If Only ‘Positive Thinking’ Were Enough

As I always like to say, the theory of manifesting and the ‘reality’ can be worlds apart. And this is because we are not going into this ‘work’ with a squeaky clean vibration oozing with love, trust, love, worthiness and deserving and free of vibrational ‘debris’ such as fear, doubt, limiting beliefs and all sorts of conditioning that works against us.

Just focusing on what we want, and engaging in tools like affirmations and visualization, usually won’t cut it on the conscious creation front. There is just too much of the aforementioned ‘debris’ crowding out the energies we need to cement more deeply into our being.

That Dirty, Dirty Word

Once you have figured out the things you would like to do, be and have, the second part of the manifesting equation is tackling the various energies that keep you out of alignment with said things you are hoping will float into your reality.

If you are even slightly familiar with a teaching like the law of attraction, you probably know all this gunk is referred to as ‘resistance.’ All that damn ‘resistance’ keeping you from maximizing your awesomeness and manifesting all the good stuff.

Hearing over and over again that your ‘resistance’ is the culprit for lack of progress on the manifesting front can be super-frustrating, and it is a word you may quickly get sick of hearing!

But that really is the culprit–it’s not that you are doing manifesting ‘wrong’ ; it’s not that you are not visualizing clearly enough or for long enough; it’s not because your affirmations are not worded properly; it’s not because the pictures on your vision board are not good enough; it’s not because the Universe is holding out on you or has decided it doesn’t want to give you what you want; it’s not because you aren’t thinking about what you want sufficiently; it’s not because you have been deemed unworthy and undeserving.

There is a part of us that is resisting the energies we need to embody more strongly. There is a part of us resisting letting go of the beliefs and perspectives not serving us, and adopting the ones that will.

Breaking down resistance is the ticket to significant energetic shifts, not working on trying to be manically happy or  in a ‘high vibration’ all the time. Many people working consciously with their energy lament trying so hard to feel good and raise their vibration.

The reason it is so hard is because of all the resistance you are fighting with and working so hard to bury–start chipping away at that and a better-feeling state takes place automatically.

That high vibration already exists in you and you are peeling away everything obscuring it. It is not something you must ‘try’ to cultivate, something you must build from scratch. It’s like cleaning a dirty window–the gleaming glass was there the whole time.

This resistance comes in many forms, and this series of classes aims to tackle the biggies.

What You Get

Five pre-recorded classes that run about 90 minutes and include a Q and A full of excellent questions I know are on the minds of many. Each class comes with an ‘assignment’ to help you integrate what was discussed in the class, and explore your own energy more deeply.

I felt inspired to do this series of classes with my husband Ryan, who is quite the master manifestor, and with whom you may be familiar as he has appeared as my one and only guest on my podcasts and has done several posts here. He shares my same sensibilities about the LOA and manifesting, so I think you will find his insights just as helpful as mine, just as helpful as I find them.

The topics covered include:

  • Past experience dictating what is possible moving forward
  • Figuring out the ‘how’
  • Trying to see every step
  • Attachment
  • Expectation
  • Thinking your way through life rather than feeling
  • Trying to understand the process of manifesting so you can control it
  • Taking on other people’s negativity and limited thinking
  • Using fear as a basis for your decisions, therefore never acting in your own best interest
  • The deep conditioning of global and cultural beliefs
  • Your mind thinking it knows best
  • Aiming for pain minimization rather than awesomeness maximization
  • Inability to look beyond the illusory reality we have all co-created with our fear-based thought system
  • Resisting your resistance

Investment in You