Life sucks then you die…um no. Are you one of the many people who believe this little gem? If so, unfortunately you are not alone.

For some odd reason, many people view being happy as some quaint, naive notion, and mock people who devote themselves to their betterment.

The world is a cruel, harsh unfair place rife with suffering and injustice, and they think anyone who refuses to give their attention to that, and to focus on the good, is just an idiot.

But, as we all know, deep down they want that same exact thing and it is too painful to think about if they really believe happiness is not possible for them.

The pull of negative emotion, beliefs and life experience is strong as hell, and it is none too hard to get sucked into the shit pit so deep you really can’t see a way out.

You are so used to thinking, feeling and believing certain things that feel terrible, no matter how much you would like to change it, it feels impossible.

You want things to be better, but you just can’t see how, conclude it isn’t possible and believe you are left with no other option than to be dissatisfied, unhappy and forever longing for something different.

Well, I have some good news for you…the above paragraph is full of utter bullshit…you totally can make things better. You are so not destined to live out your days in Suckville.

You have no idea how much better things can be; you have no idea of the power you have to create your reality. You have no idea the person you can become.

Luckily, however, you don’t have to figure it all out now, or work on making some huge dramatic shift before you can start seeing improvements.

So take heart if you feel like the life you have now and the one you want seem really far away from each other…it’s a process, a process than can be quite pleasant and less painful if you make peace with it, and not feel like you can’t be happy until everything you don’t like is no longer a part of your experience.

I created a pretty awesome life for myself in that I am doing pretty much all the things I decided I wanted to do. I earn money from location-independent ventures and have been traveling the world with my husband for the last four years.

This post is being penned from beautiful Bali, where we are house sitting in a beautiful property and not paying a dime to live here. Pretty sweet.

I used to be depressed a lot, and was quite anxious. I didn’t have a life filled with strife and trauma, but I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t super negative, but I wasn’t exactly bubbling over with positivity, looking forward to the potential of each new day either. Financial problems followed me often.

I didn’t expect much and I didn’t get much. But, over time, I started shifting my perspective and here I am. My life kind of sucked, at least in my personal opinion, and now it doesn’t. Imagine that.

Here are some insights that I think were most helpful in my own journey, that I think can be super-helpful for you too.

You Don’t Have to ‘Do’ Right Now, Just Think..That is Where the Magic Really Happens

So, gonna get a little law of attraction on your asses for just a moment…I know, shocking I would bring up this concept because I rarely talk about it.

We came into this existence with a paradigm of living that was very oriented towards action. We believe that taking action is what makes things happen, what creates our reality.

Yes, obviously we take all sorts of action as part of our experience. But, what is actually creating our reality is our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

The actions we take are inspired by what is predominant in our energy field overall, and in any given moment, and the results of those actions will also depend on what is happening on the inside.

Our reality is simply a mirror of our internal world.

So, with that little primer, I bring to you my first point, the thing that will probably be the most helpful in your little journey to no longer hating your life.

Because we are so oriented towards action, we are always looking at what we need to ‘do’ to fix things. And when we feel like there is no much we can ‘do’ in the moment, or that certain actions we take may not bear fruit for a really long time, we feel discouraged things can’t get better.

There may be so many things we think we need to ‘do,’ it can feel overwhelming, and when we feel that way, we tend to make the interesting decision of doing absolutely nothing.

Feeling like we can’t ‘do’ anything right now makes us feel powerless, which is a pretty shitty feeling, and will shut down all that delicious energy that you can help recreate your experience.

But the beauty of how our reality is really created means that you don’t have to worry about ‘doing’ anything right now. You can start creating a new life for yourself by focusing your attention on what you would rather have in your experience rather than the crap that is currently in it, that you don’t want anymore.

You can start changing things by changing your belief system, and practicing better-feeling thoughts. You can start focusing on the aspects of your life that you do like, and then more stuff you like will start showing up in your experience. It’s pretty great.

Once you start feeling better, you will likely receive all sorts of ideas and inspirations that will guide you to actions that feel good and get you great results. And before you know it, things are changing and you will be in a whole new space. When we align our energy towards what we want, action becomes less a part of the equation.

How Are You Being Served by the Suckiness?

This part of the process may not be fun, won’t lie to you about that. As much as your conscious mind might argue with this point, it is true: everything we do is because it is serving us in some way, we are getting some benefit, some sort of protection from something.

Now, if your life is sucking left and right, you would think it is ludicrous that somehow you want all this stuff, that it is serving you somehow. You’re miserable damn it…of course you don’t want all this crap.

The thing is, you have this part of yourself called the subconscious mind that stores every memory and experience you have ever had, and it is influencing your life in ways of which you are not even aware.

Over time, some pretty wacky decisions, and erroneous conclusions, were made about what life is like, and what type of person you are, and it has created all sorts of unwanted things in your experience.

You have all sorts of fears and beliefs that would seem quite silly to your rational mind, but are very real, strong and running in the background constantly.

So, yeah, everything in your life now, no matter how much you don’t like it, is serving you, or you would have never created the situations in the first place, and you would have an easier time changing bad habits and making the decisions that will bring you closer to what you consciously desire.

You may lament your bad eating habits, and hate your body. Yet, you can’t seem to adopt a healthier lifestyle and drop the pounds. Maybe the extra weight is protecting you from getting into a relationship because you were burned horribly in your last one. So long as you feel disgusting and unattractive, and awash in self-loathing, you’ll easily keep people away.

Or maybe your weight is an easy scapegoat as to why you can’t ‘get ahead’ and is masking the true fear that you aren’t ‘good enough.’

You lament not being able to find a great guy who is as smart, worldly and awesome as you. But then after sitting with it a bit, you start remembering how much your father berated your mother, and how he felt he was so superior to her in various ways because of his better upbringing, more education or whatever.

And you realize that you never wanted to experience this, so you always went for the guys to whom you could feel superior, guys who could never do that to you because you were clearly the ‘better’ one in the relationship.

It’s pretty fascinating stuff, and tapping into these realizations can be life-changing for sure. Once you have a better understanding of why you are operating the way you are, you can begin making real progress.

Don’t worry if you can’t automatically shift your fears and beliefs in one go…it’s not necessary. The awareness of what has been happening is more than half the battle and that alone can help you start creating significant change.

Step Into the Pain

Again, this part may not be fun. The whole point of wanting things to change is to make the pain stop, and the idea of feeling it full force, is understandably, not very appealing.

But, it is actually the best way to move through it, and purge some energy that is holding you back from being the person you really want to be and living the life you really want to live.

While you have been all sorts of unhappy, there is a good chance you have been engaging in a lot of denial, suppressing, glossing over, and what have you.

It is your mind trying to protect you, and it means well, but this tendency is very damaging in the long run.

Only when you can truly allow yourself to feel the pain, admit your true feelings about your life and acknowledge the fears, can you really begin to create the level of awesomeness of which you are capable.

Now, this process may be a bit tempered and it’s cool. There may be a fear of going too deep. There may be some things you are not ready to face, or ready to fully admit to.

Don’t force yourself to go somewhere that is too painful and scary…while this process is not exactly pleasant, it is not meant to be an exercise in emotional and mental torture.

Don’t hold anything back. Let the anger out. Let yourself think all the mean, petty things you think about people. Let yourself feel the resentment, unfairness, bitterness…it’s all good.

Let yourself have the revenge fantasies about burning your ex’s house down. Let yourself hate his new girlfriend.

When you have all that shit brewing inside you, just trying to go from that to Miss Mary Sunshine ,because you think that is how you are supposed to feel, is not going to work. In theory, it’s possible, but anyone who is capable of making such a shift would probably not be in your current predicament.

Journaling can be really helpful for this process. There is something very powerful in writing things out . It is like you are helping transfer the information out of your head and into the ‘outside world’ where it can break apart and disintegrate.

By allowing yourself to really feel what you are feeling for maybe the first time ever, you are making room for all sorts of wonderful insights and heaps of clarity. You can clear out some space for some genuinely positive emotion.

The important thing to remember is that once you enter this space, things can only start to get better, trust me.

In Closing…

Right now, it might seem like you have a bit of tunnel vision. Your filter is a bit fudged up, and it is souring your view on everything, and another way may not be immediately visible.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist…it most certainly exists. We came into this human experience to create all sorts of awesome shit…not everyone will realize that however, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Take back your power; step into the powerful creator you are. Give yourself permission to want something better. Know the sheer fact you exist makes you worthy and deserving of anything you think will bring you greater happiness.

Your Turn…

What did you think of this post? Anything resonate with you in particular? Are you feeling like things are kind of sucky right now in any area of your life? How are you working on moving towards what you want? Where do you feel stuck? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.