LOA for Humans: Theory vs Reality of Manifesting and Managing Your Mind

The ‘theory’ of manifesting and the law of attraction, like all theories, doesn’t take into account the ‘real-world’ conditions in which you are attempting to apply this information.

When it comes to conscious creation, the kinks in our energy go way beyond just not believing the law of attraction is an actual ‘thing.’. In theory, simply deciding to believe it is, is all that is being asked of us. And from there, understanding what we now understand about energy, all we have to do is focus positively, and engage in a variety of tools and techniques to activate the energy that will bring us the cash, the boyfriend, the new job or the new body.

And free of all our energetic ‘ick,’ this would work BEAUTIFULLY and the awesome stuff would rush in faster than we can handle it.

But again, the reality of our energy is much different. We’re not going to change our belief system overnight, especially when our mind has little to no evidence in our own life to support this way of thinking.

Just not believing in the law of attraction is far from our only problem–we have to contend with unprocessed feelings, self-sabotage, worthiness and deserving issues, other people and all their crap to name a few things.

And don’t even get me started on the various dysfunctions of your mind, who if we continue to listen to, will get us as far with this teaching as a car stuck in the mud just spinning its wheels in one spot. I’ll save all that noise for the calls.

Have no fear though–even if it seems like there is ‘so much’ stuff, dealing with it isn’t actually all that difficult; and a few core changes to our thinking will take care of the various saboteurs simultaneously, since at the root, they are all stemming from a few basic energetic kinks.

If all your positive energy activation, and pleadings to the Universe to give you your stuff, has not been bearing much fruit, the problem is very simple. There is another energy that is stronger and is continuing to dominate your reality. LOA 101 here. I imagine you would like to change this, stop torturing yourself, start feeling better and see the changes in your life you know are possible.

Getting a better understanding of the energy that created what you don’t like and reining in all your mind’s bullshit is ALL you really need to do to see results in your life. Worked beautifully for me.

Isn’t it nice to think you only have one problem with applying this teaching successfully rather than the 50 your mind thinks you have, from thinking you must be doing it ‘wrong’ to not having found the ‘perfect’ tool yet (and OH GOD, what if you NEVER do)?

Isn’t it a nice feeling to believe you don’t have to engage in all that personal development bullshit busy work that you actually don’t resonate with, you don’t enjoy doing and isn’t doing shit to change your reality? Nice doesn’t even begin to describe it.

The people who this call series is for already know this and I don’t need to flesh all that out; you’re in and what I say here probably matters very little as far as influencing your decision.

So I’m going to flesh out who this ISN’T for. This call series will be basically be useless if:

-You are more interested in changing stuff you don’t like than actually changing your energy

-You care more about getting your stuff than being happy

-You are deeply entrenched in pain-minimization mode and pretty much insist on staying there

-You are not ready, interested or willing to explore your energy and deal with your shit

-You are just interested in changing your energy the bare minimum to let something different in

-You still see the LOA as a tool to manipulate reality rather than a Universal law

-Your mind is king and you are not interested in operating from the world of feeling and intuition

-You are more interested in surviving than thriving

-You are just finding my work and you get a bit butt-hurt about ‘bad’ language.


How It Goes Down

The call series will consist of 4 weekly calls which will contain a Q and A portion. Questions can be asked live or through written chat. They typically run an hour or so, depending on what I have to say and how many questions I receive.

Each call comes with an assignment designed to help you explore your own energy more deeply around the subject matter discussed, and if relevant, suggested tools, techniques and actions I believe have value in this context, and will help facilitate inner transformation, NOT get you something you don’t have (that is a natural byproduct of the inner work.) This is not an action-oriented program. Call recordings will be provided.

Series Begins Monday January 14th 8 PM EST

Investment in You: 149.00