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Are You Feeling a Bit Disillusioned with This Whole Conscious Creation Thing?

When you first learn about the law of attraction, it seems like quite the sweet deal no? Just think some happy thoughts and you can have whatever you want. Ask and it is given. Just say some affirmations, spend some time visualizing, put together a snazzy vision board and you’re good to go.

And in a perfect ‘energetic world’, this would pretty much be the gist. But alas, you are not living in such a world. Most of us are beautifully fucked up in a variety of ways 😉

A lot of teachings stress the use of all the tools and techniques while promoting relentless positivity at all times, and as you may have experienced, this recipe isn’t bearing much fruit.

As the frustration and confusion quickly mount, you may find yourself rueing the day you ever learned about the law of attraction, as the absence of the things you want starts to feel even worse than it did before.

And the reasons for this lack of progress are many, with some of the biggies being:

  • You have all this ‘stuff’ going on in your energy field that isn’t being addressed.
  • You want to believe there is something to this teaching but a big part of you just isn’t sure and you don’t know what to do with that part
  • You are plagued by issues of worthiness and deserving much deeper than you realize.
  • The part of you that wants all the things you want is also the part of you that doesn’t want anything to change…quite the conundrum
  • You don’t really have a good grasp on why you manifested what you did up until now, and that will hinder you greatly moving forward.
  • Your mind tries to understand something it can never understand so it can control the process, which wastes precious time and energy
  • Much of our desires are coming from the mind, and to say that isn’t serving our best interest is an understatement if there ever was one.

What I’m Throwing Down in This Series

The thing is, you may manage to let some stuff in here and there, and then you are shocked to find it didn’t give you the satisfaction you’re so sure you thought it would; and then your mind sets its sights on a new manifestation that it thinks will be the ticket. And you are setting yourself up for a really vicious cycle that can be hard to break.

Or you are doing everything you are told to do, but yet, nothing. So you go on the hunt for some other tool or technique, hoping maybe that will be what gets you what you want.

But the heart of deliberate creation is not about what we are ‘doing.’ It is about what we are ‘being.’ The true change isn’t going to come as a result of finally crafting the perfect affirmation or putting together a perfect combination of techniques.

In fact, when we get to the true root of our issues, you don’t even need to do these things as much. And when you do engage with the tools, they will have a more of an impact.

This transformation allows things to start being as easy as they are supposed to be.

This series of classes is designed to get at the true root of your manifesting blocks, of your unhappiness and dissatisfaction with your life.

What you learn here will help you put down all the baggage that is obscuring the beautiful vibration that already exists within you, that is blocking the most wonderful realization of all–you are already everything you want. When you let yourself manifest from that space of fullness and completeness, it’s a game-changer. 

The aim is to really work on clearing out what is standing in the way, so you can manifest from a ‘cleaner’ space energetically, and truly become a co-creator with the Universe. You will be able to plug into the massive support system available to you more consistently and easily. 

This isn’t going to be a series of classes in instructing you ‘how’ to get your stuff–there isn’t really anything you must ‘learn’ actually. This will be a course in transforming yourself, which automatically lends itself to receiving said ‘stuff’ in a way that is a lot easier and with less ‘trying.’

The Classes

You will receive 8 pre-recorded 90-minutes classes (some run even a bit longer) that include a Q and A portion. Each class also comes with an assignment to help you integrate what you learned on the call and explore your own energy more deeply. These lessons can really accelerate shifting and self-discovery.

Surrender and Deliberate Creation: Beautiful Together
Your Own Worst Enemy: Ending Self-Sabotage
Overcoming Issues of Worthiness and Deserving
Upping Your Self-Love Game
Embracing Your Mind, Not Fighting It 
Dealing with Your Shit in a Manifesting-Friendly Way
There is No ‘Do’ Only ‘Be’
You Already Are It: Creating from Fullness Not Lack


Investment in You