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Podcast #105: Law of Attraction: It’s All Just Vibrational Feedback

Having a more accurate understanding of why we are manifesting what we are manifesting is key to shifting energy that needs to be shifted in order to get more of what is wanted and less of what isn't. Have a question you think would make a good blog post? Submit it here

August 19th, 2017|Law of Attraction, Podcasts|4 Comments

Podcast #104: Law of Attraction:Detachment is Not Indifference

Detachment is a word you will encounter often once you start learning more about the law of attraction, and the misconceptions about what this means can lead you astray real fast. Have a question you think would make a good blog post? Submit it here.

August 13th, 2017|Law of Attraction, Podcasts|7 Comments

Law of Attraction: Detaching from Things We Really ‘Need’

Hello Kelli My question is how do we  become indifferent about what we want while we may actually need it like money,  or a job,  or even the next meal we're going to have? how do we trust when we face harsh realities that doesn't meet even the basic needs of food and shelter? This is a great question. The more challenging the circumstance, the more challenging it is to embrace these sorts of perspectives. Besides advice on detachment, I gave some other thoughts too

August 9th, 2017|Law of Attraction|28 Comments

Podcast #103: Law of Attraction: Making Peace with Your Current Circumstances

Naturally, most people are drawn to a teaching like the law of attraction because they are unhappy with their lives to some degree. There are things you want that you don't have. That's all fine and good. But a key to allowing them in with greater ease is making peace with where you are now, and that isn't always easy. Have a question you think would make a good blog post? Submit it here.

August 5th, 2017|Law of Attraction|12 Comments

Can the Law of Attraction Help You Discover Your Life ‘Purpose?’

How can I know my life purpose or at least how to discover it? Studying a concept like the law of attraction more deeply can be very helpful in many respects, way beyond manifesting specific things like money or relationships. Understanding it is a Universal law and not a ‘tool’ used expressly to get ‘stuff’ helps you realize how focusing on your ‘being’ and nurturing your energy can lead you to manifest all sorts of wonderful things that will help you become the best version

August 1st, 2017|Law of Attraction|8 Comments

Podcast #102: Law of Attraction: All Action is Inspired Action

When you begin learning about the law of attraction, the role of action in the manifesting process can quickly become a point of confusion and anxiety.  Understanding this one point will help much of this confusion fall away. Have a question you think would make a good blog post? Submit it here.

July 29th, 2017|Law of Attraction, Podcasts|14 Comments

Podcast #101: Law of Attraction: I’m Using the Tools but They’re Not Working

The law of attraction is usually presented as a tool you can 'use' to get what you want, and this misconception can send us down a very frustrating road. If you are using all the tools and they aren't 'working' hopefully you'll get a better idea of why. Have a topic you think would make a good blog post? Submit it here.

July 22nd, 2017|Law of Attraction, Podcasts|11 Comments

Law of Attraction: How Can I Stop Trying to Control Outcomes?

How to let go of trying to control an outcome, even though it almost feels better than just 'letting go'? The Root of Control Fear is at the root of pretty much all our manifesting ‘troubles’ when you think about it, and it is particularly prevalent when it comes to controlling outcomes. We fear we won’t get what we want so we want to do all we can to ensure we do. We fear that whatever person, opportunity or experience is presenting itself to us

July 18th, 2017|Law of Attraction|20 Comments

Podcast #100: Law of Attraction: Should You Not Want Specific Things?

Our wants are typically being formulated by our mind, and to say what it wants may not be the best representation of what we are really after, cannot be overstated. When we view the law of attraction as a 'tool' to manipulate our reality, and get all the stuff our mind wants, we are in for a bumpy ride. Have a question you think would make a good blog post? Submit it here.  

July 15th, 2017|Law of Attraction, Podcasts|8 Comments

Law of Attraction: Feeling Abundant When Circumstances Suggest Otherwise

Hi Kelli, I want to ask: How to feel abundant when there are things that we used to love and afford to buy but we can't now because they have gotten more expensive than we can afford? I guess I'm asking about the ability to spend money when you have no income or little income that can't support what you want to buy. Should we just buy the minimum needs? How to feel abundant when we find that we can't afford to buy some things

July 11th, 2017|Law of Attraction|14 Comments