When applying the law of attraction, sometimes I feel that I don’t know how to react to situations so that my desires come true. I feel confused and a bit nervous if the decision that I am taking is correct. I feel emotionless and blank.

So this is a great question, and I am going to take it a bit farther than what is being asked because I think it will address lots of underlying ‘stuff’ that leads to this particular sort of anxiety. Enjoy!

Manifesting Isn’t an Action

The word ‘manifesting’ is a verb and this can be a bit misleading. It makes it sound like something we ‘do.’ This perspective creates great anxiety. It leads us to overthink things way, way too much, and make things way, way harder than they need to be.

We do a whole bunch of stuff that really isn’t necessary. We worry about a whole lot of stuff about which we don’t need to worry.

I guess technically we are ‘doing’ something but not really. What we are ‘doing’ is putting out a certain type of energy, and that happens on the level of ‘being.’

We have all sorts of thoughts ,feelings, beliefs and perspectives. Whichever ones are dominant will determine what shows up in our life. These energies are driving our choices, behaviors and habits.

This is all happening ‘inside’ and it is important to remember all the ‘action’ we take in the form of affirming, visualizing and all the other ‘stuff’ is not doing anything in and of itself.

These are merely tools that help us facilitate inner shifts. These tools help us consciously engage our energy and focus in ways that serve us, and that is their value.

Because manifesting is not action-oriented, there is no exact blueprint or set of concrete steps that will guarantee a specific result. I know how much we would love that, but it just isn’t the way it works.

It means there isn’t a ‘right’ way you must learn or you’re screwed. It means there isn’t a ‘wrong’ way to do it.

The law of attraction isn’t a ‘tool.’ It is a Universal law. It isn’t something you weren’t ‘using’ previously and now you can, and you best figure out how to ‘use’ it properly, or game over.

It isn’t something you can ‘use’ to control your life and make things happen just as your mind wants them to, when it wants them to. Yes, there is a very good chance the things you feel inspired to want means you will attract things along those lines–no reason not to.

But we have to do our best to be open to how these things show up; we have to be willing to admit our mind can’t possibly know a specific manifestation is THE best representation of what we truly want because it cannot be aware of every possible representation–every experience, every job, every person,etc… But I digress.

You have always been creating’ the law of attraction is always in action. You just weren’t conscious. You weren’t doing it deliberately. You weren’t aware of the programming that was running your life.

Now you are, and that will make all the difference in the world.

You can’t ‘do’ it wrong…you got this. You are not tasked with ‘figuring’ anything out, just being conscious of your inner world. That really is all.

You Can’t Make the ‘Wrong’ Decision

You don’t have finite ‘chances’ to manifest the things you want. The Universe doesn’t have any sort of ‘three strikes and you’re out’ policy.

If you are faced with a decision of some kind, whatever choice you make will be ‘right’ in that whatever showed up is a manifestation of energy, and it is your energy that is driving the decision; whatever results is again, a manifestation of your energy, and it can show you what is happening vibrationally. It will show you something that will be helpful to see, and that is always a good thing.

This is a good place to remind you of ‘infinite possibility,’ especially if you think you happened to  ‘mess’ something up somehow. You turned down that job and you think you should have taken it. You broke up with that guy three years ago and now you are questioning it. You didn’t take that freelancing client but are now thinking it was a mistake to turn down the work.

There are plenty more jobs, guys and clients. It’s like if you miss the bus, you can just get on the next one. Our mind can’t really understand this though. It gets in theory there is infinite possibility.

But what is actually happening is our mind gets so attached to any thing or person that would seem to be a good representation of our manifestation, primarily because it fears something better may not come along.

We spent so much of our life in a space of lack and lamenting the absence of the things we want. But then we start working consciously with our energy, and things start changing. And as soon as anything remotely ‘good’ shows up, we desperately latch onto it, again because we are afraid it might not get better than this.

This causes us a great deal of anxiety, and we agonize over decisions that actually aren’t that hard to make.

If you know that you have no choice but to attract a great relationship so long as you work on your energy in the form of self-love, feeling whole and complete as you are now, and realizing how awesome you are–flaws and all–walking away from that person who you know deep down is not the best match for you is not so difficult.

If you know the Universe is your true source of abundance in all forms, and not your primary business or any individual client, it is easy to walk away from your current business that you no longer enjoy and start a new one; it is easy to turn down clients with whom you know you wouldn’t enjoy working.

If you know your feelings are your ultimate guidance system and will never steer you wrong, it is easy to walk away from that opportunity that just doesn’t feel right, no matter how good it looks on paper, and no matter how much it makes sense to pursue it from a logical perspective.

No matter what action you take, or decision you make in a given moment, it can’t ever be ‘wrong.’ We have to make peace with the fact we have some tweaks to make in our energy, and that fear and limiting beliefs may sometimes drive our decisions and behavior. And yes, technically this could ‘slow’ things down on the manifesting front, but it just is what it is.

Just relax and know you can’t ever truly get off the path.

Keep the Bigger Picture in Mind

If you are constantly analyzing every manifestation, agonizing over every decision and thinking how any given course of action will factor into getting what you want, you are in for a very painful, frustrating, anxiety-inducing ride my loves.

And this is exactly what we tend to do once we get our hands on the law of attraction. We pour all our energy into getting what we want, and worry whether we are doing it ‘right.’ We do our best to make sure we are ‘doing’ everything we can to ensure we get our stuff.

Essentially, we are still operating from that same space of trying to control everything, all the time, to ensure everything turns out just as we want it.

Yes, you kind of need to pay attention to what shows up in your life to get a sense of where your energy is at. But this doesn’t mean analyzing every manifestation to death.

When faced with decisions, it could be helpful to see how you feel about the options, and what may be driving those feelings and perspectives. It doesn’t mean spending hours and hours pondering it from every angle to figure out whether it is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in relation to your manifestation.

If you have a strong reaction to something, that is an indicator to maybe explore a bit more what is happening inside. If you keep having similar manifestations, again, may be a good idea to take a look, especially if they keep happening in a particular area of your life where you really seem to be struggling to make a change, like your finances.

But on the whole,the best strategy is to just shake it off, and MOVE ON.

Date gone bad? No worries, plenty more fish in the sea. Didn’t get that job interview? No problem, lots of other jobs out there. That potential client went another way? Plenty more where she came from. Turned down a job and are now thinking it might have been the better choice? Who cares…you aren’t bound there for life and you can always get a new one.

You have to start developing some trust in the process, in the idea that the Universe is really set up to work for you and not against you. If you get things ‘right’ energetically, you have no choice but to manifest things that mirror that energy back to you.

You have to be open to how things unfold–it almost never looks like your mind think it will. You have to be willing to suspend judgment on manifestations, and just see them for what they are–a reflection of your predominant energy.

There is No ‘Right’ Way to Respond

There was mention of feeling blank and emotionless, which was driven by the fear of somehow responding ‘wrongly’ to what is happening.

But you can’t respond ‘wrong.’ Sure, in an ideal world we would be kind of neutral rather than lose our shit anytime something happens our mind has decided is ‘bad’ but being human, we’ll probably be mad, sad, fearful or whatever else.

If we were really on top of our game enlightenment-wise, we would actually welcome this situation as an opportunity for growth and reflection. How great would that be?

You have to let yourself feel your feelings–if they are there, they are there. Yes, we do want to work on changing those feelings and perspectives that don’t serve us–we actually have to do this– but that doesn’t mean we are tasked with trying to completely eliminate them.

Those reactions are usually bubbling up from somewhere beneath your conscious awareness, situations are going to trigger them, and they are just going to show up.

But once they do, we can choose how to deal with that, how we are going to experience our experience.

If you try to suppress emotion, or just ‘be positive’ when you actually aren’t feeling that way, you will have a hell of a time aligning with the things you would like to see in your life, because you won’t know what needs to be shifted.

You won’t be able to tackle the energies that have led you to manifest the life you have now, the one you aren’t exactly loving. And they will continue to rule the day.

You can’t do this sort of ‘work’ without diving more deeply into the waters of your inner world. You can’t be a conscious creator if you aren’t conscious of what is happening in your energy.

I know we don’t want to deal with all that. I get it.

But we have to make peace with the fact we likely have all sorts of ‘stuff’  we need to sort out, that we may not be in alignment with the great relationship, the improved finances or that better job. It’s okay because we can change that. Lying to yourself about this won’t do you any favors, trust me.

But we can’t change that if we are unwilling to engage with our resistance. This isn’t as bad as it seems. It doesn’t have to be some torturous process. It doesn’t have to take months or years to make significant shifts, and really start thinking and feeling differently. It doesn’t require devoting several hours a day to your personal development.

The resistance isn’t the problem–it is just a mish mash of thoughts, beliefs and feelings that we created. Our perception of it is. Our resistance to it is. It’s not the enemy.

If something happens that makes you angry, sad, doubtful, frustrated or anxious, it’s not ‘wrong’ to respond that way. In the moment, that’s the reaction you had, no big deal.

These reactions will only be a ‘problem’ if we get caught up in them and they linger for a really long time, if we insist we get to feel this way until something specific happens that justifies not feeling this way anymore, if we refuse to adopt a different perspective or look beyond appearances.

Again, no need to analyze every situation and corresponding energetic ‘response’ to death. You’ll know when to take a deeper look and when to just let it go and move on. And when the former happens, don’t resist that deeper look. Do it.

Your Turn

What did you think? Anything resonate in particular?

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