Many of us turn to a teaching like the law of attraction to improve our financial situations. It’s one of the most desired manifestations and one of the trickiest. That isn’t a coincidence.

We try all the traditional manifesting advice like trying to feel abundant,  affirming, acting as if we already have money, releasing the ‘how’ and all that jazz, but it doesn’t seem to get us very far. In fact, traditional manifesting advice can really work against us in an area like money, where resistance is strong and attachment is high. 

These calls go into deeper detail about aligning with money, and the true root of our financial blocks. They aren’t calls about ‘how’ to manifest money–there isn’t actually anything you need to learn. They are about how you can become the energy of money, and that is a lot easier.

The first call is my traditional teleclass format, where I chat you up for a bit about that sweet cash and then hold a Q and A at the end. The second call is purely Q and A from participants. All questions in these calls were submitted through online chat.

If you resonate with my content and you like how I approach a teaching like the LOA and my advice for aligning, you’ll like what I’m throwing down here in regards to getting more of that dough.

Each call runs about 90 minutes.