If some omniscient being had told us years ago how our life would unfold, it would have sounded like a great story but nothing more. That we would be working for ourselves would have seemed implausible enough. That we would be running online businesses from exotic locales like Fiji, Thailand and Costa Rica? You gotta be shitting me.

While I had a passion for personal development, I never really saw myself turning it into any sort of living. I saw myself as someone who worked for a paycheck. Making a random decision to quit my job and move to Japan broke something open in me and from that point on, I saw possibilities I didn’t see before. That was the beginning of an interesting, and often challenging, road.

Ryan has transformed into some sort of blogging guru–years ago, his foray into the online world involved nothing more than checking email and He literally didn’t even know what a blog was when he embarked on his first online opportunity. Within 24 hours, he was ready to quit.

But alas, here we are. It has been quite the ride and we have learned a crap load of stuff, with the most important being it is your energy (your dominant thoughts, feelings and beliefs) that lies at the heart of true success.

By this I mean being happy, being fulfilled and conducting your business with an ease that comes with being energetically aligned with success and abundance. I am talking about receiving money rather than busting your ass to earn it– don’t worry, you still get to have the money. 😉

I am talking about tapping into your innate ability to shape your outer experience by way of your inner world. This is a lot more pleasant way of going about things than we typically do, especially when it comes to business and money.

There is nothing special about us; we didn’t have any sort of glaring advantage that allowed us to craft this life. We just made a shift in mindset. We were willing to go with these teachings and see where they took us and boy are we glad we did. This is a choice available to anyone.

Beyond ‘Positive Thinking’

When we talk about a concept like the law of attraction it often gets boiled down to ‘positive thinking.’ And sure, that is part of it, but it goes a lot deeper, like a lot deeper. Thinking some happy thoughts often doesn’t get us very far because we lack an understanding of how our reality is truly created; we aren’t really believing all these warm, fuzzy thoughts as much as we would like to.

There is that part of us riddled with limiting beliefs, and all sorts of messed up perspectives concerning success and money, such as it takes ‘hard work,’ your effort is what makes you ‘deserving,’ and that you are in competition with others and you best find a way to come out on top.

It is all fine and good to let energy rule the day when it comes to the ‘little’ stuff but when it comes to our business and finances, it becomes a lot more challenging. We really don’t want to relinquish that control. The trust may be in very short supply. The typical conditioning most of us have been instilled with is very contrary to this way of looking at things. It has a tight grip and your mind isn’t so quick to just let it go, no matter how much you may know intuitively there is something to this whole ‘you create your reality’ thing.

To truly create from the level of energy, we must look at all this ‘stuff’ and process it. This is often the missing ingredient in teachings about manifesting and the LOA.

Sure, there is some mention of shifting limiting beliefs, but the emphasis is primarily on engaging in all sorts of tools and techniques to bend reality to your will. And we make manifesting an action-oriented process, thinking if we just do these things enough, some sort of result must manifest. But that’s not how it really works.

Embodying the energy of success is about transforming who you are on the deepest levels. It is about realizing your true nature, realizing you are already a ‘success’ regardless of worldly accomplishments, the number of clients you have, how many products you sell, the size of your email list or your income. It is about understanding the workings of the Universe and how it is set up to work for you and not against you.

It is about becoming a co-creator with the Universe, letting it help you in all the glorious ways only it can. You couldn’t ask for a better business partner and the good old U can aid your business in ways that social media, a juicy opt-in gift, networking and other traditional methods can’t even come close to.

Are You Ready to Do Things the Easy Way?

Success truly can be effortless. Effortless doesn’t necessarily translate to doing nothing, however. You have a business and you’re obviously going to do all sorts of stuff. The law of attraction isn’t about magic or life taking shape around you without your participation in some way. In fact, when you get things right in the energy department, you’ll probably want to take all sorts of actions, but it is totally different.

When you go within and embody the energy of success, when you truly understand your world is created from the inside out, your relationship with action completely transforms. You no longer act from the space of trying to force, control and manipulate. You act from inspiration–things feel light, right and easy.

You only do the things you want to do because you understand it is the energy behind the actions that determines results, not the actions themselves. You begin to understand your actions are a manifestation of your energy.

You get more while doing a hell of a lot less. The clients find you; the opportunities find you. There is no more strain and striving. While you are obviously in business to earn money, you are no longer doing it solely for the money–nothing will suck the passion and joy out of your business more than making it all about that cash. That joy and passion will be like a beacon to financial prosperity.

Who Is This Course For?

Because we are focusing on energetic, inner-world type issues, what you learn here is applicable to anyone.

You might already be in business but struggling.

You might be successful but it’s coming at a high price and you know there has to be a better way, a way that doesn’t require so much sacrifice–your time, your energy, your freedom.

You might be just starting your business.

You might be toying with the idea of starting a business but the doubt, fear and ‘stuckness’ is winning out.

You are thinking of transitioning to a whole new type of business.

Something here for everyone, truly.

While each scenario certainly poses its own challenges energetically, they are all off-shoots of a few core energetic issues . Resolve those and all that other stuff collapses automatically.

If even a small part of you is intrigued by this idea of your reality being created on the level of energy, there will be something here for you. If you have always bought into the hard-work, suffering makes you deserving, it’s a dog-eat-dog world sort of mentality, you will be challenged here for sure. But if the traditional approaches and advice are falling short, you owe it to yourself to explore new perspectives.

If you already consider yourself something of an LOA enthusiast but don’t seem to be making much headway, you have likely fallen prey to many of the misconceptions about this teaching. This series of classes will clear that up for you quite nicely.

What You’ll Learn

  • Common misconceptions about the law of attraction
  • Understanding the ‘reality’ of manifesting can be quite different than ‘theory’
  • Why following your fun and joy is your best strategy
  • The problems with traditional business advice from an energy perspective
  • How to receive money rather than earn it
  • Uncovering and transforming your unique blend of money ‘stuff’
  • Knowing when to act and when to refrain
  • How to integrate these teachings with traditional business advice and approaches
  • How to transition from creating through force to creating through energy
  • How to shift the limiting beliefs and perspectives not serving you
  • How to gain clarity about your business and what you want out of it
  • Building a foundation of trust
  • Strengthening your intuition and applying it to your business
  • Building your business from a space of fullness not lack
  • And oh so much more…

What You Get

The program consists of five pre-recorded classes lasting between 90 minutes and two hours. There is a Q and A session at the end of each class chock full of excellent questions I know will be on your mind as well.

Each class comes with an assignment to help you integrate what was discussed on the call and explore your own energy more deeply.

Investment in You: