The ‘Theory’ Of Manifesting and the ‘Reality’ of Manifesting

One of the biggest manifesting blocks is the many misconceptions that surround a teaching such as the law of attraction. It often gets boiled down to ‘positive thinking’ and doing things like visualizing, saying affirmations and making vision boards.

Just think about what you want in a positive way and you can have it. That’s actually not totally inaccurate. Tools like affirmations and visualizing play an important role and have their purpose.

And if you didn’t have any sort of resistance or fucked-up conditioning to contend with, these tools, coupled with some happy thoughts, would be enough to manifest anything your heart desires.

But you do have the aforementioned resistance and fucked-up conditioning. You have a crap load of life experience that reinforces and ‘proves’ your limiting beliefs.

You are so far separated from your true nature and creative power, it’s not even funny.

Becoming a true co-creator with the Universe and allowing your reality to change in any significant way requires you to deal with all that crap. The problem is, you often don’t know the specific ‘content’ of said crap, and you’re kind of  extremely reluctant to look at it.

I know you don’t want to be bothered with all noise. You just want your stuff and want to know how to force it into your reality.

I get it…believe me I do.

The thing is–this inner work and exploration isn’t as scary or difficult as you may think; it doesn’t take as long as you worry it will. Again, not scary, not difficult, not long, but it has to be done. You have to know what you are working with, vibrationally speaking, if you really want the good stuff.

This exploration is the key to actually getting what you want, to manifesting from a ‘cleaner ‘ energetic space where the highest-quality versions of your desired manifestations can make their way in. 

The information contained in this series of classes will help bridge that all-important gap between theory and practical application. 



Are You Doing Everything You’re ‘Supposed’ To Be Doing?

There is a good chance you have been ‘doing’ all the tools; you asked for what you wanted; and you don’t have much to show for it.  Ask and it is given ,right? WTF? It’s frustrating.

A teaching that seems so simple on the surface doesn’t seem so when you get down to actually trying to apply it in your own life. 

And the reason it isn’t ‘working’ is because all this stuff bubbling under the surface, all these powerful energies that have been dictating your experience thus far, are largely going untouched and unexamined.

You try to pile the positivity on top of the crap, hoping that will be enough to get your ‘stuff.’ You fear diving into those emotionally muddy waters because that equates to being ‘negative’ and you worry this will further delay your new reality. 

You engage in all these tools and try to think ‘positively’ and then nothing is really changing. And you are convinced you must be doing manifesting ‘wrong.’

You go on the hunt for new tools and new information, thinking you must not have stumbled upon the magic bullet that will miraculously change everything.

You voraciously ingest everything you can find about manifesting, desperate for those missing pieces of the puzzle.

Perhaps you are not visualizing correctly? Are you not focusing positively long enough? Are you not crafting your affirmations properly? Did you not word your desires effectively? What could it be? What are you doing wrong?

Nothing. You are doing nothing ‘wrong.’ You can’t get manifesting ‘wrong.’

Your mind is very used to making things happen through action and effort, and it carries over this approach to manifesting. And you forget it’s all about what you are being, not what you are doing.

I did this series of classes to dive more deeply into how the law of attraction actually works, to help you process your emotions, truly shift beliefs–not just pretend you believe the ‘good’ ones– step more fully into your power, and get crystal clear clarity on why your life is the way it is now, and how to fix whatever needs fixing.

Manifesting is supposed to be easy; the challenging part is getting into alignment with real consistency , clearing out what’s standing in the way and overcoming the programming. That is where I come in.

Each call runs around 90 minutes and includes a Q and A session chock-full of excellent questions I know are on the minds of many. 




Getting Out of Your Own Way

You do so much to sabotage your manifesting efforts, from stubbornly holding onto beliefs that have caused you nothing but pain, to an inability to look beyond the reality you have created thus far, and tune into the one you would prefer in any meaningful way.  

You agonize over the role of action and you can’t quite wrap your head around the idea of doing less. You overthink things way too much; you so badly want to let your feelings guide you, but you let your mind overrule time and time again.

Our current reality is nothing more than an illusion ruled by fear-based thinking, and your mind holds onto that fear with a death-grip. Without it, it can’t control you. 

When things don’t change as quickly as your mind wants them to, all your good vibes start going out the window, and it’s ready to throw in the towel before you have even really begun scratching the surface of your manifesting capability. 

Your mind views this teaching as a way to manipulate reality to do its exact bidding. And nothing takes you out of flow more quickly, and fractures your co-creative relationship with the Universe, than letting your mind run the show.

Its manifesting efforts are misguided to say the least and the sooner you realize that, the better off you will be.

You harbor all these expectations of what you think your manifestations will look like, how they will happen and how the path to getting there will unfold.

And the slightest deviation from this ‘plan’ sends you into an emotional tailspin full of fear, panic, doubt, disappointment and all that other fun stuff. 

You misinterpret the crap out of manifestations and again–emotional tailspin.

If you really want to know what it takes to manifest, to really become a powerful creator, to really take your understanding of the law of attraction to the next level, to stop making this process so damn hard, to reconnect with Who You Really Are, to become a true co-creator with the Universe, you’re really going to like what I’m throwing down here.



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