ID-100280877Many people mistakenly think law of attraction is all about thinking certain things and then making those exact things happen. But, this isn’t really how it works. Sure, our thoughts play an important role because they help us translate energy into nice pictures that represent the things we would like. We often get the exact things we pictured, but not so much because we thought about those exact things. It is because what we want was activated energetically when we decided we wanted it, the Universe took note and we became a match to the feelings behind these desires.

You actually don’t have to think all that much about what you want. The most important aspect of the attraction process is raising your vibration, which is the sum of all your feelings and beliefs. The better you feel, the higher it goes. The more good that is infused throughout it, the more awesomeness you will bring into your life. You can think about what you want all the live long day, but if you don’t really feel like you can have it, it ain’t coming.

The thing about LOA is that it is really easy, but our minds in their current condition just can’t accept that, and we make it a lot harder than it has to be. When we are just starting out especially, we have a lot of layers of junk that we need to work through, and the process of feeling better can be a bit more slow-going. And that is okay. We need to accept where we are in the moment, and work with the process.

In theory, feeling better is easy, and the more you work with LOA, the easier it truly does become. But, in practice, getting into that better feeling space can feel really challenging because of all the mind muck.

But, better feelings are always available to us, no matter what is going on in our lives. We just have to find ways to bring them to the surface. Here are four strategies that I think are particularly helpful for accomplishing this important goal.

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Just Let Your Daydreams/Visualizations Play Out

As we all know, what we attract is based on what we feel. We cultivate certain feelings on a regular basis, and we will attract situations that match those feelings. This means that we just want to do whatever we can to conjure up the feelings we need to bring our desired circumstances into the physical.

One of the best ways to do this is through our daydreaming and visualizations. These are very powerful tools for cultivating those amazing, warm fuzzies that will allow the Universe to deliver the goods. But, the problem is, we often let our brain get in the way, and we break the wonderful flow we get going.

So, when you get into that space of daydreaming and visualizing, just go with whatever pops in there. Don’t censor it because it doesn’t make sense, seems unrealistic or you can’t figure out how that particular thing would happen. Don’t always look at these activities as a way to mold your reality in the exact way you are imagining in your head.

Use this time to just get into a good feeling space. Have fun with it. If you are thinking about opening a women’s clothing store for example, you may have an image of hiring hot guys to tell all the customers how awesome they look in the clothing they are trying on, and complimenting them. It is silly and feels good. Don’t stop it because that is something you would never actually do.

If you find yourself getting into the space of what your ideal day would look like, you may have an image popping into your mind of working from home and spending more time with your kids. But, then good old brainy gets in the way, and you start thinking that you have always worked in an office, what kind of job could you get that you could work at home? You start worrying about the details. Don’t. Just keep daydreaming about that ideal day.

Remember, the whole aim of your work with LOA is to work on aligning your energy with what you want, and whatever you can do to accomplish that goal is a good use of your time. What is actually going on in your head has very little to do with the attracting process. It is just a tool to raise your vibration so take advantage of that, and let your thoughts go wherever they need so you can feel better.

Create Relief by Willing to Accept Options Exist Even if You Can’t See Them Yet

The thing about attraction is, we can only let in situations, solutions, ideas and what have you, to which we are a match. And because we are not yet master manifestors, we can have a pretty limited view of how our problems may be solved, or how the things we want can come to us.

We look at our current situation, and can only see a handful of ways it could potentially get better. Then we start examining those options more closely trying to figure out how each particular one could come into play for this particular situation. And, most of the time, we end up feeling discouraged because none of these limited options seem plausible. And this creates a yucky energy that will continue to block the awesomeness.

But, there are infinite ways this situation could improve and there are oodles of solutions that you simply cannot access, based on your current vibration and belief system.

The main feeling we are looking for in moments like these is a sense of relief, that sense that the issue will be taken care of in some way. Relief is a very powerful feeling when it comes to the attraction process. It sets a very powerful shifting of energy in motion.

And this feeling eludes many of us because of this reliance on only seeing what our puny brains could come up with. It is very good at convincing us that anything it can’t conceive of must not exist.

But, if you have even a little bit of trust in the process of LOA, you know there is infinite solutions, and that we are no match for what the Universe can throw together.

So, tap into this trust, and accept there are solutions and options, even if you can’t see them yet. Know that the Universe can deliver what you need when you need it. The situation will either get taken care of with very little input from you, or the answer will come to you.

This is something that actually happens all the time. Think back to a time when you were worried about something, or trying to figure something out, and the answer just floated into your mind at the most random time when you weren’t focusing on the issue at hand.

If you can really cultivate that feeling that you know there is a solution even if you can’t see it yet, you will create a huge shift in your energy, and begin the process of aligning with whatever it is you need.

Don’t Crap All Over Any Manifestations You Have Gotten

Again, we can only manifest things to which we are a match, and this means that sometimes we don’t get exactly what we want with a particular manifestation. And, then we get all annoyed and wonder why we didn’t get exactly just what we asked for.

Well, we didn’t get exactly what we wanted because, again, we are not yet a match to it. And it is probably a really good thing the Universe doesn’t hold out until our vibration is completely perfect, or most of us would probably never get anything good EVER.

It also means that manifesting certain things may be easier than others for us because limiting beliefs around a particular aspect of our life may be a bit stronger. And, while we are happy with what we have gotten so far, we are still putting all our focus on what we don’t have yet.

Instead of celebrating what we have been doing right, and the cool things we have gotten because of it, we are lamenting about what we don’t have yet. We are beating ourselves up for not yet allowing these things into our experience.

Meanwhile, we have created all this awesomeness, but essentially we are saying it isn’t good enough. And, this feeling of what we have now not being enough for us is a major vibration killer. Know why? Because this sentiment creates feelings of lack and need, which prevent us from feeling good now and like what we want is already here.

So, stop crapping over all the great things you have brought into your life because they are not the ‘perfect’ representation or they seem like something small. Celebrate them. They are proof you are on the right path vibrationally. If you got these things by consciously applying the principles of LOA, it means you can get anything else too. The attraction process is the same no matter what you are seeking. That certain things seem more difficult is solely because of the severity of the blocks we have around them, not because they are inherently more difficult to attract.

You also want to remember that certain manifestations unfold over a longer period of time, and won’t happen instantly.

So, don’t downplay anything you have manifested so far. Don’t dismiss those things because they are not exactly what you wanted, or because you feel justified in focusing on what you don’t yet have.

Figure Out How to Stop Doing Things You Don’t Want to Do

We have been instilled with the belief that there are just sucky things in life that we just have to do, and that there is just nothing to be done about it. We have to accept it, and ride out the suckiness.

But, when you really break it down, we really don’t have to do any of these things. We either keep doing them because we falsely believe we have to, or the decision to stop doing them involves doing things that make us extremely uncomfortable, and we can’t bring ourselves to act.

So, what are you doing right now that you don’t want to be doing? What would make it possible to stop doing these things?

Maybe you have various tasks for your business that you really don’t like doing yourself—you think you have to do them, but you could outsource, could you not? Get someone else to handle the payroll or management of your internet marketing campaign.

Perhaps your time is being sucked up by various commitments, many of which you could happily do without, but you just can’t seem to say no. You feel a sense of obligation, or think because you technically have the time, to say no would be ‘wrong.’ Let them go. Don’t worry about what other people will think or say—it’s not your problem.

As for the things that you may not be able to just stop doing right this second, start formulating a plan. Work on shifting your perspective on the situation so that in the meantime, you can find a way to feel better about it. The better you feel, the more smoothly whatever transition you are hoping to make will go.

If you are thinking about making any sort of bold move, like quitting your job when you only have two months of savings banked, don’t do things like this unless you feel you have really aligned energetically with your desired outcome, and you have a large degree of trust in the process of LOA.

If you don’t do these things, you will just end up in a stressed panic, and you will delay whatever it is you want. Remember, LOA is all about how we feel, and you want to make decisions that make you feel good, not absolutely filled with dread. The sky is the limit and you can have whatever it is you want, but don’t go too big too fast if you don’t feel ready energetically.

Be willing to look at things in a different way, and release the belief that doing things we don’t want to do is an absolute necessity.

So, those are four of my tips for getting into an LOA-friendly vibe. I hope you found the post helpful. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. Did anything here particularly jump out at you? What tips do you have for raising your vibe and feeling better? Where do you struggle in this all-important task? Looking forward to having a chat.