Heal Mind Heal Body

There are certain aspects of our life where buying into the idea that our inner world creates our outer world can be harder because ‘what is’ and why it is seems so contrary. Health and our bodies is one of biggies.

That symptoms, diseases, even our weight, is a reflection of energy–something we can control– and not physical processes largely believed to be beyond our control, seems encouraging; but again, hard to really buy into.

It is also an aspect where looking beyond ‘what is’ can be particularly challenging. Health issues often have a far-ranging impact on our day to day life, and may always be ‘in our face.’ It can make even the simplest tacks seem Herculean. Chronic pain and other physical discomforts can wear down even the most positive person, the most ardent believer in conscious creation.

I was inspired to do this series because of a pretty scary health issue I manifested in my own life. It turned my world upside down, and I learned A LOT on my healing journey. It changed me in permanent and lasting ways, like no other experience until that point.

Not only was I able to heal my physical body with this energetic ‘work,’ I was able to heal all sorts of ‘psychic’ wounds, and my whole life transformed.  While it can be hard for our mind to grasp how energy seems to supercede any ‘physical’ cause, all I know is as I healed emotionally, I got better physically. That was all the ‘proof’ I needed, and I didn’t care so much about understanding how it worked, I just saw it did.

It was a HUGE manifestation, and I kind of think of it as the best and worst thing that has happened to me; and feel I have some insights that will be of benefit to others. If you resonate with my work in general, I think you will find what I have to say in this context in particular very helpful.

Investment In You


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