If we had everything we wanted in life, a teaching like the law of attraction would probably hold little interest. If things are going well and you are content, your energy game is already tight and you’re good to go.

But the reality is, many of us are lacking the things we want, and there are certain things we want more than others, with a relationship ranking right up in top two. Money is the second thing in case you didn’t know, which you probably did, because there is a good chance you want that too…anyway, I digress.

Between the misconceptions about the teaching, our obsession with tools and techniques, the desperation we have for the relationship, all our crappy experiences up until this point, the screwed up energy from which we are trying to get the guy or girl…well, this can make for quite the manifesting mess as many of you have seen already.

This is where I come in. I help work around that human factor; I address the misconceptions; I help you focus on what matters; I help clean up the energy. I help you realize there is nothing you need to ‘learn’ about manifesting and that you can’t do it ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’ Impossible because it’s not an action. 

If you resonate with my perspective on the teaching, you will find what I have to say about it in the context of relationships very helpful. You’ll be sold on this without much ‘selling’ on my part, so I’m just gonna skip all that.

But like anyone, my teaching isn’t for everyone; my ultimate goals in working with a teaching like the law of attraction are beyond getting stuff I don’t have, but doesn’t mean we can’t still want it and have it, so breathe easy.

So, with that being said, it is probably easier to pinpoint who this course ISN’T for rather than who is. The true matches will feel it and know.  

-You are hoping I will just tell you what to ‘do’ to get a relationship, and load you down with a bunch of tools and techniques

-Your PRIMARY motivation is to ‘fix’ your loneliness and pain…we all have this a little so it’s fine.

-You are not interested/ready/willing to explore the ‘ick’ driving your desire so you can clean up your vibe

-You think this information can be used to attract a specific person or get back an ex

-Exploring the concept of ‘self-love’ makes you cringe still

-You are a program junkie and are hoping this will be the thing that finally ‘works.’

-You are truly not willing to change your emotional tune so long as you are single

-Your PRIMARY priority is changing your outside to feel better rather than healing your shit

-You are very rigid in your criteria for who is an appropriate partner

-You still see the LOA as a tool to manipulate reality rather than a Universal law that has always been operating in your life.

I already purchased your previous course…is this any different? 

And as some of you may already know, I have done this course prior and it is currently for sale on my website. If you already bought it, you may wonder if this will be the same stuff over again.

I have been feeling the inspiration to do another live course for awhile so that’s gotta mean something…

In some ways, yes…there are some core ideas that will be mentioned again.

But in many ways, no. This is a co-creation between myself and whoever participates, so a new dynamic means new energy, which opens the door to a different experience. I’ve learned all sorts of awesome stuff since then that can be applied. So, overall, I would say this will be a whole new experience, and if you are feeling the pull to participate, there is probably something here for you.

How It Works

There will be a weekly series of 4 phone calls that include a Q and A portion where anyone can ask questions either live or online written chat. Recordings are provided if you can’t make it live. Between each session I will be providing some ‘homework’ to help you integrate what you learned on the call that week and explore your own energy more deeply.

Series Starts Sunday November 25th 12:00PM EST