The Law Of Attraction And Your Business

Then This Is The Course For You My Friend

If you were drawn here, then there is at least some small part of you that resonates with a concept like the law of attraction, the idea that our world is created from the inside out, that we have the power to shape our reality, that the Universe supports us, and is set up to work for us and not against us.

When you are aligned with what you want energetically, you have to do a lot less, and any action you do take is from a space of flow and inspiration. It feels good. It feels effortless. You don’t have to figure it all out anymore, you just know what to do.

You know when to take action and when to refrain. You become much more comfortable following your intuition and inner guidance, and life just gets so much easier. These ideas sound wonderful ,and to say that putting them into practice is life-changing, is an understatement if there ever was one.

The Challenge Of Applying These Teachings To Your Business

When the stakes are high, abandoning the old ways of thinking becomes more difficult. Living from this space can feel really scary, especially when we are talking about our livelihood, our finances.

Giving yourself over to the process and living from that space of trust, surrender and inspired action, can seem like quite the tall order. Coupled with the many misconceptions about the law of attraction, we can find ourselves really struggling to apply a teaching that seems to be so easy; we find ourselves struggling to get real results.

Remaining in alignment while we wait for reality to catch up with our new vibration, and mirror it back to us with all sorts of awesome manifestations, is challenging.

We usually need some guidance, and that is where I come in.

I won’t lie…it takes a shitload of courage but I speak from personal experience when I say IT IS SO WORTH IT.

The Law Of Attraction Was My Linchpin

I owe my life to this teaching. It was the foundation for creating my perfect business–a location-independent endeavor that allows me to indulge my passion for travel, and earn money from anywhere. For the last five years, my husband and I have been traveling the world, living in exotic locales such as Bali, Thailand and Costa Rica.

This course will help you create your perfect business, whether you are a fellow location-independent globe-trotter, run a brick and mortar operation or want to create a successful home-based business so you can spend more time with your kids, or fulfill your dream of working in your pajamas or nothing at all.

I am not just talking theory with you. I have been in the trenches, and I know first-hand this stuff is real. I live and breathe deliberate creation. Nothing brings me greater joy and fulfillment than helping others make the successful transition to conscious creator and connect more fully with who they really are.

When it really starts sinking in our world is created from the inside out, it starts to make a whole lot of sense to give our inner world some loving attention. Studying the law of attraction isn’t about abandoning traditional advice or sound business practices. It isn’t about sitting around doing nothing waiting for a successful business to take shape around you.

It’s about taking action from an energetically-sound space. It’s about working from inspiration and flow, not force and manipulation. It’s about realizing you have a business partner in the Universe, and you couldn’t ask for a better one.

And this program is not just about listening to me talk and taking in information. There is an energy transmission going on. I am vibing nice and high, and you’ll be receiving that energy. You’ll be receiving the energy that is being transmitted through the words I am speaking.

And that alone can begin transforming your inner world, shifting the beliefs that aren’t serving you, and cleaning up your vibration to make room for the good stuff to start showing up.

It’s About So Much More Than Money And Business

While we will be talking business specifically, what you learn here will change your whole life. And this is because all your problems, whether in the realm of business, relationships, money, family or whatever else life throws at you, are merely a symptom of something much larger. And that something is a network of beliefs, thoughts and feelings that aren’t serving you.

When you get to those root causes, it creates a ripple effect through every nook and cranny of your existence and everything starts getting better. It’s pretty amazing actually.

What you want runs so much deeper than ‘success’ or that sweet cash. This course will help you figure out what that something deeper is, and how to align with that. It will guide you in how to best design your life ,and business, to allow these energies to thrive. Don’t worry, you still get to have the money. 😉

Program Overview


  • Laying the foundation with some core aspects of LOA teachings
  • The need to question the current paradigms and traditional wisdom
  • How to work within certain core beliefs about business rather than trying to change them
  • Making peace with the fact changing our beliefs and energy is a process
  • Understanding whatever you want is not what you really want…true story
  • The importance of creating a successful business from a place of fullness and not lack
  • Getting clarity about your business and what you want out of it
  • Realizing a mere willingness to believe success and money can be easy and effortless goes a long way


  • Clearing out the fears, limiting beliefs, conflicting energies and other ‘gunk’
  • Why shifting limiting beliefs is way easier than we think it is and how to do it
  • Realizing total shifting isn’t necessary to start seeing results
  • Uncovering the larger energetic issues that are being mirrored to you in your business
  • Strengthening your vibration of confidence
  • Identifying fears and conflicting desires that muddy your business success
  • Releasing the hard work and suffering mentality, and creating with ease and joy
  • Manifestations that typically follow these shifts and how to deal with them


  • Reassessing the role of action in building your business
  • Learning how to create from energy rather than action
  • The lowdown on inspired action and maximizing its leverage
  • Navigating the transition from acting from force to acting from inspiration
  • Using action as a form of energy work
  • Knowing when it is better to act or better to do nothing
  • Dealing with the discomfort that inevitably gets triggered when we do less
  • Practical tips for integrating a less-action oriented approach to your business


  • The ease of manifesting money–it’s all the same to the Universe
  • Seeing money for what it really is and how to stop holding it responsible for your happiness
  • Understanding your true nature is infinitely abundant
  • Embodying abundance no matter your current financial reality
  • Making peace with the fact you want money and clearing conflicting energies
  • How to uncover your unique blend of money blocks
  • Realizing your money problems have nothing to do with money
  • The energetic importance of wanting to ‘give’ rather than ‘get’


  • Practical tips for integrating what you have learned during this course
  • How to remain in alignment while transitioning to this more energetic approach
  • The importance of letting yourself transition at a pace which is comfortable for you
  • Making a commitment to letting your feelings being your guiding force
  • Letting yourself act from inspiration without developing attachment to outcomes and expectations
  • Letting resonance guide you when it comes to implementing traditional business advice
  • Embracing the discomfort that comes with releasing the old success paradigms and embracing the new
  • Manifestations that will likely come and why you shouldn’t freak out about them

Inverstment In You


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