If you are working with an idea like the law of attraction, you have probably started paying a lot more attention to what is going on in your inner world. You are examining your beliefs. You are more in tune with your feelings. You have become much more aware of the raging river of thoughts that is constantly running through your head.

And this is certainly a good thing. But it can also be problematic because now that you have an understanding of how your inner world is creating your outer, it is all too easy to become fixated on your ‘negative’ thoughts. ‘Fixing’ them becomes your new mission, and they appear to be quite the formidable foe, and you often feel like you are fighting a losing battle.

Today’s post was based on some questions I received from a reader, and I thought there were lots of great nuggets in there to be analyzed.

I (for the last year) have been battling to get my thoughts into alignment just by thinking and to be honest it was a real pain! But can you tell me how I would feel better by doing the same things each day (99% of the time I am) and feel better about it? Is it just about trying to change perspective? But wouldn’t that be battling thoughts again? Or is it a mixture of action (doing the same things each day) and finding ways of looking at it differently?

Also I would love if you wrote a blog post specifically about how to change your vibration without battling those thoughts, I think the way you write it is fantastic!

Also about one month ago I was reading a topic on the Abe forum and a user was saying that if you focus on your desire it will always feel good but if you think your focusing on your desire and it feels bad it means your actually looking at the “But thoughts” and “What Ifs” so it immediately struck a cord and i managed (for the first time) to continuously focus on a some of money (£500) and feel absolutely brilliant.

I did it for I think 3 days and one morning I was heading over to my granny and grandas house and I brought my grandpa his paper with a scratch card for myself and made my way up, and guess what? There was £500 on that card!

But my problem now is I can’t seem to “think” my way into that state of mind again and I very much am struggling to pin point what I thought, but I knew I had installed a certain “back bone” belief of “you’ll know if you feel bad, you are looking at the buts and what ifs” and that made me focus purely on the desire but for the life of me I don’t know how to get back there!


The Heart of Our Manifesting Struggles

One of the first things asked of me was asking what set of actions could be done day in and day out to overcome negative thoughts and get in juicy alignment. And this is an understandable question. Consciously engaging with our energy is going to be an important part of this process, as we have a lot of programming to uproot and replace.

But this question speaks to what I personally believe to be the biggest contributor to our manifesting difficulties–we view the law of attraction as some sort of ‘tool’ to be utilized, and make it all about action.

We focus in on things like affirmations and visualizing; we are always on the hunt for different tools and techniques. Again, important part of the process and super-helpful. But these things are not manifesting.

Manifestations do not result from actions we take; they result from our energy. There is no exact blueprint where if you do X, Y and Z, a manifestation is guaranteed to materialize.

Our mind is very action-oriented and it carries this approach over to our work with this sort of teaching. It wants to know what it can ‘do’ to control the process and ensure a specific result but it doesn’t work like that.

You can ‘do’ these things all day long but if energy is not changing in any significant way, nothing will change externally.

Again, conscious engagement with our energy is important so having some tools and what not that you personally resonate with, and engage in on a regular basis, is super-helpful for shifting energy and I would recommend you gather some. In the moments you are using them, you are focusing positively, activating energies that serve you and breaking down ones that don’t.

But as for what is ‘best’ that comes down to what resonates with you–they in and of themselves have zero power. Maybe it is meditation. Maybe it is a particular type of visualization. Maybe it is scripting your desired outcome. Maybe it is making a vision board. Maybe it is affirmations.

This idea of the law of attraction as a ‘tool’ you can bust out to get ‘stuff’ sounds super-appealing and this was a big draw for most people. But it is a really big misconception, and this leaves many who were excited by the promise of deliberate creation quite disillusioned.

They are ‘doing’ everything they are told and nothing changes. So then they worry they must be doing manifesting ‘wrong.’ But you can’t do it ‘wrong’ because it is not something that happens on the level of ‘doing.’

Your Mind is Always Going to Do What It Does…Make Peace with That

The word ‘battling’ came up a couple of times, and I noticed it immediately because it speaks to how we often view the process of changing our thoughts and belief system. We have to ‘battle’ these evil parts of our being that are fucking everything up for us.

It is some sort of ‘fight’ between our consciousness and the thoughts and feelings we are observing. These things are something we must conquer and overcome.

And inherent in this approach is a shitload of resistance. We are fighting against something. For anyone who has been at this conscious creation thing for awhile, you have probably seen how that works oh so well–heavy sarcasm alert in case you missed it.

The story of how Marty managed to manifest the money and then wanting to know how to ‘get back there’ again is a common thing we experience. We are vibing nice and high and we let in some sort of really cool manifestation-. It was the state of mind, not anything specific that was done–really really remember this.

But then we have a new manifestation in our sights and all the worry, doubt, fear and limiting beliefs rise to the surface. You would think all our previous manifesting ‘wins’ would put all that to bed, but alas, that is usually not what happens.

This is a whole new issue and nothing that happened before matters to your mind, which is conditioned to go right to the ‘crap.’

Every day you are observing the results of the limited, fear-based thinking in which us humans are deeply entrenched, all around you, in a vast variety of ways. You will probably never completely extract yourself from all of that.

This is just what your mind does and you want to make peace with it–it’s never going to stop. It is also important to note lots of ‘negative’ thoughts may pop up here and there, but that isn’t necessarily indicative of your predominant ‘energy’ on the matter. They are just habitual thoughts we may think in a given situation based on conditioning,etc… That is only something you can know for yourself though, and the assessment will take some honesty on your part.

But giving some more deliberate thought to past manifestations can help build some momentum there. You can drastically alter how you respond to your mind chatter, how much you get sucked into it, and how much it influences your choices, behaviors and actions.

But as for trying to eliminate all sorts of negativity altogether or even striving to reach a state of complete emotional neutrality when it strikes–I wouldn’t make that the aim.

Also it is important to keep in mind that different desires will trigger different pieces of resistance. A particular belief or fear may not have been ‘activated’ by previous desired manifestations because it wasn’t ‘relevant.’

But it is to this new desire, so it is coming to the surface. And you’ll have to look at it and transform it.

This is another thing you have to make peace with–you’ll likely always be bumping up against some sort of limiting belief or fear. It’s not as bad as it sounds though, trust me. The key is not looking to deal with it from a space of resisting it and seeing it as something you have to fight against.

It All Comes Down to Control

The reason we are so focused on ‘doing’ everything right boils down to the need to control. If we can concoct the perfect mixture of techniques and tools, we’ll always be able to get our desired result and we’re golden.

This is also the reason we are so fixated on trying to understand exactly how something like the law of attraction works–if we can understand it, then we know how to ‘game the system.’

But it’s not about what we are ‘doing.’ It’s about what we are ‘being.’ We’ll never, ever, ever be able to understand exactly how it works. We’ll never get that step-by-step breakdown our mind so desperately wants, nor that exact ‘blueprint’ of actions that will guarantee a manifestation.

In order to really become a true co-creator with the Universe, in order to really allow your reality to change in any significant way, you are going to have to develop some more trust in the process, and understand you can’t control said process.

You are going to have to become more comfortable giving credence to the strong intuitive resonance you feel about the ideas of your inner world creating your outer world, the Universe being a supportive force that is designed to work for you and support your highest good and happiness and all that wonderful jazz.

That alone can begin collapsing the variety of problematic beliefs and thought patterns.

You are going to want to engage with your energy on a consistent basis, while remembering it is the shifts from doing so that really create your reality, not the actual tools you are using to facilitate said shifts.

You get to want whatever you want, but you want to be open to how it comes, and what it will ultimately look like. Realize your control comes in the form of managing your vibration, not trying to control every aspect of your external reality, and looking at the Universe as your ‘servant’ who is there to do your mind’s exact bidding.

Work on feeling good and working on your state of mind for the sake of feeling better, and not just to ‘get’ something. This makes it a lot easier to make these inner shifts because you are not fixated on getting some sort of result from doing so.

The inner shifts will naturally lead to manifestations–inner dicates outer so things have no choice but to start changing. It’s not the focus on specific things that makes them come, it’s being in a vibration where you can finally receive them.

Be aware of your vibration and take note to strong reactions, etc…but don’t obsess about every thought and feeling.

Make your well-being a priority as that naturally will make you feel better–the better you feel, the higher your vibration. And that creates space for all sorts of great things to show up–solutions to problems, opportunities, encounters, stumbling upon a great tool that really resonates with you, inspirations and ideas.

So that’s that.

Your Turn

What did you think of the post? Anything resonate in particular? Do you have any good tips, preferred tools,etc… for dealing with mental chatter or getting into a better space energetically?