that is the only way you can garner said ‘proof.’

You have to be willing to follow your feelings in spite of what your mind may be telling you.

You have to be willing to do things that scare you.

You have to have a little faith and move forward even if you have no idea what will transpire.

You have to be willing to start walking the path even though you aren’t able to map out the whole route yet…we really can’t do that as much as we want to be able to.

You have to be willing to trust your intuition, and know that whatever happens, it’s serving you somehow.

If we can get more comfortable with being uncomfortable, we can truly tap into infinite possibility and align more fully with who we really are.

Your Turn…

What did you think of the post? Anything resonate with you in particular? Are you being pulled to do something that is highly uncomfortable or challenging, but that you know you have to do? Looking forward to your thoughts as always.

Also, happy to announce the 4th class in the Manifesting Like a Mofo Series is open for sign-up. A very important topic….everyone receives the recording so no worries if you can’t make it live. 

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