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Law of Attraction Insights from 10 Days of Silence and Meditation Part One

So my latest stint with 10 days of torture silent meditation has come to an end. Plenty of time with my thoughts, and there were certain issues I contemplated quite a bit, particularly as they relate to something like the law of attraction, manifesting and creating your outer world by way of your inner. And I wanted to share these insights with you in hopes you will find them helpful. This will actually be a two-part post because not surprisingly, I had a lot more

December 12th, 2017|Law of Attraction|9 Comments

Law of Attraction: I Can’t Stop Thinking about What I Don’t Want to Happen

This habit of the mind with which we are all too familiar never feels good, but once you get a whiff of conscious creation, this tendency causes even greater anxiety.  We are trying our damnedest to be ‘positive’ so we can get what we want; we are trying so hard to think more about what we want rather than what we don’t. If our inner world creates our outer, if what we focus on expands, we know thinking a lot about what we don’t want

November 28th, 2017|Law of Attraction|4 Comments

Podcast #114: Law of Attraction: Embracing Confusion and Uncertainty

The states of confusion and uncertainty are usually unwelcome by all, but especially by those in the conscious creation camp. But they aren't so bad, and actually have some benefits. Have a question you think would make a good blog post? Submit it here.

November 19th, 2017|Law of Attraction, Podcasts|8 Comments

I Fear the Law of Attraction Won’t ‘Work’ Because My Negativity is Too Deep

This post topic is courtesy of a recent blog post suggestion from someone expressing this fear in relation to manifesting a relationship. But this is a fear that can exist no matter the manifestation, so I will tackle it from a more general perspective that can be applied to anything. The LOA Isn’t Something that Works or Doesn’t There are so many misconceptions about this teaching, and the one that probably screws with our conscious creation ‘efforts’ the most is viewing the law of attraction

November 14th, 2017|Law of Attraction|18 Comments

Podcast #113: Law of Attraction: Are You Overestimating Your Blocks?

Studying a teaching like the law of attraction will have us digging around in our mind in a way we might not with other personal-growth-related subject matter. When things aren't going the way we want them to, it is all too easy to assume there must be something swimming around in there that is complex, complicated, deep and dark. And unless we find it we are screwed. This doesn't feel very good, and this likely isn't the issue. Have a question you think would make

November 5th, 2017|Law of Attraction, Podcasts|0 Comments

Law of Attraction: ‘Positive’ Energy Just Needs to Be Dominant, Not Constant

Could you elaborate more on the ‘predominant’ energy’ especially for someone like me that is almost afraid of the universe bringing me exactly what I don’t want if I have even just a little fear? Like many questions I get, you will find my answer just doesn’t address what is being asked, but issues that are likely behind why it is being asked. We All Have ‘Kinks’ in Our Energy The way I see it, so long as we are inhabiting a human body, that

October 31st, 2017|Law of Attraction|4 Comments

Podcast #112: Law of Attraction: Remember You’re Playing the Long Game

It is all too easy to get caught up in the immediate moment, trying to make big changes too fast, all in the name of some immediate result. When we remember what we are really after, and what we are really looking to do, we can cultivate a much more effective approach to change. Have a question you think would make a good blog post? Submit it here.

October 29th, 2017|Law of Attraction, Podcasts|6 Comments

Podcast #111: Law of Attraction: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Embracing a teaching like the law of attraction can be life-changing, but this knowledge often creates pressure to make changes in your energetic state that might not be sustainable or possible, given where you are now. Being more gradual actually makes things go a lot faster. Have a question you think would make a good blog post? Submit it here. If this topic was of interest to you, you may enjoy my newest class series, starting October 22nd: LOA for Humans: Bridging the Gap Between

October 22nd, 2017|Law of Attraction, Podcasts|8 Comments

Law of Attraction: I’ve Been Feeling Good but the Frustration is Coming Back

  Could you do a post on what to do when frustrations rush back and maybe how to make opportunities? I'm trying to make positive changes in my career (which is slowly coming together and I'm confident with) and my (non- existent) romantic life. Whilst I am making positive progressions and I'm monitoring my own thought patterns I can't help but relapse on frustration and feelings of sadness. If our outer world is created by way of our inner world, we make a very helpful,

October 17th, 2017|Law of Attraction|14 Comments

Law of Attraction: Raising Your Vibration with Meditation

I have finally gotten what you have been driving home that is the the "feeling" I want to have not the actual "thing" . It was a real light bulb moment and the penny just dropped! So, thank you! I know I need to focus on personal well bring to maintain the traction and I love the thought of meditation. I struggle meditating as. I can't quiet my mind. You have mentioned in previous podcasts and posts etc that you meditate. Any tips on how

October 10th, 2017|Law of Attraction|12 Comments