Wanting Without Needing How Sweet It Is

If we have to get up and live in this world everyday, it’s understandable we want to have certain things in our little corner of it–money, relationships, good health, fulfilling work. There’s NO REASON not to have them. We SHOULD have them.

But as anyone who’s been ‘dabbling’ in the law of attraction for any length of time knows, feeling like you ‘need’ these things to be happy, like you can’t possibly feel better until they show up–pain, pain, nothing but pain.

If that pain is the primary fuel driving our conscious creation journey, we’ll just create more pain,pain and nothing but pain! All we’re focused on is what we don’t have, and LOA 101–we’ll just continue to manifest a reality where we don’t have it.

All our ‘energy work’ is coming from a place of deep tension and resistance to our current circumstances and actually increases the pain, increases the ‘need.’ This work can have great value in its ability to help us activate beneficial energies, but it will ‘work’ a hell of a lot better when the energy of ‘need’ isn’t motivating it.

Detaching from what we want isn’t about giving up on it. While your mind thinks the energy of ‘need’ is somehow helpful to the process, it’s not. The Universe doesn’t respond to ‘need;’ it won’t throw you a bone because it sees how sad you are without a boyfriend. It just responds to our energy in a disinterested, dispassionate way.

Unless we completely withdraw from worldly life, we’re going to remain invested in the outside world; we’re going to care about what our life looks like. We’re going to want certain things, want certain experiences. We’re here to create, we’re here to do stuff.

There is something to be said for the power of our desires, the necessity of the ‘wanting.’ We’re putting out something into the Universe that gets the ball rolling on them materializing. This ‘wanting’ serves a purpose but the needing..again, not so much.

None of us are probably going to stop ‘wanting’ anytime soon, and if this is the reality with which we’re contending, we need to find a way to make this wanting less painful, because knowing what we know about energy, it’s not helping matters in the slightest.

I will help you understand where the need is coming from, how deeply dysfunctional your mind is. Once this comes to light, it  gets a lot easier to divest from all its chatter; you longer have such reverence for it, you no longer trust it implicitly as you have been doing this whole time.

As you free yourself from your mind bullshit, your energy transforms in significant ways, often with minimal ‘effort’ on your part.

Your primary problem is the energy of ‘need’ and all the mental nonsense from which it stems. It’s not that you aren’t being ‘positive’ enough; it’s not that you were unclear about your wants; it’s not that you’re using the ‘wrong’ tools and techniques.

It has nothing to do with anything you’re ‘doing.’ It’s all about what you’re’ being.’ It’s a good thing it’s not an action-problem. It means there’s nothing you need to learn, you don’t have to worry about doing things ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’

Once you drop the ‘need’ you’ll see all sorts of movement in your life; when the stuff does show up, you’ll enjoy it a hell of a lot more. And you’ll get what you truly want pretty much immediately, which is to feel better.

Investment In You


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