Inner Peace

Some Words of Encouragement If You’re Going Through a Rough Patch

  Ryan and I were having a conversation with a fellow traveling couple today, and it had me reflecting on my journey to living the life I want to live, and some issues that popped up for me over the last few months that challenged me. When we get into personal development ,and the law of attraction in particular, on some level, I think we have an expectation that we can somehow create this perfect life and become this perfect person. We'll find a way

October 28th, 2015|Happiness, Inner Peace|24 Comments

Serenity Now: Creating Peace in Everyday Life Part 3

 No matter what we want in life, there is that same core desire lying at the root—to just feel good, to feel at peace. This feeling can seem very elusive at times; we may think it is out of our reach completely, or that our embraces with it can only be sporadic and short-lived. For much of my life, I felt a restlessness inside—there was always something stirring and I just wanted to feel more peaceful, to be able to handle things better, to not

June 20th, 2014|Inner Peace|10 Comments

Serenity Now: Creating Peace in Everyday Life Part 2

Like I had mentioned in my first post on achieving inner peace, there was just too much I had to say to fit it all into one, especially with the way I tend to write. I definitely like to flesh out my points, which you probably already know if you have visited here before. So, welcome to part two, where I will share some more of my insights on how to acquire this much- sought- after feeling. A feeling whose presence in my life continues

June 18th, 2014|Inner Peace|13 Comments

Serenity Now: Creating Peace in Everyday Life Part 1

Who wouldn't like to achieve a greater sense of peace in their lives? All that emotional turmoil that gets roiled up during our waking hours is unpleasant to say the least. We all have our own personal triggers that continue to bait us day after day. Then there is all the crap that happens without any warning, the things we don't see coming a mile away, and can't possibly plan for. And when those shit storms hit the shore, lord help us. I got an

June 16th, 2014|Inner Peace|17 Comments

Not Just for the ‘Hippy Dippy’: How Meditation Can Improve Anyone’s Life

First off, the title of this post is in no way meant to be disparaging to those in the ''hippy dippy'' community. I count myself amongst this group, and do so with great pride. And now onto the post.... Without a doubt, meditating is a powerful way to strengthen your connection with whatever it is you believe lies at the core of our existence, and it is largely thought of as a spiritual practice. This association obviously turns many people off to trying it for

April 8th, 2014|Inner Peace, Meditation|8 Comments

Making Meditation Work for You

Without a doubt, meditation has made more of an impact in my life than any other ''self-improvement'' tool I have utilized in my little journey. Research is continually emerging showing the practice to be beneficial for all sorts of conditions, both mental and physical. How exactly is not always understood, but this simple act appears to produce all sorts of changes in the body which benefit our health. It is also an extremely powerful spiritual tool, which aids us in strengthening our connection to God,

March 29th, 2014|Inner Peace, Meditation|21 Comments

3 Tips for Purifying Your Mental Diet

What we feed our minds is in many ways as important as what we feed our body. The information we take in has a huge impact on our state of mind, belief system, the choices we make, how we view the world and our emotional state. So, it would make sense to focus on things that make us feel good, and help us become better and happier. This is easier said than done, however. Sometimes we just can't help what we hear and see. But,

March 28th, 2014|Happiness, Inner Peace|4 Comments