Tapping into the energy which ushers in all that ‘can be’ is hard when our vibe is bogged down by all the energy of what ‘was’

In a nutshell, this course is for you if you feel any element of your past is mucking up your potential as a conscious creator.

Our past experiences often cast long shadows energetically. The stories our mind has weaved around them and the resulting pain can feel impossible to move past. So we resign ourselves to being stuck with it, and whatever problems it as created –the substance abuse, closing ourselves off to opportunity, self-sabotage, inability to connect with others and just generally being miserable. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Our mind uses what has already happened as a measuring stick for what is likely to happen moving forward, and this tendency is one of our biggest barriers to aligning with a new reality. The mind can’t fathom ever losing the weight, getting the clients or meeting a great person because that has never been your experience thus far. It can’t fathom you ever becoming the person you’re trying to be because you’ve never been like that before. What has happened up until now means jack for future possibilities.

If our energy is truly the level of cause as far as what our life experience looks like, we see how dealing with all of this is a non-negotiable if we want to see change in our life–at least meaningful, lasting, significant change anyway.  Imagine the vibration possible if you truly tackled this issue?

Investment In You


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