Manifesting May Be A Verb But It’s Not An Action: How To ‘Be’ All You Want

Staring at your vision board till your eyes cross to no avail? Saying affirmations till your lips feel numb and nada? Writing out that gratitude list and you still got nothing? Plowing through program after program promising you the world and you’re still right where you started? On an anxiety-fueled hunt looking for that piece of the puzzle you must be missing? 

If so, this is the class for you!

Manifesting is an active ‘process,’ you are ‘participating,’ but there isn’t any ‘doing’ as we tend to see it. 

Most people think of the law of attraction as something to be ‘used’ by way of employing a variety of tools and techniques designed to ‘raise’ your vibration so you may attract very specific things. And while they often play a role in the process for many of us by helping activate certain energies, set intentions, and focus in ways that can be beneficial, this in and of itself is not manifesting. 

It is wrongly seen as a very action-oriented process, as something you ‘do.’ 

This misunderstanding leads to countless problems; it creates an amount of tension, anxiety, frustration and hopelessness that leave people rueing the day they learned about any of this, –this is NOT how the journey is supposed to be. 

We must understand manifesting is always about what we are ‘being’ NOT doing. We’re constantly creating by way of the energetic ‘signature’ we’re putting out into the world. 

We engage in all this ‘work,’ all this ‘efforting’ and nothing seems to change. And we are left scratching our heads because we have been doing all the things we have been told to do to get what we want. 

Are we doing something ‘wrong?’ Have we not tried the ‘right’ tool or technique or combination thereof? Is there some crucial step we are missing? The answer to all these questions is a big, fat NO. 

The reason nothing has changed is because we haven’t changed. The contents of our inner world–the true level of cause–is basically the same. All this ‘doing’ hasn’t changed our ‘being’ at all. 

We become so focused on the outside and trying to ‘attract’ what we don’t have rather than aligning with it energetically–these are very different journeys. The first may get us something here and there, but it tends not to be consistent; we’re usually selling ourselves short. 

The second one is where it’s at, and that’s the one I want to help you travel.

Investment In You


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