ID-100115959On one hand this law of attraction stuff seems easy peasy. On the other, it can feel really freaking hard. We know it isn’t supposed to be, so that adds to our frustration. It is hard because we make it hard, not because the Universe thinks we have to ‘earn’ our stuff through lots of suffering and frustration.

Having become aware of this amazing force, we often work harder than we need to get what we want. We can easily become obsessed with concepts like ‘vibration’ and ‘limiting beliefs.’ We freak out about every negative thought and unwanted situation we encounter. We panic what we want will forever elude us.

When we are feeling particularly frustrated, we can get a bit nasty, and maybe even think this is all a load of BS. We are sick of trying to get what we want, and are tempted to just settle for what we have now.

Our minds just can’t readily accept the concept. It just seems ‘too easy’ and our jerky brain will fight to the death to convince us this is just not how things work.

But, I imagine anyone reading this has experienced enough to know there is something to it, and you are just having trouble taking things to the next level. Reaching for the bigger and bolder things can be a challenge, because there is more resistance around them.

I know this can be a hard thing to accept, but the only thing keeping us away from our ‘stuff’ is us, and what is going on inside. Knowing we are the problem is not something about which to feel discouraged and all pissed about. It is a great thing because it means we are in total control, we just have to tweak things a bit.

Here are four common issues screwing with your manifesting mojo, and how to turn things around.

But first, check out this quick video with some additional thoughts on LOA.


 Too Much Focus on Thinking and Not Enough on Feeling

When you read about law of attraction, you come across a lot about thoughts creating reality, thinking positive thoughts, thinking about what you want,etc… Considering the amount of thoughts we have during our waking hours, we may feel a lot of pressure to monitor them. Becoming aware of this force can be a bit anxiety-inducing. We realize how much the ball is in our court when it comes to our life experience, and we worry we will continue to just screw it up.

But, the reason thoughts are so important is because they influence how we feel, and attraction is based on what we are predominantly feeling, not thinking.

So, naturally our thoughts are important. But, when we focus too much on what we are thinking, we can start feeling badly, and that will just move us further away. Forcing ourselves to think ‘happy thoughts’ when we feel like crap will do nothing for us. That is why affirmations don’t work for many people—there is a total disconnect between what you saying and feeling.

Because of this focus that has been put on the ‘thinking’ aspect, you hear a lot about having to constantly be visualizing your desires, and having them at the forefront of your mind. But, if you have a lot of blocks around your desire that you need to work through, or your desire is of the ilk where the details haven’t quite been hammered out yet, and it is more general, visualizing may make you feel badly.

It is crucial to know thinking about what you want frequently is not necessary—visualizing is not manifesting. Now, don’t get me wrong—when it feels good, it is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal because it gets you in a good feeling space. It is great for helping us uncover blocks, and fine- tuning our manifestations. So, pay attention to what happens when you think about what you want, and you feel kind of yucky.

The most important thing in manifesting is how you feel. Do whatever makes you feel good. When your thoughts are in the toilet, don’t will yourself to change them. Just do something that makes you feel good.

Thoughts are manifestations like anything else, and the better you feel, the higher your vibration. The higher your vibration, the better thoughts you will attract. The suckier ones won’t be able to make their way in, and if they do, they’ll be more like whispers than screaming banshees.

With the amount of thoughts we think, some ‘bad’ ones may pop in. You are only human. Don’t panic.If you have been doing your ‘work’ and have gained some good momentum towards what you want, some worrisome thoughts here and there are not powerful enough to derail that.

Also, you might want to know that you can not think about what you want ever again besides that first time, and you would still get it. Crazy, but true.

Riding the High of ‘Proof’ and Crashing When ‘Nothing’ Is Happening

We all know the importance of feeling good, thinking our happy thoughts and not paying any attention to our current experience. What we want is coming, and it doesn’t matter what things seem like now. Everything is coming together in the ‘invisible’ and will reach us in due time.

But, since we are obviously working to create a different experience, when things happen that show us we are lining up with this more desired reality, it feels really freaking awesome. There is this lightness in our being, the worries completely vanish for a time, and the LOA angels start singing.

We are totally aligned with our awesome higher selves who are in touch with ‘all that is,’ and we know LOA is real. But, eventually that buzz wears off—maybe in a few hours, the next day or a few days from now. It really depends on the nature of the ‘event’ and your overall energy. Then, we can feel kind of ‘eh.’ Not necessarily bad, but not exactly infused with energy and shininess.

It is almost like that ‘awesomeness’ never happened. Our brains are really good at allowing us to forget the ‘good’ stuff and just focus on the ‘bad.’

When we fall into this cycle, we can slow down our manifestations. We won’t feel as good. We may feel tempted to control and manipulate, which leads to lots of forced action that makes us feel all stressed and crappy.

One of the best ways to counteract this common problem is working on feeling good just for the sake of it. Don’t always tie it to getting something or in the context of your particular ‘wants’. It makes it a lot easier to consistently keep a higher vibe, regardless of what is going on.

Not Believing Feeling Good is ‘Enough’ and Forcing Actions that Make You Feel Like Crap

This is one area where there can be some confusion, and it is a topic I have discussed before in various contexts. Since attraction is all based on how we feel, taking action carries less importance. But, naturally we are going to be taking some sort of action. If you are building a business, there is stuff you are going to be doing. If you have a specific goal in mind, you will be taking certain steps to achieve it. You are likely not spending your days staring out the window, and nothing more.

Because most of us don’t have such a squeaky clean belief system that allows us to manifest at our maximum potential, tacking action can be great energy work because it helps create an expectation we will get what we want, and anything that feeds that belief is a good thing . But, it is all about how said actions make us feel; it is about the emotions and beliefs driving those actions.

For example, if you are hoping to meet someone, and that belief is strong enough, it will happen in some way. It might be through very conventional means, like at a bar, or in some crazy way that will make for a great ‘how we met ‘story.

Now, while you don’t want to get attached to any one way, if it makes you feel good to pursue certain channels because it gives you a sense you are helping to align yourself, then by all means, let your friends set you up on blind dates, go to a singles event, try speed dating, gather at places where you will meet like-minded people, or throw up a profile on a dating site. So long as you are not doing these things with a sense of trying to control outcomes, and decide on the ‘how.’

Essentially, when it comes to action, it is all about doing things that make you feel good, and not things that make you feel badly. We often act from a space of feeling badly because we are led to believe that we can only achieve success after failing a buttload of times, struggling and going through hell. Yeah, there may be some setbacks; we may stumble a bit, but it doesn’t have to be this hard. There can be ‘gain’ without ‘pain.’

The idea of feeling good, and only doing things that make us feel good, can be a tough thing for our logical minds to accept. It just goes against everything we have been taught about what is necessary for success and getting what we want. We associate success with difficult, unpleasant actions. Light-hearted fun stuff is for after the drudgery is done.

We feel things aren’t happening fast enough; the old way of thinking surfaces, and we get the idea we ‘should’ be doing particular things to achieve our desired result. Just doing things that feel good doesn’t sit well with us…we conclude we must do more.

So, from a place of fear, we dive into all these activities that make us feel like crap. We decide we will force our result through specific channels, therefore creating an energy that blocks the gazillion others of which we cannot possibly conceive. We move away from doing what feels good and towards things that lower our energy considerably.

I can’t tell you how much things changed for me when I took this idea of ‘feeling good’ to heart, and believed it on deeper levels. It was uncomfortable at first to not make myself do things I thought I ‘should’ be doing, but I resisted the urge. I just focused on doing things that felt good, that felt inspired.

When I felt badly, I stepped away, and did something else that made me feel better. I realized that these activities were not a ‘waste of time.’ From an LOA perspective, nothing we do that makes us feel good can possibly be a waste of time, even things like long mid-day naps and watching a funny TV show.

I started getting better results faster, and I was doing a hell of a lot less. It was amazing.

Screwing Up Your Energy by Discussing the Process with ‘Doubters’

When we work on changing our mindset, and developing more empowering beliefs, it is crucial to protect this fledgling version of ourselves. The old stuff is still hanging on pretty strongly, and completely backsliding into that way of thinking and being, is all too easy. Your current space is one where the ‘old’ you and ‘new’ you are co-existing, and it can be very uncomfortable.

You have enough to contend with, without letting the beliefs and opinions of others, get in the way. LOA can be a touchy subject for many reasons. The two biggies being a gross misunderstanding of what it truly is (seeing it as a system of punishment and reward, making things happen by just thinking them,etc…), and it not vibing with the generally negative view of reality that has been instilled in most of us.

You read about this concept, it resonated with you. You may have already experienced some cool stuff that ‘proves’ there is something to it. But, it can take a bit to feel the truth of LOA at the deepest levels of your being, and you don’t want to delay that process any longer than necessary, by letting other people get into your head, and make you feel doubtful or discouraged.

Keep your work with LOA to yourself, or just talk about it with people you know will resonate, whether in person or online.

 So, that’s that for today’s post kids. I hoped you enjoyed it, and got some helpful takeaways for your own LOA journey.

Please let me know what you think in the comments. What are you struggling with LOA-wise? What helpful tips can you give to struggling manifestors? What are you trying to manifest and how is it going? Let’s have a chat.