Harnessing the power of the law of attraction requires us to start paying more attention to pretty much everything–our thoughts, our feelings, our beliefs, our relationships, and the various experiences that make their way into our reality.

Reality creation does not require our conscious participation, and those of us learning about something like the LOA, are working on transitioning from creating unconsciously and by default to deliberately.

Instead of operating on auto-pilot and just ‘dealing with’ whatever shows up, we start increasing awareness of our inner world. We start giving some thought to why we have manifested what we have thus far, and what energetic obstacles might be responsible for the absence of the wanted things.

Our experience is simply a mirror of our inner world, and when we start paying closer attention to our manifestations, we can see what specifically is being mirrored back to us.

Once we start consciously engaging with our energy, we will manifest all sorts of things to show us limiting beliefs and perspectives that need to be transformed, give us the opportunity to be the person we want to be and make the choices we say we want to make, give us clarity, show us the aspects of our desire that we are aligned with and where we may need to tweak some things.

Given our intense need to make sure we are doing manifesting ‘right’, our love of action plans with some guaranteed result at the end, wanting to ‘figure out’ this whole law of attraction thing so we can control the process at every turn and the like, I know for a topic like this, we would love nothing more than a concrete set of steps, some sort of blue-print that we can whip out anytime we need to decode a manifestation and get some definitive answer.

But I regret I cannot provide that for you. What I can do however, is touch on some important points that will hopefully help you in our own energetic detective work.

Be Open to the Purpose of the Manifestation

I cannot stress this enough, I really can’t and I implore all you wonderful conscious creators to remain open to what a particular manifestation may be showing you. I know this is easier said than done. But if you can keep this nugget of wisdom in mind, oh the suffering you can save yourself.

Anything or ANYONE we manifest is because this thing matched something in our vibration. What that PARTICULAR something is may not always be so clear. It might not represent what your mind thinks it does, or WANTS it to.

So this means that the great guy you met may not be your future husband, no matter how much your mind thinks he is THE perfect person and everything you could ever want. You feel a strong resonance, your intuition is pinging. He must be it.

But again, you don’t know yet what the purpose of manifesting him was. We will usually feel a strong resonance with any person or experience that has something significant to teach us–this is a way for ‘big us’ to nudge us in the direction of something that will in some way help us on the path. We just don’t feel that for the ‘final’ manifestations, the ‘best’ representations or just for the ‘good’ stuff.

The first job interview you get after consciously working with your energy and giving this whole law of attraction thing a whirl might not be the dream job. I know your mind thinks it MUST be because it showed up after you started doing all your ‘work’ and this is the thing you want,so yeah, this must be it. But it might not be.

You don’t get it but you weren’t supposed to get it. Maybe you manifested it to show you that you still have a lot of resistance somewhere. Maybe you manifested it to bring a belief to light that you were totally unaware of but that is crucial to clear in order to help you get a job you like.

Again, just be open to what you are being shown.

Nothing Ever Goes ‘Wrong’

All situations inherently have no meaning. Whether or not something is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is something wholly decided by us.

All manifestations are just a mirror of something in our energy, and if we are willing to look for the message, we can gain all sorts of helpful insights into what is happening in our inner world, insights that help us move along the path, help us shed energy that is not serving us, help us get greater clarity on what we want to do, be and have.

Sure, we are human and we are not going to like certain things, they will trigger a negative reaction. It’s all good. Let yourself have it, and then suck it up and move on as best you can.

If you are going to throw a temper tantrum every time the Universe doesn’t give you what you want, and lament how ‘unfair’ it is you are not manifesting what you want even though you are ‘trying’ so hard, this journey is going to be a lot bumpier than it needs to be.

The Universe isn’t going to dangle the perfect manifestation in front of you and then snatch it away because you haven’t quite ‘earned’ it yet or because it is messing with you for its own amusement.

It is crucial to remember the law of attraction is not a ‘tool’ you can use to manipulate your reality either.  If something doesn’t go like your mind wants it to go, or you don’t get something specific your mind wants, again, nothing went ‘wrong.’ Your power is not in trying to craft your life to the exact specifications of your mind, it is in managing your vibration.

Manifesting is not something that happens on the level of action, so you can’t ‘mess it up’, you can’t do anything ‘wrong.’

And this seems like a good place to explain why ‘inspired’ actions may not always yield the ‘positive’ result our mind is expecting, and again, why this isn’t a ‘bad’ thing.

Remember what I said earlier about feeling drawn to things that have something to teach us, that will give an opportunity to show us something in our energy that is important to see?

This applies to inspired action–the action allowed a course of events to unfold that were significant for you energetically, and AGAIN, were just showing you something that was very helpful for you to see.

So What’s The Message?

Manifestations always carry very personal messages just for us. As for what a manifestation may mean, that is only something you can figure out for yourself.

There is no one-size-fits all meaning to why your boyfriend cheated, why you didn’t get that job, why that guy didn’t ask you out, why you didn’t land that big client or why you lost that large sum of money, that applies across the board, to everyone.

It would be great if this was how it worked but alas it isn’t.

So you have to be willing to dive in and see what’s going on. How did the manifestation make you feel? What beliefs is it mirroring back to you? What ‘positive’ belief is it challenging? How did it make you feel about yourself? Is it bringing to mind any other experiences that feel just like this?

As for that last part, the related experiences may on the surface seem completely unrelated, but energetically, there is a common thread, or else it would not have come into your mind.

It is important when doing this, that you receive the insights without judgment, that you don’t shut anything down because you think you ‘shouldn’t’ still believe a certain belief given everything you know now, or that you ‘shouldn’t’ feel a certain way because it’s not ‘spiritual’, it’s ‘negative’, or whatever.

Changing our energy in any meaningful way requires us to always be very honest in our assessments of what is happening now in our vibration. Denial has served you very well in the past in a variety of ways, but it won’t do any good on the journey of conscious creation.

If you can’t immediately glean the meaning of a manifestation, don’t freak out about it. It will come to you.

Don’t Go Crazy With This

I can’t stress this enough. Yes, in order to more ‘successfully’ manifest, we must have a more intimate knowledge of what is going on in our energy.

We have to pay more attention to what we are manifesting to gauge where our vibration is at, where we may need to tweak things. We can mine all sorts of insights and helpful information from doing a bit of analysis on what is showing up in our life.

But this doesn’t mean doing a post-mortem on everything that shows up in our life. It doesn’t mean trying to analyze every manifestation to death to figure out what went ‘wrong’ so we can ensure we do things ‘right’ the next time or whatever. The root of this tendency is our extremely controlling nature.

Intuitively, you know when to examine a manifestation more deeply. You’ll get that nudge to look deeper. When you have a really strong reaction to something, that’s a sign to look deeper. When you seem to be really struggling in a certain area of life, it is usually a good idea to pay closer attention to the related manifestations, but again, don’t go crazy.

Keep the bigger picture in mind, knowing you are always moving towards something better–though it might not be what your mind wants, it might look really different than you are picturing or it might morph over time–and when things don’t go your way, just shake it off.

If that guy didn’t call, no biggie. More where he came from. If that person decided not to become a client, more where she came from. If you didn’t get that job, plenty more out there. This detachment is extremely powerful.

So that’s that, hope you enjoyed it.

Your Turn

What did you think of the post? Anything resonate in particular? Any of your own tips for decoding manifestations?