ID-100240982You stumbled upon information about the Law of Attraction, and it resonated with you on some level. So you have decided to give this manifesting thing a whirl. First off, good for you. Deliberately working with this process will aid you in creating all sorts of awesomeness in your life with greater ease.

One thing that becomes glaringly obvious with this work is the importance of how you feel. On one hand, this seems kind of easy—I just need to feel good to get stuff? Sign me up!

On the other, it is kind of hard because of all our jacked up beliefs we hold now. Unfortunately, feeling good is often not the default setting. And when you are having trouble feeling good, it can be quite distressing. Feeling badly makes you feel even more badly.

Consciously working with LOA, and getting good stuff to flow into your experience , does not inherently require hard work. I’m sure before you started working consciously with this process, you had plenty of good things happen for you without  focusing and trying. This is because you were aligned with it; you didn’t have any resistance, or at least large amounts of it . It is this lack of resistance that is key.


In honor of warm, fuzzy feelings, sharing some animal photos from my sloth in Costa Rica

In honor of warm, fuzzy feelings, sharing some animal photos from my travels…baby sloth in Costa Rica

A lot of people doing this work often wonder how people who are not manage to get great stuff, and this is why. They don’t have resistance around it; there is a belief they will get it. This doesn’t necessarily require feeling good.

Back in the days when I worked a job, I had gotten an offer for employment for every job I ever interviewed for, except one.  I had a lot of weird energy around it for various reasons, from not being sure it was good for me to bad vibes about the atmosphere and people I met.

At this time, LOA was nowhere on my radar. But, as we know, it is always working whether we are aware of it or not. Looking back on that time, it is very clear to me how I was so aligned.

Job interviews honestly never made me nervous. The way I saw it was, if I was called in for an interview, clearly the company thinks I am someone who may be a good fit for this position. In my mind, I was pretty much already hired, and the interview was just a formality. I was relaxed, and quite charming, if I do say so myself. I was completely detached.

There was no visualizing desired outcomes or trying to think positively. My vibration around this area of my life was already strong—I didn’t have any limiting beliefs that made me feel bad when I thought about going in for the interview.

Mommy and baby monkey in Kathmandu, Nepal

Mommy and baby monkey in Kathmandu, Nepal

The reason it seems so hard now is because you have identified specific things you want , things you don’t have, because over the years you have built up a boatload of limiting beliefs that have blocked them from entering your experience. You don’t naturally feel good in these areas, and overcoming this tendency is not easy for many of us.

So, making a concerted effort to feel good is necessary because our vibration is so screwed up. Feeling good is the only way to change it. And this is particularly true if we are really working on attracting things that are pretty big and bold, things that we may have never thought possible for us ,before we learned more about this concept and the nature of creating our reality.

There is a ton of momentum behind the negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and just totally switching gears overnight, while totally possible in theory, is not likely to happen in practice.

 So, here are my tips on cultivating all those warm, fuzzy feelings that will put you in alignment with whatever it is you want, whether a boyfriend, a better job or cold, hard cash.

Thoughts are Actually Manifestations, So Working on Shifting Feeling Instead

This is something I wasn’t aware of until I was deep into my work with LOA and it was a real game-changer for me. Our thoughts are manifestations of our current vibration, just like everything else we experience in our life.

So, clearly, whatever we are thinking is a clue to where we are vibration-wise in that very moment. Once I realized this, feeling better became a lot easier. For me, trying to force a different train of thought, which as we know, makes us feel worse ,and often moves us into denial mode, where we actually not feeling better at all, but are just pretending we do, often didn’t work. Wow, that was a really long sentence.

But, once I came across this little nugget of wisdom, I realized doing whatever I could to feel better naturally changed my thought patterns. Because my vibration was higher, I could no longer attract those lower-energy thoughts. Then, I more quickly reverted to higher-vibing Kelli.

Tiger sanctuary in Mae Rim, Thailand

Tiger sanctuary in Mae Rim, Thailand

So, when I am not feeling great, and my thoughts are in a ‘darker place’ that is not serving me, I have absolutely no qualms about putting myself down for a nap like a mother would do for her cranky toddler, spending 20 minutes petting a cat or watching a funny television show or movie.

So, when you are not feeling great, and your thoughts are in the crapper, just do anything you can to feel better rather than trying to force yourself to think thoughts that really doesn’t resonate with you on a deeper level. It is kind of a short cut.

Don’ force yourself to visualize about what you want when it isn’t feeling good; if you do visualize, play around with it until you can come up with an image that really feels good–this may mean starting off a bit small and more general. By the way, visualizing is not something you must do–visualizing is not manifesting. It is just a tool, a very awesome tool when it feels good.

Now, if you find yourself running into the same types of thoughts over and over, or feel ones really intensely, you will have to do a bit of emotional detective work to figure out what is going on. But, the idea that our growth requires all this suffering and work in the form of analyzing things to death, and constantly facing down our inner demons, is not one that really resonates with me anymore.

Remember It Is All About Perspective

No matter what is happening in our lives, we always have the choice on how to view it. One of the reasons our work with LOA gets stalled is the difficulty we have in shifting our focus from what is wrong to what is right. Again, lots of momentum behind negativity, and it takes almost no effort to go down that path.

But, if you want to make changes, you need to do something about this, it is non-negotiable. Sure you may not feel great every second, and that’s okay. Don’t get too tough on yourself because that will just intensify the crappy feelings.

No matter what is happening with you, and what you are thinking and feeling, there is always a better feeling counterpart available to you. The key is not to try and force yourself to focus on something that just doesn’t feel good, no matter which way you slice it.

Horse running on the beach in Playa Potrero, Costa Rica

Horse running on the beach in Playa Potrero, Costa Rica

You have to really feel better—forcing yourself to think a happy thought that doesn’t actually make you feel better is counterproductive, and will just make you feel even worse. So, if you are feeling horrible because you are really behind on bills, and are ducking calls from creditors left and right, trying to move into a vibration of feeling like a millionaire will probably feel really shitty, and just intensify your bad feelings.

So, whatever is transpiring in this moment, you must look for the good and focus on that as much as you can. If you are having some financial difficulties, and can only pay half your bills, you probably are putting a lot of attention on the ones that aren’t being paid. But, you need to shift your focus to the ones that are. Think about the good feelings that come along with that, and what you are getting for paying those bills, like electricity or water.

If you don’t like your job and want a new one, you need to start focusing on the things you do like about it. Perhaps you have some really great friends there, or the hours are really flexible. If it allows you to pay your bills and eat, that is pretty good.  You may still not like the ‘bad’ things happening, but they won’t get as much of your attention; the feelings won’t be as intense.

Don’t worry..adopting a more positive perspective on your life as it is in this moment will not  prevent the stuff you want from coming to you. Feeling happy with how things are now will not send any sort of message you no longer want the other things.

Remember attracting is all about feeling the feelings you think the things you would want would bring you. So, work on reaching for those better feeling thoughts and perspectives—it doesn’t matter how small a shift. As long as you are feeling better, you are moving in the right direction.

And remember, since our thoughts are manifestations, the better you feel, the more better-feeling thoughts will come to you. Thinking them will not feel like a challenge, they will come naturally.

One Day at a Time

To make the attraction process as painless as possible, it is a really good idea to focus on your efforts one day at a time. This makes the process of shifting beliefs and feeling better much more manageable. When we start thinking too far ahead, it can make us feel a bit stressed out. You wonder how long you will need to feel good before getting what you want..days, weeks, months?

Sexy and she knows it..Monkey Forest Ubud, Bali

Sexy and she knows it..Monkey Forest Ubud, Bali

Oh boy..that’s a lot of feeling good I am going to have to muster up. I’m really struggling, this is going to be really hard. And we all know this train of thought will lead us straight to Crap City, and what we want is not residing here, that’s for sure.

When we start thinking ahead to all we may need to do to get something we want, no matter what it is, or what the process involves, it makes us feel overwhelmed, and it taints everything.

So, if you are having a bit of anxiety over this whole ‘feeling good’ thing, work on tackling it one day at a time. Develop some sort of ritual that puts you in a good space right at the start of the day, whether it be writing out a gratitude list, meditating, deep breathing or enjoying your morning coffee on your patio.

Each moment you will be presented with opportunities to choose a course of action that will contribute to these warm fuzzies. Just focus on today, and worry about tomorrow’s vibration tomorrow. Remember, everything is happening NOW, so just try to focus on NOW.

Regard the Idea of ‘You Never Know’ In a Good Way

Sentiments like ‘you never’ know and ‘life can change in an instant’ are almost always used in the context of the bad things that can happen to us. We often regard the future, and the unknown, with a lot of fear. We have no trouble imagining all the bad things that may befall us. There is no limit to how horrible things could possibly get.

This inability to know what will happen down the line makes us worried that some shit storm is lurking in the background, waiting to strike when we least expect it. Very few of us look towards the future with a sense of excitement, of never knowing what great things may happen.

monkey cr

Squirrel monkeys stopping by for a treat at our house in Quepos, Costa Rica

After all, we must always hope for the best, but expect the worst. We don’t want to get our hopes up too much, lest we deal with disappointment. The idea of hoping and being optimistic actually feels uncomfortable—sadly, this is often considered naïve.

Talk about a major barrier to feeling good. Just for a second, think about what it would be like to look towards the future in a more positive way, and think great things are waiting for you.

I have attracted so many awesome things in my life that I never would have seen coming from a million miles away. I never would have been able to pinpoint exactly how these things would have come into my experience with the limitations of the human mind, which can be quite the jerk at times.

When you find yourself feeling badly about whatever it is you are trying to attract, remember you cannot possibly anticipate how the Universe will deliver the goods. Regard sentiments such as ‘you never know’ and ‘life can change in an instant’ in a good way, not in the crappy way. Don’t think about the future with a sense of fear and dread.

Smiley sloth Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Smiley sloth Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

So, there you have it. My tips on getting into that good feeling place which will line you up with all sorts of goodies. I hope you enjoyed it.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. If you are an LOA enthusiast, where are you struggling in the ‘feeling good’ department? If anyone has tips to share on what helps them climb up the vibrational ladder, I would love to hear them. Please leave me a comment so we can chat a bit. Happy manifesting!