Manifesting Weight Loss Call Series

There are certain areas of our life where the link between our energy and our reality is very clear and obvious once we get even a basic understanding of a teaching like the law of attraction–no problem connecting those dots and correcting course in whatever ways necessary.

But there are other areas where it’s not only harder to tease out, but to actually believe it exists in the first place. Weight and other issues of the body usually fall into this category for most of us.

The causes of excess weight seem to be very external–there’s no way energy can be responsible nor can ‘changing’ it lead to any real difference. The problem stems from genetics or other physical issues you may not be able to do much about. The solutions are also external–eating a certain diet, exercising more. And if those don’t work, we’re screwed we suppose…

This isn’t to discount any of these things; this isn’t to say you may not work on addressing some of these issues. I can only speak to my own experience, and in my experience, I saw clear as day how my energy contributed to my weight gain and how working on it contributed to my weight loss, even if on a logical level I still can’t quite understand it. 

Understanding what we understand about energy–provided you believe this is ‘true’ and you likely do to some degree if you’re reading this–excess weight and weight gain, like any other physical manifestation, has its roots in energy. Something is happening in this ‘invisible’ part of you that is manifesting as the weight.

The weight ,like any other unwanted manifestation, is showing us ‘kinks’ in our energy, that if addressed will no longer need to be mirrored back to us–any manifestation of them in our reality will cease to be.

For many people, their work with the law of attraction and weight loss typically entails trying to act ‘as if’ you already have the body you want–that is usually pretty hard.  Perhaps you’ve been affirming ‘thinness’ and what not. And those ‘tools and techniques’ have their place but with the amount of resistance we may have to our bodies now, frustration with our ‘failed’ efforts and what not, this usually doesn’t get us too far. We’re not looking at what needs to be looked at.

I felt inspired to do this call series based on my own journey of weight loss through energetic transformation. This is an issue near and dear to my heart. A few years back, I noticed I wasn’t the super-skinny person I had been for years prior and the pounds kept piling on… I had gained an amount of weight with which I was extremely uncomfortable. There was no ‘reason’ I should have gained so much, yet I was heavier than I’d ever been. Attempts at losing it totally fell flat. Things that ‘should’ have led me to drop the pounds didn’t work in the slightest.

It wasn’t until I started exploring things on a more energetic level that I saw a change. As an LOA teacher, you would think I would have been exploring this energetically from the get-go…but alas I wasn’t for a variety of reasons, and I’ll save all those juicy details for the calls. Within months I started dropping pounds that I struggled to lose for close to three years

It was fascinating  to see the link between this inner work and the outer transformation that I had pretty much given up on. Once the ball got rolling here, the weight came off so easily with minimal effort. The best part was the weight itself was rarely ever the true ‘focus.’ I didn’t have to ‘try’ and manifest a different body, I just dealt with what was creating the one I didn’t want, followed my intuition on the ‘action’ front and my physical appearance just followed suit.

Any external change I believed would benefit me was so easy to make. There was no more ‘trying.’ So many things I thought I would have needed to ‘do’ to maintain the weight loss don’t seem to be necessary.

I wanted to share my experience and insights in hopes it can help others get a clearer understanding of a link that again, can be harder to see in this area of life. If I can help you understand it better, you can apply this information with greater success.

Investment In You


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