Law of Attraction: Moving into Alignment and Staying There (As Much as Can!) Part 2

So today I present to you part two of getting into alignment as it pertains to working with the law of attraction. But first, wanted to let you know I did another interview-like thing on my husband’s blog that talks about how to overcome limiting beliefs. Definitely something this crowd will dig. You can check it out here.

Now back to the post. Enjoy! 

Start Loving Yourself More

A lot of us cringe when we hear all that talk of loving ourselves. I used to be like that, and while I don’t fully resonate with the ‘love your inner child’ style of personal development—I like things a bit more ‘raw’ and what have you—I certainly resonate with the messages, and they are on the money.

We are really, really hard on ourselves. We can’t look past our mistakes and screw ups, and we punish ourselves.

We don’t fully believe we are deserving of the best life has to offer, and we block the flow of the things we want. We may wonder what makes us so special we get to have all that awesomeness, and we conclude we aren’t all that special, and again, we block it.

The Universe, God, Source or whatever you want to call it, loves us and is designed to deliver the things that will bring us the greatest joy, that will help us achieve our highest good.

In order to facilitate the delivery of all those goodies with greatest ease, we have to cultivate that same love towards ourselves. We have to treat ourselves as if we are worthy of all that awesomeness. We have to treat our mind, body and spirit with love and care.

We have to see we are valuable for simply existing and it has nothing to do with what we are doing or what we have contributed to ‘society.’

The better we treat ourselves, the more we raise our energy and the more momentum we will build behind the belief  we are worthy and deserving of what we want.

And nothing will make you a stronger match for the things you want than truly believing you deserve it. And deserve it you do, for no other reason than you are on this planet ,and the point of your existence is to be happy and do all the things you want to do.

Issues of worthiness and deserving are something we all have to some degree, and as such, it is usually a factor in preventing us from truly moving into alignment with the things we hope to manifest.

Take a moment to think about this. Are you treating yourself with the love and care that you deserve? Are you doing things that smack of not loving yourself?

Are there boundaries that need to be set? Have you already set some but have been bad about applying them consistently? Are there people in your life who make you feel badly about yourself?

What can you start to do immediately to move into a space where you are honoring yourself more? It doesn’t matter how small an action may seem…it all adds up.

The more you commit to loving and honoring yourself, the easier it will get. The clearer it will become what tweaks need to be made. The more quickly the things you want will come flooding into your experience.

If You Want the Universe’s Help, You Have to Let It Give It To You

Like I have said a few times before, the Universe can’t defy our vibration. It can’t give us things to which we are not a match.

No matter how much you want something, no matter how diligently you apply your techniques, if you aren’t shifting energy in any real way, things will stay pretty much as they are now.

Sure, you may be a little bit of a match to certain positive manifestations and you’ll let some stuff in, but the process will be slow. You’ll get frustrated and create even more resistance.

The reason you are into this whole law of attraction thing is because you want to create a life you love, and get all the things you want more easily. You no longer want to subscribe to the ‘no pain no gain’ mentality.

You want to truly step into your power. You want to fully tap into all the help the Universe is ready to give you.

You don’t want to toil and suffer. You don’t want to travel a path that feels shitty to get to the good stuff. That is not how it is supposed to go…it can take awhile for that one to sink in.

So, because the Universe can’t defy your vibration, you can’t keep doing things the old way, the hard- painful-non-trusting-forcing-way, until you manifest some ‘proof’ that this easier way has some validity to it.

In this type of space, you are not a match to the easier way; you are not a match to the ideas, inspirations and solutions that will get you your desired results; you are not a match to those amazing coincidences; you are not a match to those awesome manifestations where what you want comes in the most unexpected way; you are not a match to the manifestations that required zero action on your part.

You have to be willing to do things differently. You have to be willing to actually apply the principles so you can create an energy that makes you compatible to all this divine assistance.

If you want to get more while taking less action, you have to be willing to step away from the actions that are making you feel crappy, the actions you are taking from a space of forcing a result.

If you want something to come together more easily, you have to be willing to step back when things start feeling hard and frustrating.

If you want to build that delicious trust that the Universe has your back, you have to start really feeling that trust; you have to make the decisions that demonstrate this trust, like saying no to things that really aren’t what you want, knowing what you do will come along.

Will you just move into this space fully and immediately? No, no you will not. And it’s fine. Your mind will fight you on it. But, now that you are aware of how this whole manifesting thing works, you can’t just keep blaming your mind.

Don’t be too hard on yourself when you act in ways that don’t exactly scream ‘alignment’ but work on making the choices that do more often, no matter how uncomfortable it may feel.

Don’t make big, bold moves or decisions that you really don’t feel ready for, that feel like too much of a departure from your comfort zone…that isn’t necessary to see changes.

If you feel the urge, by all means, but if you don’t have a lot of trust in the process yet, be prepared for a lot of discomfort.

You just have to act in ways that help fortify the energy that makes you a match for what you want to create in your life…any act, no matter how small, is contributing.

It’s Not So Much about Changing, but Reconnecting

Sure, you may have some limiting beliefs that need to be shifted. There is some emotional shit you have to work through. Certain habit and behaviors may no longer be serving you, and they have to go.

But, you have to remember that all that crap is not really you. Who you really are is a high-vibing being that is pure joy, love and all other sorts of warm fuzzies.

You really don’t have to transform yourself so much as reconnect to ‘big’ you that knows the drill and how to align. This human experience can certainly get in the way of that and I guess it was kind of set up that way.

We are so powerful that this non-physical part of us was willing to come into this reality completely forgetting what we are capable of, forgetting the crazy amount of power we have to shape our reality.

They are some pretty cocky bastards if you ask me.;)

The more we realize we already are a being that is capable of having all these things, the easier it is to move into a higher vibration; the easier it is to let go of the beliefs and behaviors that are holding us back.

You will open up the lines of communication with your higher self, and the signal will be much clearer.

You will feel more confident following those intuitive nudges, no matter how contradictory they are to what your mind is telling you, because you’ll come to understand more and more that the information is coming from ‘big’ you who knows better, like way better, than little you what you truly want, and how to get you there.

Really letting this sink in makes this whole aligning thing seem a bit easier no?

Lighten Up

We don’t quite trust that whole ‘feeling good is the key’ and we don’t allow ourselves to do the things that make us happiest because we are still operating under the paradigm where we can only have ‘fun’ when all the hard work is done.

We don’t see the value in these activities as far as helping us create the life we want. And this is understandable given the predominant beliefs we hold about what it takes to be successful and achieve our goals.

Your mind will accuse you of being lazy.

Your problems will pull at you, and it seems irresponsible or unrealistic to think they can be solved by any other way than you wracking your brain for a solution until one presents itself.

You have a successful online business to build, there is no time for just taking a stroll in the park. You need to go comment on 50 blogs, with a desperate hope at least a few people click back through to your site.

But if we remember that attraction is all about how we feel, doing things that make us feel good will put us on the manifesting fast track, and it makes perfect sense.

And don’t worry…you’ll still take actions (I know our brains get really worked up about that), but they will come from a place of lightness and inspiration.

You are doing this work because you want to be happy. Get a head start on this whole happiness thing by letting some into your life now.

Let go of the idea that you need to suffer to get what you want—as much as we have been conditioned to think otherwise, this doesn’t make us more worthy of the end result.

Don’t let your stupid brain tell you that you can’t feel better until you get what you want, until things change.

You get to choose how you feel. You get to choose where you put your focus. You get to choose your perspective.

Let yourself do the things that will make you feel better, that bring you joy.

In Closing…

I love writing about law of attraction because I have seen so many amazing changes in my own life since I started consciously creating my reality. But, even more than that, I enjoy writing about it because I know that it is easy to get in theory, but sometimes harder to apply in our lives.

The idea of alignment is very simple at the core, but as we all know, getting into that space of trusting what we want will come, and staying there much of the time, is not always an easy task.

Your mind is going to fight you, but you have to work on fighting back. You often need to be more deliberate in managing your energy, and as that momentum grows, that way of thinking and being will start to feel more natural.

You’ll become more cognizant of when you are getting out of alignment, and you can rectify the situation sooner.

You may have your moments when it is harder to feel better, and it’s fine. But, it often won’t feel as intense, and even when it does, the more positive energy is not as far away anymore, and it will continue to get stronger and stronger.

In the lower moments, the truths you have come to embrace won’t abandon you completely. You’ll move back to them eventually. These truths will help you in working through whatever is coming up.

The Universe knows what you want. You are always moving towards it. The order has been placed.

Law of Attraction: Moving into Alignment and Staying There (As Much as Can!) Part 2
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26 thoughts on “Law of Attraction: Moving into Alignment and Staying There (As Much as Can!) Part 2

  1. Wonderful how you tied it all together. These posts will be applied immediately.
    Thank you Kelli.

  2. Hi Kelli. I really enjoyed this article. I’ve been very focused on the application of LOA within the context of productivity and success, and this fit right in. Saw that you did the interview with Ryan on his blog. I’d love to do an exchange like that with you between our blogs (I interview you… you interview me). I think it would be fun and also beneficial to our readers. Have a good one… Also, hope you can make it to the live webinar I’m doing tomorrow morning. It may be at a difficult time of day for where you’re located, so understood if you can’t, but would love to have you there if you can make it.

    1. Hey Indigo
      Glad you liked the post. I love that idea…I’ll shoot you an email and we can talk about that a bit more. That webinar sounds awesome and I would love to attend but I may have already missed it…will check on that.

    1. Hi Enock
      So glad you liked it and you are right about finding those three elements and tapping into them more fully.

  3. Dear Kelli,
    Ok, this is not going to be a positive and happy comment, but I really don’t know what to do or believe anymore. I’m not even sure of which specific questions to ask. Your posts are really helpful and informative, and their frequency throughout the week helps me to focus in a positive way and answer a lot of questions. Still, I doubt if I am doing this right.

    I feel like I’ve tried everything and still I’m not where I want to be. On average I feel good probably most of the day, but I have my low moments (like now) and they can be really, really low. I believed by now I would be feeling much better and be living my dreams, but I am still not seeing the bigger changes that I would like to see in my life. I’ve been doing everything right for so long, yet I feel so far from where I really want to be.

    Even though i am unhappy in the situation I’m in, I haven’t been inspired to take logical steps to get into a better situation. And I get frustrated with myself for not doing so. Often when I have taken action towards what I want, it felt like pushing. I know that you can have good things happen to you just by being in the right vibration, but I’ve also been trying the feel good and allow approach for a long time and opportunities are not popping up. I feel like little momentum is being made. Nothing seems to be happening no matter if I allow, feel good, and don’t take uninspired action steps, or if I do.

    I haven’t even been inspired to take much action towards my bigger dreams, the things that keep me alive when I feel like I can’t take living anymore. Nearly all of what I do in regards to my dreams is just imaging and feeling them, or looking at picture representations, but I haven’t gone out and taken steps towards making them a reality. I feel like I’m sabotaging myself by not being more practical (which I’ve never really been). I’ve also heard some coaches say that you have to take steps towards what you want and then the Universe will help you and open doors. Why do I have to motivate myself so much to do even little things that could get me what I want? It feels bad when I self-motivate and better when I let myself follow inspiration, even if it means doing nothing. There are just so many contradictory societal messages that I often doubt the inspired action/feel good way of manifesting.

    I want the things I want so badly, and I can’t just ‘let go’ or stop wanting them so much. i know that what we are all after is a feeling, but just generating the feelings in my current circumstances without seeing physical evidence of conditions changing feels discouraging.

    I’m just angry because I’ve been working with LOA and improving my vibration for a long time and it seems like NOTHING has changed. At least not in my physical reality. To be honest since I’ve learned and have been practicing LOA, it seems like I just go from one crappy situation to another. Living manifestations in the mind is nice and all, but I want the real physical manifestations too. I want to live them in real life.

    It also seems that every time in the past that I manifested something I really wanted, it only came after a really acute depression or some other feeling of deep pain. Also only after many months or even years. I don’t know why I sabotage myself to make things so hard, take so long, why I am not more allowing, why things don’t just flow to me easily and quickly.

    I often tell myself that everything is unfolding as it should, and that I will receive my desires at the perfect time. What confuses me though and makes me feel bad it when I hear on LOA websites that if you are not receiving your desires in a few days or weeks at most, then you are not aligned! SO i don’t know if telling myself this is really to my benefit or if I am just denying responsibility and further cleaning my vibration. The idea of having to do more vibrational work feels bad to me, but just trusting that everything is working out and will come at the perfect time can feel like a lie or delusion because I’ve wanted certain things for so long.

    Furthermore, how to manage feelings of jealousy and yearning when you see others on the internet with what you want? On social media I see so many people with the things I really, really, really want. Sometimes it can feel like inspiration, but much of the time it makes me feel really jealous and bad that I am not living that life. Especially when I see people younger than me with amazing lives, who seem so happy, active, full of life, and have it all. It especially feels bad when they seem so happy all the time, like everything just flows and is wonderful for them, and I seem to have more moments of darkness and feeling emotions I don’t want to feel. It feels often so difficult to catch myself from going down the path that leads to more negative emotion.

    I know I over think all of this, and that it can and should be easier. I fear sometimes that I will never get the things i Want because at times I feel low or depressed, and that it won’t be until I die that I will be allowing enough to receive my desires. Recently I have been better at catching myself from going down in a spiral, but sometimes I’m not sure if this is helping me or harming me because I’m suppressing emotions. I get confused when I hear some sources say that you should fully feel negative emotion, and others say to distract yourself, think of something else, etc. I can get stuck in negative emotion, but sometimes feeling it feels like relief even if doing so means that I’m attracting more negativity. Other times it feels best to ignore and distract.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my long comment.

    1. Another thing, why aren’t good physical manifestations flowing in after several hours spent in a very, very high vibrational space? I read others’ accounts of how they have breakthrough manifestations after spending a little time enjoying themselves after being frustrated with an issue for a while. I feel so stuck and have been crying so much. I feel like life is never going to get better, I will always be in a bad space, and never succeed with law of attraction. I don’t know how to get out. I keep asking and praying for relief, do things that feel good, reach for relief, but no change in outer conditions and it makes me feel very sad.

      1. Hi M
        Like I mentioned before, we really can’t put a time frame on manifestations. Things may not happen immediately, but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening Sometimes things will happen that quickly but sometimes not.

        One of the big reasons we block what we want is for this very reason…we don’t see something happen right away, we conclude this stuff doesn’t work and we go right back to feeling badly. I know it can be hard to keep feeling okay when our outside experience isn’t changing as much as we like…but if we keep living reactively, letting our feelings be determined by what is happening outside, we will really slow things down.

        That you were able to feel that good for several hours is not something to be dismissed, and your higher vibing thoughts and feelings are a manifestation in and of themselves.

        I think you should really pull back from reading about other people’s experiences…that seems to really be messing with your head. You have no idea what other people’s manifestations mean to them, their energy, their belief system,etc…

        For example, a manifestation that seems really good to you may represent something completely different to someone else. For example, a woman who has a strong belief all guy are jerks will probably attract a boyfriend who is a jerk. That relationship is not a source of happiness and abundance for her, she didn’t attract it because she was a match for love.

    2. Hi M.
      It’s okay about it not being a ‘positive’ comment..sometimes we are struggling and we need to express that.

      The first thing I would say is that those big swings between energies is normal when we are doing this work because the ‘old’ and ‘new’ vibrations are still existing together. This is not to say you have to get into a space where you feel good every second..we all have our moments and tough times when we may not feel as happy.

      But, there is a good chance that there is something being suppressed that you are not letting up…most likely anger. Suppressed anger is usually at the root of feeling depressed and really low like that. To really move forward, you are going to have to start facing it and releasing it…this is not the time to try and be all enlightened. Let yourself feel whatever you feel…let the victim, hurt person come out. Be honest about any resentment, sense of unfairness or whatever it is you may be feeling.

      You can do this in any way that feels right whether writing a letter, talking to someone as if they were there, crying, punching a pillow..whatever gives you a release. This will probably not be a one time thing…but you will start to feel better and better as you go along.

      As for not feeling inspired to do anything, that happens sometimes and we don’t need to force action. But, feeling the way you have been feeling, it is quite possible there is some fear of moving forward and actually going after what you want. How we behave is always serving us in some way, and we have to consider what benefit we may be getting from our unhappy circumstances. For example, it can protect us from a fear of failure or help us maintain an image we are so used to, even if we don’t necessarily like the circumstances.

      You also have to examine if you have been feeling as good as you are claiming…we often aren’t when we feel stuck like this. We’ll tick off all the things we have been doing, all the ‘work’ but if we haven’t really been making shifts, nothing can really change dramatically.

      You are right it can be difficult to detach on our desires because we want them so badly and you don’t have to totally ‘give up’ or stop thinking about them. The trick is working on reducing that sense of need around them or feeling that specific thing has to happen to feel like we have gotten what we want. What can be helpful in doing that is doing things that make you feel good and give you those same feelings. Following our feelings will always bring us where we want to go. We just have to take that next step because that is all we can see.

      Manifesting after being in that space is likely due to the resistance around what you want diminishing…you may not feel great, but by thinking we can’t have what we want and kind of ‘giving up’ can free up some energy because we are no longer focusing on that thing as much.
      It is quite possible you are stuck in that pattern because there is a part of you that believes the pain and suffering will get you what you want, but that is not what brought it to you all those times.

      As for how long it takes for something to manifest, there is no set time frames, and the process is so complex, it would be impossible to conclude how long it should take to get something. For example, if someone starts a new business, they probably won’t sell out their stock or book themselves solid with clients the first week they open. But, being aligned, things will get better and better and they will become more and more successful.

      The best way to manage those feelings is removing the triggers…social media can be very damaging and you are just seeing snippets of people’s lives, the highlight reels. Sure, they may have good things and be happy about that, but everyone has their ‘stuff.’

      It is also important to know you don’t have to use any tool or technique to manifest because they have no power in and of themselves..they are good for focusing. Based on how you are feeling now, it would be a good idea to take a break from any of that stuff for awhile.

      You are over thinking it and that is a common problem a lot of people have when working with LOA.

      The anger release, examining whether there are things in your life that you may have been glossing over in an effort to be positive, and working on adopting a different perspective on your life as it is now (and I dont mean pretending to be happy about things you don’t like) will be the key for you.

  4. Hi Kelli

    Another awe inspiring post and thank you so much!

    I sent you two emails but perhaps you didn’t get the time to see or reply.

    One is a personal account following our phone call!
    The other one is about your account on ‘Linkedin’ that seem to be locked or something as when I clicked on the link that came up on your page it stated that Kelli Cooper account unknown.
    Hoping to hear from you soon.

    Yours as always


      1. Hi Kelli

        I enjoy all your posts for you are an inspiration and a bright light that came into my life with awe inspiration wisdom but more importantly real Honesty because Truth never changes it is an ever fixed thing.
        You and Ryan are beacons that light up the way for me and all your followers on line and for which I am forever grateful.

        Kindest regards


        1. Hi Dominic
          Thank you for your kind words…it really means a lot to me that you regard my work so highly.

  5. Hi Kelli
    Thank you so much for this blog post. I realised yesterday that our crappy financial situation is just pointing out to me that I have a lot of resistance around manifesting money easily. I have figured out how to manifest some money which I am grateful for, but I realised I believe I have to work hard for it. I have to step it up the LOA work a bit more and get it through my head that I can attract money effortlessly and that is my new affirmation. I suddenly realised all the ways I attracted abundance effortlessly (just for being me). I was checking my lottery tickets and I won $15, then my dad said he was sending me a cheque (even though he is in hospital, bless him) and today my son scored a free sausage at football, then being mothers day I got some beautiful cards and presents. Oh and not to mention the free help and information I get from your blog a few times a week! All this for no effort (or stuff I love doing). I expect things will start getting easier for me now!

    1. Hey Bunny
      So glad you liked it. It is interesting how we work through beliefs in layers. We do some clearing and let some stuff in but then we discover there is still a bit more there that we need to work on to get what we are really after. It’s good it works like that and we don’t have to get some perfect vibration totally free of resistance. It’s kind of proportional I suppose. That is great you tuned into what you have already attracted…that is huge for boosting our ‘morale’ and it also makes our mind more cooperative when we can point to proof that this more loa-friendly belief has some validity.

  6. I find that appreciating the heck out of everything helps all situations immensely. The Universe does deliver. Acknowledge everything, even the small stuff, however small, and feel love and protection from the universe. You are covered.

    I still can’t wrap around the feeling of competition, but the more I get into LOA, the more I feel that it may really be irrelevant, regardless of what others say that it’s too competitive, there are no jobs, etc.

    1. Hi A.
      Thanks for your comments and sharing your own insights. You are so right about appreciation. It creates a powerful energy that makes us much more aligned with what we want to attract. Being happy now won’t cancel our orders with the Universe because it figures we must not want that stuff anymore. I think that can be a big fear. It does love us for sure and we are always being supported.

      There really is no competition when you think about it…if we create our own reality, and everything is unlimited, we are not just trying to get a piece of the pie, we are making our own. Whatever it is we truly want can always be brought to us if we remain open to the possibilities and don’t get attached to specific outcomes or desires.

  7. Hi Kelli,

    After reading your post today I realize I have to become something more than a part-time LOAer? 🙂 Especially if I want something to manifest. The thing is I can manifest some things quite easily. I make my request known and then forget about it and it just comes. But I would like to see some consistency and to make it happen for the ‘harder’ things. Stuff that needs to be fixed. Would like a consultation so I’ll send you an email.

    I love how you explain this so easily.


    1. Hey Barbara
      I like that phrase…it’s funny. You are right that certain things can certainly be harder to manifest because there is a lot of ‘charge’ around these desires in the form of resistance and just wanting them so badly because they are important to us. It is certainly a process. Would be happy to talk to you so just reach out whenever you are ready.

  8. Hey Kelli
    Thank You So much for such an inspiring post. You have actually connected the dots which is very important in our life.
    It is very important to value ourselves in life.

    Thank you again for such a wonderful post!!!!

  9. I love how this ended. The order has been placed. You are always moving towards what you want. Made my smile. I still need to remember to always connect to who I am and just let the momentum of positivity take care of everything. That’s good I don’t have to get rid of all my junk but I have in the past 6 months with learning LOA. Like Abraham said, find a better feeling thought and only focus on what you want. I love how manifestations require only alignment to shop up in reality and you only have to act if you want to. I will keep remembering this. Thanks so much for these articles.

    1. Hi Akisha
      So glad you liked it…and it is very true. The order has been placed. That trust in letting our emotions guide us can be difficult but it definitely builds over time as we have manifestations that ‘prove’ LOA to us. Glad you are enjoying them.

  10. Hi Kelli,

    I have been trying the whole LOA thing in order to get out of the situation I’m in and that is working on a cruise ship. Its really hard to do things that make you happy or feel good when its simply not an option. I work 14 to 18 hour days, everyday for 9 months at a time and when I’m not working, I’m sleeping 4 hours a night if I’m lucky on a bunk bed in a tiny room sharing space with another person. That is the extent of it – no walks in the park, afternoon naps, a nice dinner or a night out to keep the vibes up. The exhaustion alone kills you. I don’t see sunlight or breathe natural air for weeks at a time. The highlight of my day is if I get a chance to go to gym maybe 3 times a week. Any advice for applying LOA in such confinement?

    1. Hey Nikki
      This comment is littered with all you don’t like about your situation and why it is so hard to focus otherwise…as a fellow human totally get it. But changing this very understandable tendency is a non-negotiable. It’s good you have established contrast, it’s okay you don’t like your situation now but I suspect you are too enmeshed in it, which just makes you feel like you can’t possibly see something different. It always isn’t easy to look beyond the current reality you are living, but there has to be that effort. If you knew you would manifest another job (and yes your asshole mind is likely telling you there is no such guarantee and you don’t have a new job NOW or YET…I know) how would your energy change day to day at your current job. Yeah you still don’t like it but you know there is an end in sight. Even though your human mind can’t understand this guarantee, you have no choice but to improve your circumstances if your energy changes…it’s the law. Our outside circumstances do not have to affect our inner world in the slightest but most of us aren’t enlightened enough to experience that! If you can just keep these ideas on the edge of your awareness at the very least, you are already ahead of the game.

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