The law of attraction isn't something

When we first start educating ourselves about the law of attraction, we come to realize how much power we have in shaping our life, and to say that truly understanding the true nature of reality, is life-changing, is an understatement if there ever was one.

Knowing we can influence our experience by deliberately directing our focus on what we want, rather than what we don’t, shifting beliefs that aren’t serving us, and nurturing the ones that do, will positively impact every nook and cranny of our existence.

Consciously working with our energy is about so much more than getting all the ‘stuff’ we want. It can improve our relationships. It can create greater flow and ease in our everyday life. It can positively impact our mental and physical health. Again, it can influence our entire experience for the better.

This is a pretty exciting prospect to say the least. Realizing this powerful truth, a whole new world of possibilities opens up to you.

And so you dive in, excited to create all manner of awesomeness in your life. But then things aren’t happening as fast as you would like. You have created all sorts of expectations on how the process of getting what you want is supposed to look like. Shifting your negative beliefs is not as easy as you thought it would be, once you came to the glorious conclusion, they are bullshit.

But, getting the law of attraction in theory usually won’t be enough to strip away the heavy conditioning with which we are contending. You believe it is true, but you really don’t fully believe it. There are lots of misconceptions about what the law of attraction is, and that further complicates things.

Manifestations may be coming in drips and drabs, but nothing major. Or you have set your sights on something really big, and you still don’t have it, and you haven’t really manifested anything, that suggests it is en route.

The enthusiasm for creating your reality begins to wane, and you begin to think the law of attraction is bullshit. You start feeling powerless. You fear your life will never get better, and the things you want will remain in the realm of fantasy. Over all ,you just feel terrible.

But the reason you feel so terrible is not because these crappy thoughts are true…it is because they aren’t. This idea you can’t have what you want, and you have no control over your life experience, is way out of line with what your inner being knows to be true, and that is why it feels so badly.

Our emotions are our guidance system, and they let us know when we are in alignment with truth, and what we want, and when we aren’t. When we feel badly, we aren’t. When we feel good, we are. It is a beautiful, simple system.

The idea for this post was inspired by great post over on Jeannette Maw’s blog that I caught on my Facebook feed (if you are unfamiliar with her, she is an awesome LOA blogger and coach) She posted an email she got from one of her readers, who was not having much manifesting success in a particular area, and was just feeling really disillusioned with the process. She then asked her readers to weigh in, and the comments section, is full of awesome advice and insights…I highly recommend you take a look.

Anyway…here are some of my thoughts on how to deal with this disillusionment…I know how crappy it feels. But remember you are not alone in this experience…we have all been there at one point or another, and it happens to the best of us.

Law of Attraction Isn’t Something that ‘Works’ or Doesn’t ‘Work’

It is common for people to lament that the law of attraction isn’t ‘working’ for them, and I think this phrasing speaks perfectly to how our mind can really get in the way of tapping into the powerful creators within.

It is easy to forget that law of attraction just ‘is.’ The idea of like attracting like explains why everything that happens to us happens, on an individual level and on a mass level. It is not some technique employed to ‘get ‘stuff.’ It is not some ‘tool’ available to you.

It is not some ‘option’ you can employ instead of living in a reality where you have no control over your existence, and you are at the mercy of outside forces. I know it may have seemed that way for a long time, but that was because of your belief system, not because that was the true nature of reality.

You have been in control of your experience this whole time, but you just didn’t realize it, and you were not creating consciously. Now that you have a better understanding of how things work, you are now attempting to be more deliberate.

You are not doing anything ‘wrong.’ There is nothing you can do to make law of attraction ‘work.’ Again, it just is. You have to remember this is a vastly different way of operating, and you won’t become a master at it immediately.

It takes some practice. You have to learn more about how it really works to more fully understand how to practically apply what you learn in your everyday life…that is why you are reading a blog like this.

Action Does Not Equal Results When It Comes to Shifting Energy

Because we are so oriented towards action, we get very focused on tools, techniques, strategies, rituals and what have you. And it is understandable. We are used to operating under the paradigm of making some sort of effort, and getting a specific result, due to the action we took.

The tools, rituals and what have you, are integral to the process. We usually need something on which to focus to help us shift limiting beliefs, flow positive energy towards what we want, and basically give ourselves permission to feel good, and take our focus off what we don’t like, and what is causing us unhappiness.

Our mind has the idea we must ‘do’ something to make these manifestations happen, and because we are so used to the idea of using action to effect change, we expect all this ‘work’ to bear some sort of fruit. We are putting forth the effort, and as such, we should get what we want, because that is how it usually works. We are always on the lookout for some concrete set of steps to manifest something…we want to know what to do.

But you are working with energy here…thoughts, feelings and beliefs. It can take awhile for it to sink in this is our true point of attraction. If nothing is changing on the level of our energy, our experience can’t change. It doesn’t matter how diligently you are doing all this ‘work.’ This ‘work’ is not what is creating your experience…it is a means to an end.

It is common for people to complain how hard they are trying and nothing is changing. But, you don’t create based on what you are doing, you create based on what you are being.

You can only manifest that to which you are a match. The Universe can’t defy your vibration…it is a mechanical process. Simply wanting something is not enough to allow it into your life…actually it kind of is. But we have that damn thing called resistance that complicates things a bit.

You can say affirmations until your lips go numb; you can stare a a vision board until your eyes start to cross; you can think about what you want until smoke starts to come out of your ears.

But if you are not truly feeling better, if you are not truly chipping away at the beliefs that are not in harmony with allowing this thing into your life, if you are not building some momentum behind the beliefs that are, nothing can really change.

Are You Making the ‘What’ The ‘How?’

There is a lot of talk about figuring out what you want, building some positive momentum, clearing out the beliefs that make you think you can’t have it, and then you can become a match to this thing. We all have our sights set on specific things…our brain translates the energy that lies behind what we want into some sort of concrete desire…more success in business, a relationship, a baby, more money, and so on and so forth.

There really isn’t anything wrong with this, except the fact we can get super-attached to this specific desire, and become easily convinced this is the exact thing we want, and we must have it to be happy.

Our mind does a very good job of convincing us of this fact. I am having trouble paying bills, and there is a bunch of stuff I want to do that requires more money, of course it is money I want. If we want a relationship or to have a baby, of course that is exactly what we want. We don’t want to be single anymore or we want to start a family…those things are required to fulfill that desire. There is no substitute.

But no matter what you want, you are after a feeling…and you believe those specific things will give you that feeling. Now I am not saying that you actually don’t want the money, the boyfriend or the baby. Nothing wrong with those specific desires. And you can have them…but in getting so attached to specific manifestations and being convinced you must have them, you turn ‘what’ you want into ‘how’ you must achieve what you are ultimately after, which are specific types of feelings.

And the more attached we get to a specific manifestation, and the more we convince ourselves it is necessary for our happiness, the more we will focus on the fact it isn’t here yet. The more we will offer up an energy of ‘lack’ and ‘this thing isn’t here yet.’ And as we all know, those energies are certainly not compatible with allowing in a manifestation, no matter what it is.

And naturally, when nothing seems to be changing, and we aren’t manifesting much of anything good (because our current vibration is shutting the door on so many other possible representations of the energy, and a variety of positive manifestations that will provide some more ‘proof’ to our brain LOA is real), we are going to feel like shit, which just perpetuates our current reality.

When we get super-attached to a specific manifestation, the more our mind will insist on not being able to feel better until we get it; the more justified, and entitled ,it will feel in wallowing in negative emotion.

You have no idea how quickly things can start to change when we allow ourselves to feel better now, regardless of what is happening. You have no idea what possibilities can open up to you when you find ways to feel the feelings that lie behind what you want now, no matter how you go about it. What you want may not make its way to you immediately, but you begin lining up with the energy of it.

No matter what your mind tries to tell you, sitting around lamenting what you want isn’t here yet, and constantly offering up a feeling of ‘need,’ is not what brings you your ‘stuff.’ On some level, it really believes that is the key.

That would maybe be true if there was some great all-powerful force, keeping tabs on all of us, and deciding to give us what we want, based on how much we want it, and how miserable we are without it…but it doesn’t work like that. And it is a good thing it doesn’t work like that…how much would that suck if something outside of us was calling the shots and deciding what we can and can’t have? It would suck a lot.

In Closing…

If you are feeling a bit disillusioned with this whole conscious creation thing, again, you are not alone. It is normal to go through these periods. And while you don’t want to revert to ‘self-blame’ and beat yourself up for not being a ‘good’ manifestor, you have to take part in some self-evaluation.

You have to honestly assess how much you have really shifted the beliefs ,and feelings, that are not conducive to allowing what you want into your experience.

You have to be honest in assessing the level of attachment to your desires, and whether expectations, about how you think this whole manifesting process is supposed to unfold, are perhaps throwing up some roadblocks.

You have to see if you have missed the wisdom inherent in any unwanted manifestations, that without a doubt, showed up to help you see what still needs to be cleaned up, or to help clarify your vision.

You have to be honest in assessing whether you have really let yourself feel better to any real degree, in spite of the fact your manifestations aren’t here.

Again, this is not an exercise in beating yourself up. It is to help you see where tweaks need to be made. It will make you feel a lot better if you realize where you may be ‘dropping the ball’ and go about addressing those issues, than feeling totally let down that law of attraction just isn’t ‘working’ for you and you should just give up.

Your Turn…

What did you think of the post? Have you ever been here before? How did you move through it? Are you feeling a bit disillusioned now? Why? Any other insights you would offer? Looking forward to your comments as always.

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