ID-10067389When I first started reading about the law of attraction, so many questions came to my mind. I liked the idea that we could have so much control over the course of our lives. The information I was taking in was really resonating with me on a deeper level, and I knew it was because I was recognizing a truth, not because I simply wanted to believe it was true because it sounded good.

We know we need to feel good, and have certain expectations that the things we want will come to us. But , it can be difficult to figure out exactly how to get into that good vibration; what actions should we be taking?

While I am far from a manifesting guru, I have without a doubt experienced dramatic changes in my life, and these changes did not come about until I started thinking in this new way, which led me to do things in a different way. Here are just a few practical tips for getting into this mental space that aligns with that wonderful, mysterious force that helps mold our lives exactly as we wish them to be.

Pay Close Attention to the Conversations You Have

Be careful about what you talk about with other people. Certain subjects are not the best to be discussing if you want to keep vibing high and feeling light. It is really easy to get sucked into negativity.

If people start talking about how terrible the economy is, how the country is going to hell in a hand basket, how rich people are all evil, and similar topics that invoke fear, anger or other negative emotions, don’t enter the discussion. If they try to broach these subjects directly with you, think of some general response and clear the conversation to another topic.

Talking about these things don’t make us feel good; they make us feel really badly actually; these types of conversations make us doubt all the information we have been taking in about attraction, the power of thoughts, and the amazing ability we have to shape the course of our lives.

The conversations in and of themselves aren’t the problem, it is how they affect us. And, the truth of the matter is, most of us (myself included) aren’t that good –our shield is just not strong enough to protect our precious energy.

Make Time to Do Things that Make You Feel Good

I can’t stress the importance of this one enough. How you feel is the cornerstone of this whole process, and the more you feel good, the more optimistic you will feel about your efforts at conscious creation. You will feel lighter and detached; you will focus less on your problems. Taking time to nurture your mental state is not some frivolous task, it is an important one that deserves your full attention if you are serious about this whole attraction thing.

No matter what is happening in your life right now, there has to be a couple of things that bring you some degree of joy. You can’t have the idea that you can’t feel good until you get the things you want, whether it is money, a relationship, a different job, or whatever else it is you are trying to attract.

Everything is happening in this very moment, happening now, and you have to feel good now, even if you don’t think you have a reason to feel good. There is no one ‘’best’’ thing you must do; it is a very personal thing. Maybe one day, it might be watching a really funny movie or show. Maybe volunteering really lifts you up; maybe it is getting away from your kids for a bit and taking a nice, long walk in the park.

For some of you, accomplishing this daily task may involve acting in a way that you have led to believe is ‘’selfish,’’ but you have to do what you have to do. If you don’t make your happiness a priority, no one else will.

Choose Your Media Wisely

If you are a news junkie, I highly recommend you scale back; there is so much crappy stuff happening in the world, and it is not necessary to feed your mind this stuff day in and day out just for the sake of knowing it, and nothing more.

This is not about going into denial about what is happening around you, it is the mere fact that ingesting every last piece of information is just not necessary. While staying abreast of world events definitely has value, such as helping us learn about other cultures, for the most part, it is detrimental because of how the media presents most stories. You don’t have to shun everything, but the less the better.

In most cases, there is nothing we can do about a certain situation. If you believe there is something you can do, great…do it. There are lots of great people out there working for all sorts of organizations that are on the front lines, and I applaud them.

For the rest of us, we will make the best contribution to this world by becoming our best selves, focusing on our local communities, and providing money to organizations so they can carry out their missions.

Focusing on all this bad stuff will jam up your attraction efforts in numerous ways. First, you will see all these problems and think that this whole attraction thing is bullshit, and that we have no control over our lives. Any thoughts that lead us away from personal responsibility are very, very ( a million times very) bad.

Secondly, you will start to feel guilty about wanting more out of life; you will see the starving children of Africa, or the people being terrorized by civil war, and feel like a tool for wanting more money so you can travel the world, a better job, or anything else that is in excess of mere survival.

Don’t get me wrong, being grateful for everything you have now is extremely important, but it is also important to remember there is nothing wrong with wanting to squeeze the most out of this existence as you can. When you are born into a life where all your needs are met, naturally your thoughts are going to turn towards the things you want, and it is okay to want. It is okay to pursue the things you think will make you feel happy and fulfilled.

Be careful with your leisure viewing as well; if you feel your brain going to mush while watching reality TV, change the channel. If certain dramas make you feel badly in one way or another, cut back on them. Focus on shows that make you laugh and make you feel good.

Like I mentioned about the conversations, the news and TV shows aren’t the problem, it is how we react to them, and again, most of us aren’t that good.