Most people are drawn to a teaching like the law of attraction because they are currently lacking something they would prefer to have, and I think a relationship is probably tied with money for the most desired manifestation.

Issues such as misconceptions about the teaching, our mind’s tendency to misinterpret the events of our life, and trying to attract a relationship from a space of lack and not feeling good enough, do not exactly lend themselves to letting love into our lives with greater ease.

This call will give people an opportunity to ask their most burning questions about shifting energy in this crucial area of life, and me an opportunity to hopefully clear up some of the confusion, infuse some hope, and help you get at the true root of the ‘blocks’ in this aspect of your vibration.

Like the title suggests, it is purely a Q and A session, where people can ask questions live or in written form through a chat feature. These calls seem to be a wonderful co-creation between myself and those who feel inspired to sign up–whether you plan on asking questions or not–and everyone seems to get something they really need from it.

Copies are provided for anyone who signs up so no worries if you can’t make it live. People may also submit questions to me beforehand if they have them and can’t attend the live call.

Monday April 24th