Life is so much lighter
and full of joy

The month I spent with Kelli has truly been life transforming. I’ve come out the other side a different person. The techniques she gave me each week were simple and easy to implement. It was surprising that the results started to show within days!

She took the time to read my emails and remembered all the details. It was obvious how sincerely she took an interest in me personally and what I was going through. It was like having someone hold my hand through the process and help me every step of the way. I’ve been able to combat my personal fears, resistance and now I can actually let go! I know how to let go!

That was one of my biggest sticking points since 8 years of LOA practice. It was intuition that lead me to Kelli and I don’t know how I could have done this without her. Truly life transforming! I look forward to working with her again as my life unfolds and I know I can trust her to help me as a guide on my journey. Life is now so much lighter and full of joy. I’m loving life again. From the bottom of my heart and soul, I am grateful for the experience I had with her and look forward to more!!!

Corin R.

I felt better instantly
after our first call

I immediately resonated with Kelli’s blog when I found it, and knew that I wanted to work with her as a coach. I’ve read lots about the Law of Attraction, but was having some trouble implementing it into my own life. With Kelli, I was able to share with her what I was going through at the moment, and she shared with me exactly what was going on from an LOA perspective… something that was great for someone who “got” LOA in theory, but still had trust issues with it regarding my own life.

Kelli is extremely well-versed in this stuff…she knows what she’s talking about, and I knew during our calls that what she was saying was true. I felt better instantly after our first call, and very quickly had A LOT of realizations which led to a total shift in perspective…this definitely really works, and FAST.

Not only did Kelli remind me that I was completely in control of my situation and that the Universe has my back, she also had many tips on how to deal with specifics in order to continue feeling better and use LOA to my advantage. I definitely recommend Kelli’s coaching services to anyone who is going through something that they want to change, but don’t fully trust that they’ve been doing it “right”, or can do it at all on their own. Kelli covers so much ground in just an hour, and the results speak for themselves.

A. S.

Kelli is the SHIT!

Kelli is THE SHIT! (Should I not curse in a testimonial?! 😉 ). What drew me to her is her writings about the reality of LOA vs the theory. I was struggling because intellectually I knew LOA, but felt like I had all of these limiting beliefs and stuck energetic patterns that were holding me back. Her coaching was thorough, clear and concise…I worked through a lot the “stuff” that was below the surface, which helped me clear and transform many of my beliefs. I LOVED strengthening my belief that it’s NOT the action, it’s the energy and it’s helped to transform the way I run business. It’s been an awesome 8 weeks!


I’ve started experiencing a huge outpouring of awesome manifestations

About a year ago, I started studying up on the Law of Attraction. I read through a few of the “classics,” but most of them only covered the theory side of things—and I found myself constantly Googling specific questions I had. Kelli’s blog popped up every. single. time. It was only a matter of time before I knew I needed to work with her one-on-one. I’M SO GLAD I DID!! (And I wish I could make the font even bigger, because that’s how excited I still am about it!)

In the 4 weeks that I worked with Kelli, I’ve felt a drastic change in how I look at my life. Kelli has an incredible knack for taking the theory of the LOA and explaining it in real-life terms. I’d talk to her each week and come away with a new understanding.

Like a lot of people, I struggle with money, relationship, and weight issues, and Kelli helped me to reframe my beliefs. She took the time to work through my problems and really get at the core of each subject. In just a few weeks, I was able to look at the “bad” things in my life with new eyes and develop a more aligned way of thinking.

Besides the weekly calls, Kelli was always there to answer my questions via email (and I had a lot). Her responses were thorough and as helpful as our calls. Not to mention, the homework was so valuable, and one of the assignments in particular has permanently changed how I view manifesting—and it’s so liberating!

Now that our sessions have come to an end, I have so much more appreciation for my life. That would be great in and of itself, but I’ve also started experiencing a huge outpouring of awesome manifestations: money coming from random places, seeing more and more cute guys, and even hearing from an old coworker who designed a personalized workout and diet plan for free!

Before working with Kelli, I went through life with a low-level feeling of pessimism, but now I wake up almost every morning feeling like something awesome is about to happen (and it usually does)! I am so grateful for Kelli’s wisdom and help!! Thank you!!


You Can Talk About Anything Without Judgment

I’ve been working with Kelli for awhile.  She creates an environment where you can talk about anything, without judgement, and move forward with clarity on what you want, and more importantly,  why you want it.

What I have learned is that it all comes down to figuring out how you want to feel, and Kelli ingrains that in you.  I think the thing I like best about working with her is that she simplifies everything.  Between my business and my personal life, I have a lot on my plate and Kelli’s methods fit seamlessly into my schedule.  I would recommend her services to anyone whether they are looking to grow personally or professionally.

E. K.

She showed me how to
get out of that dark place

I loved my coaching session with Kelli! For someone like myself who is fairly well versed in the Law of Attraction, it was great to hear some things that are not really explained in other LOA sources of information. One of the things that really resonated with me is that there is a difference between acknowledging our responsibility in what we are able to manifest while not weighing ourselves down with blame for those “not so great” manifestations.

For the specific reason I needed assistance with, I was having a difficult time getting my energy moving again due to a multitude of some big emotional happenings in my life going on all at once. Kelli is so realistic when she says most people just can’t turn on their happy switch while in the midst of their $#!t storm! Knowing that even the smallest of steps make a difference in raising your vibrations to get you to happy is comforting and helps you stay in the game.

She also showed me that in the midst of desperation, it is not necessary to go crazy applying every possible technique you’ve ever learned with LOA to get out of that dark place. I now have more clarity of where I need to let go a little bit, what fears I need to deal with, how to make decisions on taking certain actions and how to celebrate any moment of feeling better than I did yesterday. Even though I didn’t see it, she was able to show me where I really am with my ability to manifest the good things based on my story and that I’m actually much closer to it than I realized! Thank you so much for your insight, Kelli!


The Experience Was Unforgettable

When I first started with Kelli it was my custom to experience depression, self-loathing suicidal feelings constantly, mostly due to heavy drug use. So when Kelli did the initial phone call (she was very prompt) I really opened up to her about my deep, dark secrets. Upon being transparent and honest with her about my inner demons; she seems to really be able to relate to me in such a way that is surreal. I NEVER felt judged, and was never ignored. She responded to me immediately and with wisdom and a tremendous amount of knowledge that truly reached my heart and resonated with my inner struggles.

The exercises she used to assist me was very effective in aiding me in understanding the drug binges and the exercises helped open me up to some real true awareness that I had NEVER realized; with that said…I noticed an immediate shift in my feeling towards the drug use AND awareness toward where my attention (thoughts) and intention were. With awareness being my new found revelation it caused a decrease in a lot of other negativity I was not aware of prior to her exercises. The exercises are simple and I think for me, should be continued, and I know I will get even more results than what I’ve already gotten.

In conclusion the truth that I’m not using drugs as hard as I was is the first break through I’ve ever had so fast and so lasting. The most important lesson of all was just simply realizing and doing what really make me happy and remaining with that present awareness….and that made the teaching exercises and this experience unforgettable.

Thanks Kelli, looking forward to our continuance!


Kelli has a true mastery
of the Law of Attraction

Kelli is an understanding person who shows mastery in the law of attraction. She has shown kindness and compassion in my desire to live a better life! I definitely recommend her to anyone who is trying to improve their lives!

Deanna Nguyen