0111If you want to succeed in this attracting game, the vibration is where it’s at. This is the sum of all our feelings and beliefs, and whatever is predominant will determine the types of experiences we attract into our reality. On one hand, it is quite simple, but on the other, quite complex, and it is a good thing the Universe is orchestrating it all! If it was up to us, we’d probably be in quite a bit of trouble.

There is a lot of misunderstanding about law of attraction, and this is why many people have so much trouble manifesting. There is a lot of focus on thinking positively–while what we think certainly factors into the equation, it doesn’t matter how positive a thought if the feeling isn’t truly there.

We hear a lot about visualizing, which can be an awesome tool, but it is not manifesting. Again, if the feelings aren’t there, you can think about what you want every waking moment, and it won’t matter. Once you have decided you want something, it gets put on the Universe’s ‘to-do list.’ Technically, you would never have to think about that thing again, and you would still get it if it were the best representation of the feelings you are after, and it is something you truly wanted. 

Attraction is about manifesting situations that match the feelings and beliefs that are predominant within us, it isn’t about thinking things and making those exact things happen, though our manifestations often do turn out to be very similar.

So, if vibration is where it’s at, and our vibration is the sum of our beliefs and feelings, doing everything we can to root out the shitty ones, and nurture the good ones, is priority number one. Here is my first set of tips, with more to follow Friday. Enjoy!

Be Careful Whom You Let In

Given how much our current cruddy belief system has been influenced by things outside of us, particularly other people, I can’t stress the importance of this enough, especially when you are still in the ‘newbie’ phase of reconnecting with that powerful creator within. You feel resonant with law of attraction. That part of you that knows this stuff is true has been awakened, and you want to start living life more consciously and take control. You are studying and working on applying the principles.

This way of thinking and being is quite foreign, and your brain is probably still fighting you a lot. Your limiting beliefs are strong. You may still be skeptical, and not fully sure if this is how it works. It may seem too easy. You look at the bad things that happen in the world, and you can’t wrap your head around it. A spark was lit within, but it is still far from being a raging fire that permeates your being, and nothing can extinguish it faster than letting in other people’s doubts and negativity.

Don’t talk about law of attraction with people who you know won’t resonate with it—there is a lot of misunderstanding of what it is really about, and many think it is a load of crap, or people who believe in it are naïve about the way the world ‘really works.’

Don’t share the hopes and dreams you have allowed yourself to want, because of your belief in LOA, with people who will make you feel like you can’t have have them, or that these things can’t possibly come to you by simply believing you’ll get it and feeling good.

Guard your energy closely. Do your best to surround yourself with people who make you feel good, and have a positive view on life. Don’t get sucked into other people’s drama and complaining.

Pay Attention to Outside ‘Stimuli’, How It Makes You Feel, and Make the Necessary Changes

We are surrounded by so much ‘stuff’ that can really mess with our vibration, and make it hard for the new belief system we are trying to develop take root more deeply , and incredibly easy for the crappy beliefs and feelings to stay right where they are, and dig in even further.

Law of attraction is all about living more consciously, and deliberately choosing our thoughts and feelings. It requires us to get off auto-pilot, tune into what is happening inside, and genuinely start feeling better (not just thinking happy thoughts.)

So, you are going to have to start paying more attention to your external world, what you are feeling, and what is triggering those feelings. Chances are, you have a whole bunch of triggers—some will be quite obvious, like spending several hours a day watching 24-hour news channels, while others will not make themselves known until you really start expanding your awareness.

By identifying outside ‘stimuli’ that trigger limiting beliefs, make you doubt law of attraction, or just drag down your energy overall, you can take control of your vibration by avoiding these things. If you are trying to improve your financial situation, for example, you may notice that watching certain television shows trigger bad feelings about people with money, so you should stop watching them. You may find certain topics of conversation just don’t make you feel that good, so you should avoid getting into said topics.

I don’t have children by choice, and a few years ago, I came across a website that had a forum where other people like myself would discuss all sorts of issues. At first, I liked it there because it was nice to see there were other people that were like me (let’s face it, even in this day and age, a lot of people find this choice quite strange, and many people are subject to lots of invasive questioning and unfair judgment.) I enjoyed talking with people who were struggling and sharing advice.

There was lots of support there. But, there was also lots of nastiness and bitterness—clearly there were a lot of people who were feeling quite sensitive about this issue, and there was lots of parent-bashing, and pumping up the ‘childfree’ lifestyle. That didn’t vibe with me, and I had no interest in that. I was relatively secure in my choice, so I didn’t feel compelled to go there. I guess because I had greater clarity, and a higher vibration, I personally didn’t attract people that made rude comments, asked inappropriate questions and were just generally douchey about the whole thing, so I had nothing to share on that front anyway. In fact, it is a topic of conversation that rarely comes up for me.

I realized this site was no longer something that evoked good feelings, but negative ones, and I promptly stopped visiting it.

Often times, we are feeling badly on a consistent basis, but are unaware of the myriad things contributing to these feelings—to really start raising your vibration, you have to start paying attention.

Practice Focusing On Good-Feeling Thoughts

When we first start waking up to our power and what is possible, we come to realize we are actually pretty bad at focusing positively! It can actually feel quite uncomfortable as we are so used to worrying, thinking about what we don’t want and imagining worst-case scenarios. The reason it feels difficult is because there is not a lot of momentum behind these warm and fuzzies, but a hell of a lot behind the crappy stuff. We can go down that road with zero effort, and get sucked back into it quite easily anytime we work on making a departure. It is kind of sad when you think about it, that we usually need to practice feeling happy! But, it is what it is, and it can be changed.

Because of all this momentum, it can seem really hard to think positively, and cultivate genuine good feelings, for any length of time. But, it really isn’t as hard as we make it, we just have to practice a bit. We have to work on consciously cultivating these good feelings, and the more we do that, the more they will come naturally without any prompting or deliberate effort.

So, take a few minutes each day to practice feeling good. Do a bit of visualizing about the things you want—don’t worry about getting too specific, and don’t worry about not being able to create super-clear pictures in your mind. I am not that good at that actually, and a lot of my ‘visualizing’ feels a lot more like thinking than seeing an actual picture. The important thing is the feeling, because feeling is what creates, not what we are imagining exactly.

Work on ‘Surrendering’

Surrendering usually has a negative connotation around it. It is the act that occurs when we realize all our toil has been fruitless, and we can no longer continue as we were. We think of it as giving up, and letting go of whatever we were trying to accomplish, accepting our fate, and squashing any hope what we want can ever come.

But, that is not the only definition of surrender. There is a good way to surrender that can raise our vibration through the roof, and make manifesting easier than we ever thought it could be. We know the Universe has our back, and will deliver what we want in the easiest, most efficient way possible. Whatever obstacles pop up are there to help us solidify our vision, or show us where we have blocks.

We go with the flow, and don’t fight against the ‘unwanted’ situations that gravitate into our experience, big and small. We take inspired action, and just let it go—we don’t hold expectations about what will result. We resist taking action that makes us feel like crap because we know it isn’t necessary to get what we want. We see opportunities that appeal to us, we throw our hat in the ring, but don’t get attached. We cultivate trust. We feel okay no matter what happens because it will all work out as it should, we know we are moving towards what we want, no matter what. We don’t get attached to our manifestation having to look a certain way.

Now, I won’t lie..this can be a tough space to enter, and you probably won’t be in it every second—I imaging there are very few people who are! Your ‘humanness’ will take over at times, and that’s okay. You just want to work on getting into it as much as possible. When you see opportunities arise that allow you to invoke this sense of surrender, use them as practice…don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of it! It might be small things like being okay with the fact the supermarket is out of your favorite cookies, and happily buying a different brand.

When you first set this intention strongly, you may notice some ‘unwanted’ stuff happening, particularly things that represent your personal triggers. Don’t worry though, it is there to give you the chance to flex your ‘surrender muscle’ so you can make it stronger.

In Closing…

Taking responsibility for your vibration is crucial, and it is not as daunting a task as it may seem now. It just takes an intention to do so, paying more attention to your inner and outer world, and just working on feeling good as much as you can. Don’t panic about every negative thought and feeling–just work on building the momentum behind the good ones. That work doesn’t get erased every time you feel badly. Be patient and compassionate.

Make sure you gobble up everything you can about LOA that makes you feel good. You may still be feeling a bit skeptical, and tempted to read material ‘debunking it.’ I highly advise against this–there is a lot of misunderstanding about LOA and most of that material clearly reflects this. This is where you will see  people saying things like “so if I can get whatever I think about, why can’t I turn this pizza into a salad, or why doesn’t the green elephant I’m visualizing appear?”

Many people see that bigger force beyond us as human-like, something that judges punishes, rewards, and decides what people will get, and what they won’t, and will indignantly inquire about what kid did to ‘attract ‘  (what they really mean here is ‘deserve’)cancer.

Looking at the bad stuff from an LOA-perspective involves a host of elements, such as the belief we choose to have certain experiences, and explore certain themes, in a particular incarnation, the vibration of humanity as a whole (which is raising but is still not that great), not having any idea what other people’s manifestations mean to them and how they are serving their particular path, or how many legs of the journey of life they have signed up for this time around. There is no arbitrary punishment, there is no randomness, everything means something.  But I digress…..

Then there are just the people who are very sciencey, and refuse to believe in anything that can’t be proven in a test tube, and doesn’t make sense logically. Sure, there is no way to ‘prove’ LOA is real in the ways we typically regard proof. But, you can’t prove it isn’t real either, so no one has the upper hand here.

Again, lots of misunderstanding, and stuff that will just mess with your head, and keep you from tapping into an amazing force that performs all this awesomeness in a way we can never truly, fully understand, and it’s okay to not understand. Be okay with not understanding it. There is something to all of this, trust me.

Your Turn…

What did you think of the post? What tip was particularly helpful for you? Where are you struggling in protecting your vibration? What do you do in your own LOA work that you would recommend to someone looking to protect their own? Looking forward to your comments so we can have a chat.